BMHS : Chapter 35.2 – A couple who gets married becomes the closest relatives and this also concluded the most important agreement

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

Meng Ting digested this information properly for a while. Only after he mulled over it did he understand what Yan Sui meant, but he did not immediately say if it was all right or not. He turned his head, and embraced Yan Sui with both of his hands, then he softly asked, “Is it okay for us to leave the house like this? Won’t it be hard for you?”

Yan Sui felt sorry for him and he also felt sorry for Yan Sui.

“I don’t mind it. I just want to be with you.”

If he can go out to have some fun with Yan Sui, of course it would be good. However, if it makes Yan Sui exhausted and causes him trouble, Meng Ting was more willing to be a little bit conservative and keep watch over Yan Sui well so that they could live together for a long time.

Yan Sui raised his hand and held on to Meng Ting’s arm, then he slowly slid his hand down and held Meng Ting’s right hand. After that, he lifted it up and kissed the back of Meng Ting’s hand.

“The house will be alright and I also don’t find it exhausting. I’ve already arranged it. You should accompany me to go on a vacation.”

Yan Sui could march through the business world unhindered. He was probably the best at judging people. Naturally, he could also sense the caution behind Meng Ting’s words. Meng Ting still had some parts that he could not completely reveal to Yan Sui. This part that Meng Ting himself was not aware of, he also had it in himself. They still needed some time.

Yan Sui understands this, but he did not have a sense of urgency for this, since he and Meng Ting had already progressed fast enough.

Meng Ting looked at the back of his hand which Yan Sui held. With blushing cheeks, he softly said, “Okay.”

Yan Sui slowly sat up and stood up again. He thought that it was almost time. He took Meng Ting down, but when he looked back, he saw Meng Ting’s cheeks filled with blush, which looked even redder than his clothes. His heart suddenly lost its rhythm. It seemed to be fast and yet so slow.

Meng Ting looked up and his eyes met with Yan Sui’s. He blinked and slightly turned his head. After that, his eyes lit up and his cheeks became a little redder. He was uncertain and seemed to be genuine, “Do you want to kiss me? Then kiss me.”

He said as he slightly lifted his chin and gazed over with a passionate look. He turned up his sexiness to the extreme that anyone could not help but be entrance by him. Whether Meng Ting intentionally seduced him or not, Yan Sui admitted that he was aroused by this.

His gaze fell on Meng Ting’s slightly pouty cherry-colored lips, then caressed Meng Ting’s cheeks, and bent down. Meng Ting was not mistaken, Yan Sui wanted to kiss him.

Meng Ting raised his hand and tugged on the corner of Yan Sui’s wedding clothes. The tighter he pinched, the more he lost his strength.

From bending over, Yan Sui sat back on the sofa. He weighed down on the boy, causing him to slide to one side. Meng Ting lied down on the sofa. He was slightly leaning on Meng Ting’s body. After that, he held on to the boy’s hand and lifted it up over Meng Ting’s head. Meng Ting did not know when his feet where on Yan Sui’s waist.

One could not say that it was a light kiss and up until now, it was almost in extreme disorder. Meng Ting had no intention to stop. Yan Sui was powerless.

Once their lips got separated, Yan Sui fixed his gaze at the boy with his slightly red eyes. He distinguished Meng Ting’s facial features one by one. After that, he kept his memory of each and every part of Meng Ting’s face locked deep in his mind and carved them in his heart.

Meng Ting slightly narrowed his eyes. He was still entranced in the pleasant lingering effect of their fervent kiss, but there was a clear figure within his line of sight. Of course, it was Yan Sui…his Yan Sui.

His breathing slightly eased up. Meng Ting was about to move but he found out that he himself could not move. He looked at Yan Sui, then he lifted up his hand that was not seized by Yan Sui, and touched Yan Sui’s cheek gently, “Restrain yourself. I’ll help you tonight.”

This kiss stirred both of their desires, but his passion had already dissipated, while Yan Sui’s had not.

He was not aware that his words would only make it even harder for Yan Sui to control himself.

Meng Ting felt that Yan Sui looked so handsome like this. His other hand broke free, then he wrapped it around Yan Sui’s neck. After that he raised his face and suddenly landed a kiss on Yan Sui’s cheek. He looked at him again, and another kissing sound was heard on Yan Sui’s other cheek.

His brows and eyes curved. He felt very happy, “Yan Sui, I like you so much.”

Yan Sui’s eyes darkened a little and his breathing became unstable once again. He felt a certain part of his body grow more and more.

“Meng Ting…”

“I’m here.” Meng Ting absolutely did not think that Yan Sui was terrifying. He likes him even though he emits a terrifying aura sometimes. Meng Ting likes it, too. He rubbed against the man like a little critter. He felt that, no matter what, he would not get bored of doing this to the man.

He pecked on the man a few times, then he kissed Yan Sui again.

The kissing sound tickled the man’s ears and also tickled his heart. Yan Sui searched for the buttons on Meng Ting’s clothes with his hands. It did not take long for him to undo a row of them. The bright red color on Meng Ting’s cheeks that had already dissipated had painted his cheeks once again. However, he just watched and did not stop Yan Sui at all.

Yan Sui’s kiss fell on Meng Ting’s neck. It felt hot and ticklish. Meng Ting could not bear with it. He laughed a few times, “Ah, it tickles!”

Yan Sui did not stop. His kiss was fine and dense. In the end, his kiss landed on Meng Ting’s back wherein half of his clothes had been stripped. Yan Sui could see some scars still remained but these did not affect the beauty of Meng Ting’s back. His skin was white and his figure was well-proportioned. Yan Sui’s kiss fell on those scars. At times, it was gentle and at times, it was longer.

Meng Ting leaned on the sofa. Once in a while when he could not endure the tickling, he would let out a few snickers, but in general, he felt quite comfortable being kissed.

He turned his head and could only see Yan Sui’s hair. He whispered his doubt and asked, “Do you like kissing that much?”

In Meng Ting’s point of view, ‘giving a hand’ was supposed to be straight to the point. He had no idea about foreplay. He felt comfortable being kissed, but he was unconvinced of Yan Sui’s feelings, so he asked this.

“It tickles…!” Meng Ting stretched out his hand to cover his sensitive part. Unfortunately, Yan Sui held him tightly and did not let him go. Half of his body felt weak because of this. He could not resist Yan Sui at all. He was only able to continue protesting, “Yan Sui, it tickles!”

Well, it was a punishment for Meng Ting because he aroused him again. When Yan Sui let go of him, half of Meng Ting’s clothes practically fell off. However, before he could continue, there was the sound of the door knob turning, and from the edge of his line of sight, he could see that the door of their bedroom was being opened.

Yan Sui clearly remembers that when he took Meng Ting back to their room, he had locked the door. Where did the person outside get the key to open the door? He could not think this over. He pulled Meng Ting’s clothes up, then he immediately turned his back over, and let Meng Ting hide first in his arms.

After that, he turned his head and growled, “Get out…get out of here!”

There was no doubt that Yan Sui was angry. The person who opened the door outside to come in obviously did not expect that Yan Sui would be here. The door was half opened, but there was no one who dared to continue opening it.

“Aunty, what are you doing here? There’s quite a few madams and ladies who wanted to talk to you.”

Zhen Han’s voice suddenly emerged at the doorway and with his sharp eyes and deft hands, he immediately closed the door. Yan Sui was angry. No matter what Yan Sui was doing with Meng Ting in the room, no matter if others were allowed to see it or not, and no matter who they were, they still need to be sensible.

Yan Sui’s expression remained cold for a long time after the door was closed. His gaze softened a little when he looked at Meng Ting who obediently shrunk in his embrace, but after that, he became even angrier.

When he was very intimate with Meng Ting, he already stripped half of Meng Ting’s clothes. How could he let others see this?

Yan Sui carried Meng Ting up again and walked over to the bed, then he placed him on the bed. After that, he personally helped Meng Ting wear his clothes properly again. He reviewed what just happened and explained in a low voice, “I wasn’t angry with you.”

Meng Ting nodded. He stretched out his hand on Yan Sui’s chest, “I know, but I also did something bad.”

When Yan Sui wanted to kiss him, he did not stop him. This was what Meng Ting meant as the part that he mostly was not good at.

“Don’t be angry. We’ll kiss again tonight.”

“Be good. I’ll kiss you.”

Yan Sui looked at the boy. The anger that was hanging in midair had dissipated. He stretched out his hand and ruffled Meng Ting’s hair and obediently went back to being sane again, but he was still going to find out about this issue. “Okay.”



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    1. Yes. It is Yan Sui’a room which she seems to be afraid to enter a couple chapters ago. Yet here, it shows she already made a duplicate keys secretly, and trying to enter sneakily? Hmm suspicious.


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  3. The mom wanted to insult or threaten Meng Ting again? What for? They’re already married. Leave them alone, woman!

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