Jubo : Text 039. The Brothers Returned Home

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: SyKim5

Proofreader: KainGuru

Wang Ning’an came back after going on a business trip for more than half a month. After returning, he rested for a day. The next day, he became a workaholic again. Both his body and his heart were put into work. From time to time, he even forgot to eat, which was something that Wang Cheng could not understand at times. After that, he did not eat with Chu Yifeng again, but sometimes, he would send a few messages to him.

In mid-July, Wang Ziyu received a letter of acceptance from Beijing University.

Papa Wang and Mama Wang were very happy. That day, they did not go over to their new house; instead, they took their little daughter out to buy some things that she would be using while attending university.

After Wang Cheng and his big brother decided to return home for two days during the weekend, Wang Cheng informed their mother. Their eldest son had not returned for a long time, so Mama Wang was very happy and said that she would make a table of delicious food on the day that they return.

Weekend was fast approaching.

Wang Cheng took a day off from the company and went home with Wang Ning’an on Saturday morning.

The road in Guans’ Village was not as bumpy as in Wangs’ Village. The cement road was constructed a year ago, so it was still very new. There was basically no breaks or collapses; however, it was not as flat and stable as an asphalt road. At the door of their house, several villagers passing by in the vicinity looked over and did not come over to stand in circle and look like before.

Since Wang Ziyu became the provincial top scorer, a group of strangers appeared at the door of Wang Cheng’s house and there would be cars driving by from time to time. It was very lively, but they got used to it.

Since the eldest son only came back a few months later, Papa Wang and Mama Wang were the happiest. It was very difficult to see this workaholic. Mama Wang immediately pulled her eldest son to the living room to have a chitchat with him and Papa Wang. One sat on the left side of Wang Ning’an, while the other sat on the right. Looking at the old couple’s attitude, it was impossible for the eldest son to get away from these two within an hour or two.

Wang Ziyu looked to the side and snickered. Yesterday, their parents kept on saying that her big brother rarely came back home even for once, that they must properly say something about his work time, and that he should not go all out in carrying out his work like that. The man had not returned yet, but Wang Ziyu’s ears already blew up in advance.

“Be careful not to get caught by Big Brother that your laughing at him.” Wang Cheng appeared behind her.

Wang Ziyu turned back and joyfully hugged his arm, “Second Brother, the other day, Mom happily took me out to buy a lot of things and also beautiful clothes.”

His little sister’s clothes were basically taken care of by their mother. With Mama Wang’s insights, he did not have to worry about his little sister dressing in a tacky little village girl style. The beautiful white dress matched beautifully with her delicate and flawless white face and skin. In Wangs’ Village, she was already reckoned to be first- or second-best beauty. Wang Cheng had seen many young boys in the village peeking at his little sister. There were some who blushed as soon as they spoke to his little sister, stammering, and unable to utter a word.

“Oh my, from which family’s this pretty little girl? Go home with Uncle, okay?” Wang Cheng pinched Wang Ziyu’s tender cheek and spoke flirtatiously like a strange uncle who was fooling around with a little girl, which immediately provoked Wang Ziyu to laugh.

“Brother!” Wang Ziyu blushed and stomped her feet.

“It’s useless to call Dad.”

“I’m not playing with you anymore.” Wang Ziyu shook off his hands.

“Okay, okay, I’m just teasing you.” Wang Cheng promptly grabbed her hand. “Is that silly pig doing fine lately?”

“It’s awfully fine, eating and eating, sleeping and sleeping, it’s doing better than everyone else in the house.” Wang Ziyu laughed at the thought of the little pig.

“That’s great.” Wang Cheng was afraid of ruining that silly pig’s health. When the time comes that his boss thinks about finding him for that silly pig, it would be troublesome if he could not make it appear right away.

In the evening, Wang Cheng and Wang Ning’an slept in one room. The bed in it was the same bed that Papa Wang made in the beginning. Contrary to what one might expect, two big men could sleep on it, but it could get a little crowded. It was not bad during winter, but during summer, it was too hot. Wang Cheng gave the bed to his big brother. He was used to sleeping on the floor in the mountain anyway, but Wang Ning’an refused. Because of this, the two men argued for a long time. Papa Wang came over to give them a sleeping pad and at once, the matter was settled. Days when the family was complete at home were hard to come by. Noisy until eleven o’clock, and only then did each one of them return to their respective rooms to go to sleep.

Wang Cheng came out to go to the toilet. When passing by his parent’s room, he heard the old couple’s muttering from inside. Mama Wang seemed to be saying that she hopes that their family would always get along with each other. Papa Wang comforted her by saying that it was possible. Afterwards, Wang Cheng could no longer hear what they were saying.

Back in the room, Wang Ning’an had already spread out the sleeping pat on the floor and even inflated it.

This sleeping pad was used when his big brother was in college and when there was a field training camp wherein his big brother would participate in. However, after going back home, this sleeping pad would be covered in dust. Right up to this moment, it was only now that it was taken out again. It had been unused for a long time, but it still looked very new.

Wang Cheng took a pillow from the cupboard and handed it to his big brother. This was what he had slept on before. It was put away by Mama Wang.

Wang Ning’an turned off the overhead lamp, and at once, the room became dark. The two brothers—one lying on the bed and the other on the floor—did not make any sound. Just when Wang Cheng thought that his big brother had already fallen asleep, Wang Ning’an’s voice came through in the darkness.

“Cheng Cheng, the day other day, I heard something bad happened at Hua Ying. You were not affected by that incident, right?” Although that incident was already settled a few days ago and the topic had gradually subsided, Wang Ning’an still heard about it.

“Of course not. My colleagues at the company are very intelligent. They had long known who the real mole was, and that person was also caught on the same day.” Wang Cheng avoided the important details and dwelled on the trivial ones. He did not tell him that he was framed by someone. Anyway, things had already happened, he did not lose anything, and Tang Sisi also got the retribution she deserved.

“Changde bribed that mole in your company because they wanted Hua Ying to fall.”

“How did you know, Big Brother?” Wang Cheng was surprised. This incident was not spread out. Although everyone knew that someone wanted to make it difficult for Hua Ying Real Estate, there was no concrete evidence. Hua Ying Real Estate could not say that Changde Real Estate was pulling the strings behind the scene.

“I have my own source.” Wang Ning’an apparently did not want to say more on this issue. He shifted the topic: “Listening to you, you don’t seem to know what happened to Changde, am I right?”

“What happened to Changde?”

“Watch more news at ordinary times. The real estate under Changde’s name has been frequently exposed by someone for quality problems. At the moment, the relevant department’s been involved in the investigation. I’ve heard that their boss has been taken away. Now, Changde’s stock price is constantly falling and the company’s in jeopardy. It’s obvious that someone’s punishing Changde.”

“Who could that be?”

Wang Ning’an did not answer immediately. He seemed to be hesitating. “Changde has also offended many people before, but if they have the ability to deal with Changde, they won’t wait until now. Not long ago, Changde made things difficult for Hua Ying, then there’s that incident several days later, so the most probable person involved is your boss.”

“I don’t know about this.” Wang Cheng shrugged.

“Do you normally cross paths with your Boss?” Wang Ning’an probingly asked.

Wang Cheng did not understand what he meant. “Cross paths? I don’t meet with him. Is there any problem?” Arranging to meet with him two consecutive days for a ride was not something special. Furthermore, now that his big brother was back, he would not need to arrange for a free ride with his boss again.

“There isn’t. I’m just asking. Go to sleep.”

“Good night then.”

The sky was turning bright in the east, but it was not completely bright yet. Wang Cheng had opened his eyes and quietly got out of bed. His big brother was still asleep. Although he usually gets up early because of work, he would sleep until eight or nine o’clock during his day off, and occasionally, he would get up at ten o’clock.

Mama Wang was already awake. Upon hearing a sound, she looked and saw Wang Cheng, so she immediately sent him to go brush his teeth and wash his face, before coming back to eat breakfast. There were congee, eggs, and scallion pancakes for breakfast. Just smelling the aroma of the food made his belly start to growl.

Wang Cheng quickly flashed into the bathroom. Wang Ziyu normally gets up early, too. In a moment, she should be rushing closely behind him to the bathroom. Men were not like women. Women would wash their faces and would even want to apply this and that, while men would certainly get it done in three or two minutes. After emptying his bladder, he ran into Wang Ziyu, who had just gotten out of bed. The little girl’s sleepy eyes were hazy and was she was still yawning.

“Good morning, Second Brother.”

“Morning. Quickly get in and wash up.”

At half past eight, Wang Ning’an also woke up. Papa Wang and Mama Wang already went to the new house. The renovation was gradually closing to an end and it was much faster than what they had predicted.

After breakfast, as in the past, Wang Ziyu was left behind to look after the house. The two brothers went over to the new house to look for Papa Wang and Mama Wang. Since it was not far away, they did not intend to drive the car to get there.

Yesterday was cloudy and the weather was hot and stuffy until a heavy rain fell last night. It was much cooler today and the sun could not be seen. Most of the villagers, who used to hide at home to avoid the sun, came out for a walk. Since they were not familiar with the two brothers, upon seeing them, they did not come over and have a chat with them. Until they have recognized Wang Cheng’s attractive looks, that was when they realized they were the sons of the Wang family’s third son, Wang Hongxin. They have been told before that Wang Hongxin had an elder son, who, as expected, was a man of striking appearance.

When they got to the new house, the workers were in middle of working hard to get things done in time. Papa Wang and Mama Wang did not want them to stay there, but they could not get them to leave, so they let them help out for a bit.

The new house had two floors. The first floor had the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. On the second floor, there were bedrooms. There were four bedrooms in total and a bathroom. Now, the renovation was almost done.

Considering that there were three children in the family, Papa Wang and Mama Wang specially selected this relatively large house in order to avoid the situation wherein both sons were at home, so they now planned a room for each person.

Wang Cheng went upstairs to see their rooms. They were not as big as what he had imagined, but they were spacious enough.

Wang Ning’an also did not have any complaints. He was working away from home and was busy most of the time, so he rarely came back home and had little demand for his room.

Wang Ziyu would be living in the capital for the next four years. Perhaps, there would not be much time for her to come back home, so it was only Wang Cheng who would most likely stay more. His work at Hua Ying Real Estate was not long term.



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