19Y: Author’s Note

This is a short story to support Wattpad’s #Unlimited Pride June 2019 event. It is a departure from my earlier works in style, tense, and formatting. I wanted to take the opportunity to see if I had the ability to expand my writing wings a little by trying something new. I will tell you, writing in present tense is very tough. I had to go back again and again and fix tenses throughout. I’m sure I still missed a few errors.

I hope you liked 19 Years as a fun, little side project. Depending on the response, I may continue this story in another book or may not. Let me know in the comments if it was even worth reading.

I also hope you read the many other #Unlimited Pride books this month!

If you liked this, try my other story: Special Property.

Don’t forget to check out the companion book, 24 Years, as told from Ken’s perspective.

For the time being, it’s only available on Wattpad because of the 2019 Watty’s contest. You can read it here:




About the author: an average fudanshi living in Seattle.



6 thoughts on “19Y: Author’s Note

  1. Kain Guru

    I hope you liked this. There is a companion book, 24 Years, posted on Wattpad. I’m entering it into the Wattys2019 contest; and part of the rules is I can’t have it posted anywhere else. So, if you wish to read it, you’ll have to read it on Wattpad. I’m so sorry. Having said all of this, I will have to remove Special Property from WordPress too as I also want to enter that book in the contest until the contest is over in September. For now, you can read both books on Wattpad.


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  2. Jeongipoom Deer

    It was definitely worth reading. I enjoy being able to read a short story all in one go and the end was satisfying. One of the strong points of your writing, from what I’ve seen, is your ability to write about relatable and true to life emotions. We are all different people on different paths in life, but the emotions around wanting to be with others, feeling burned from past experiences, and taking chances are all common in the human experience. Also, as a fellow Seattleite I enjoyed that it was set here, even though it didn’t play a big part in the story. I would definitely read more about these two, but it is also nice where it ended with both taking a chance on something new.


    1. Kain Guru

      Thanks for all your wonderful comments! I hope you are able to check out 24 Years, and learn more about Ken and his motivations and outlook. I have grown so fond of the characters.


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