19Y: Chapter 3

>> [James; 9:04 pm] Hey, sorry about the late text. I just now saw the message on the card.

>> [Ken; 9:06 pm] no worries! TY for txting me back

>> [Ken; 9:06 pm] also ty for the tip! nobody has given me 30% before!

>> [James; 9:07 pm] The service was excellent.

>> [Ken; 9:08 pm] don’t know about all that, I was going to protest at first

>> [Ken; 9:08 pm] but didn’t want to embarrass you in front of your friend

>> [James; 9:10 pm] It’s fine.

>> [Ken; 9:15 pm] so whatcha doin tonight?

>> [James; 9:16 pm] Playing a video game. You?

>> [Ken; 9:18 pm] gettin ready to go clubbin

>> [James; 9:20 pm] Sounds fun.

>> [Ken; 9:23 pm] can be tho sometimes it’s annoying

>> [James; 9:24 pm] Oh?

>> [Ken; 9:26 pm] yeah, guys my age only want sex, nobody’s serious

>> [Ken; 9:27 pm] only the creepy old men want something serious

>> [James; 9:32 pm] Sounds rough.

>> [Ken; 9:35 pm] how old are you?

>> [James; 9:36 pm] Old enough.

>> [Ken; 9:36 pm] oh come on, tell me

>> [James; 9:37 pm] 43

>> [Ken; 9:45 pm] wow. u look good for your age

>> [Ken; 9:55 pm] u there?

>> [James; 9:56 pm] Yes.

>> [Ken; 9:57 pm] I’m gonna go. friends wanna stop first at that place we met last night. cya




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