19Y: Chapter 5

>> [Ken; 12:01 am] still up?

>> [James; 12:02 am] Yeah, just got in.

>> [Ken; 12:02 am] tnx for the beer

>> [James; 12:03 am] No problem.

>> [Ken; 12:05 am] sry bout Marla

>> [James; 12:07 am] I bet she’s actually quite fun to be around.

>> [Ken; 12:08 am] Yeah

>> [Ken; 12:15 am] still there?

>> [James; 12:17 am] Yeah.

>> [Ken; 12:18 am] did I do or say something wrong?

>> [James; 12:19 am] No, why?

>> [Ken; 12:20 am] oh. u left so suddenly

>> [James; 12:21 am] ??? You said you had to go home and sleep for work.

>> [James; 12:21 am] Speaking of, shouldn’t you be sleeping right now?

>> [Ken; 12:23 am] I lied. I made up an excuse to get away from Marla and Josie

>> [James; 12:25 am] I see.

>> [Ken; 12:26 am] I was gonna see if you wanted to go somewhere else

>> [James; 12:27 am] So you don’t have to work tomorrow?

>> [Ken; 12:27 am] I do

>> [Ken; 12:28 am] but I’m used to little sleep on the weekends

>> [Ken; 12:28 am] a little sleep and I’ll be fine for work

>> [Ken; 12:35 am] still awake?

>> [James; 12:36 am] Yes.

>> [Ken; 12:37 am] um… u didn’t answer Marla’s question

>> [James; 12:38 am] ?

>> [Ken; 12:39 am] top or bot?

>> [James; 12:41 am] top

>> [Ken; 12:42 am] kool

>> [Ken; 12:42 am] whatcha doing tmr?

>> [James; 12:44 am] If you mean today, Sunday, no plans.

>> [Ken; 12:44 am] yes, today. come by at lunch? sundays are slow

>> [Ken; 12:46 am] prolly just be me and a cook all day

>> [James; 12:47 am] OK, maybe I will drop by.




One thought on “19Y: Chapter 5

  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    I think it is interesting that Ken is the one that propels things forward all the time. One might think the older and more experienced person would, but it also makes sense that with more history, James might also be more cautious, especially since he is so worried about the age difference.


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