Jubo : Text 040. Have to Look to Others for Help

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex

Proofreader : KainGuru

Wang Cheng came down from the second floor. Seeing that his brother’s figure was nowhere to be found, Wang Cheng thought he was still upstairs. Upon hearing the barely-audible voice of his big brother come through from outside, he ran outside and found his second aunt, Mrs. Zhang, and that cousin of his who had only scored more than a hundred points on the college entrance examinations, Wang Ningxiang.

Wang Ziyu had called him several times before. In addition to good news, she also mentioned some matters related to their second uncle’s family.

His second aunt—this woman was destined to not be able to be well-behaved for too long. After some time, when the results of the college entrance examinations had been revealed, she reverted to her old ways. Although her daughter had failed to win her glory, it was no match for her very thick skin. If others dared to take Wang Ningxiang’s results as the subject of discussion, she would immediately spew a bunch of harsh words.

Two days ago, something had happened to their second uncle’s family.

Their houses had been renovated almost at the same time, but since their second uncle was reluctant to put in time, money, and effort, there were not many hired workers and they were also not treated well, so the workers somewhat slacked in work. It had been almost a month now, and the new house of Wang Cheng’s family had been renovated for more than half, but the house of their second uncle’s family had not even finished a third.

Their second aunt had complaints. The workers that they had invited were paid according to their working hours. The longer they dragged on, the more money they would have to pay them, so their second aunt could not bear with that temper of hers.

Wang Ziyu once came over and heard their second aunt swearing at the workers, saying that they were deliberately delaying, were lazy, and did not work. The verbally-abused workers were not pleased at all.

They worked themselves to death every day, with no bowls of green mung bean soup to drink to boot. It was obvious that they only hired a few workers to save money and because of this, the renovation progress was slow. How could they blame them? This incident, afterwards, stirred up trouble rather fiercely.

The workers also had their own temper. They had long been unable to accept Mrs. Zhang’s behavior, who did not understand things, yet would always give them orders, thinking that she herself was very powerful. However, in the end, it only made things more chaotic. Later on, one by one, they said they would quit. Wang Cheng’s second uncle, who became aware of the bad situation, immediately took a step up to console them. He added a little extra salary for them and also learned to cook heat-clearing soup like what Mama Wang did; otherwise, the matters would be endless.

After all, this was the Guans’ Village. It was really important for them not to offend the villagers. If they did, they would probably be pushed aside by everyone. Good thing Wang Cheng’s second uncle was not foolish.

Wang Cheng, however, did not care about his second uncle’s family’s great problem, as long as it did not affect his family. He did not expect that his second aunt would come over today with Wang Ningxiang. When he just came out, he heard his second aunt exerting all of her strength to compliment his big brother and even wanted to act as a matchmaker for him.

“A person who returned from the big city’s really different. You have an elite taste now. I heard you’re still not in a relationship. How about if you let me be in charge and look for one? Even though the girls in our village haven’t been to the big city, unlike women from there, each and every one of them looks pretty and bubbly. Your sister, Wang Ziyu, is a good example. Ning’an, you’ve already grown up and you’re no longer a child. Although your parents aren’t saying anything, they must’ve been hoping you could settle down soon. You can’t bear to let them worry about you, can you?”

“Thank you, but I don’t want to trouble you regarding this matter, Second Aunt.” Wang Ning’an indifferently said.

“Oh my, what trouble? We’re family after all. Ning’an, as long as you say the word, I, your Second Aunt, will take care of this and look for a good girl for you,” Mrs. Zhang said with a warm and friendly tone. She had never been so polite like this before.

“My mom isn’t bothered. Second Aunt, what‘s your intention in saying this?” Wang Cheng came over to them. He did not believe that Mrs. Zhang would really introduce someone to his big brother. This person, except for her own family, talked with scheming to everyone.

When Mrs. Zhang saw Wang Cheng, there was a fit of displeasure in her heart, but a big smile was still on her face. “It turns out to be Wang Cheng.”

“Cousin,” Wang Ningxiang, who was on the side, called him gently and gracefully.

Wang Cheng knew that she was putting on a show. This cousin’s temper was completely inherited from Mrs. Zhang herself. Now that she was assuming an air of humility. He knew that the purpose of their visit was definitely to ask them a favor, and it was very likely that it had something to do with Wang Ningxian. With his big brother’s intelligence, he must have guessed it as well. When Wang Cheng thought of this, he smiled.

“Cousin Ningxian, a while ago, I heard people say that you took the exam, but couldn’t attend college. This may not be a bad idea. Since you have no talent for studying, it’s better for you to conscientiously help at home. Your parents will be very happy.”

The scar that they had on their faces had been poked and the expressions on Mrs. Zhang and Wang Ningxiang’s faces suddenly froze. How long would Wang Ziyu be well-regarded? How long would they have to be embarrassed?

For this matter, Mrs. Zhang did not stop cursing them inwardly. Later, she found out that Shanhai City and her alma mater had awarded Wang Ziyu with a large sum of money. There was as much as 500,000. She became even more insanely jealous. Wang Ningxiang had been miserable for some time. Mrs. Zhang scolded her for falling short of her expectations. However, Wang Ningxiang was not an ordinary 18-year-old girl. She took a stand and resisted, which led the mother and daughter to argue with each other. As a result, everyone at the Guans’ Village knew about it.

“There’s something you don’t know, Cheng Cheng. Actually, I hope Ningxian can attend college. In today’s society, if you don’t have a higher educational record, it’s very likely that people will look down on you. Ningxian…she particularly wants to go to college, but she…well, for this matter, your Second Uncle and I are very worried,” Mrs. Zhang said while secretly looking at Wang Ning’an.

Wang Cheng finally knew her purpose. It turned out they were thinking about asking his big brother for help. The most promising one now in their clan was his big brother. Perhaps, Mrs. Zhang was so troubled and had no other way out of this but to come over and beg here to his big brother. However, Wang Cheng failed to understand how Mrs. Zhang’s mind works. She thought that his big brother, an office worker, would have a way to help Wang Ningxiang go to college, although Wang Cheng also thought that there would be a way for his big brother to help.

“You can do nothing about that. If you can’t pass the exam, you can’t. If you really want to go to college, you should study hard from the beginning. You don’t want to work hard, yet you’re still thinking about attending college. This isn’t a fantasy story.”

Wang Ningxiang‘s complexion was blue and white for some time because of what he said. She flared up and was thinking about swearing, but she was stopped by Mrs. Zhang. They were the ones who came now to ask for help.

“Ning’an, I’m begging you. Aren’t you working at a big company? There must be someone in your network who can help your cousin, right?” Mrs. Zhang looked at Wang Ning’an, staking her own reputation.

“You must be kidding, Second Aunt. I‘m working in a big company, but I don’t have anything to do with the university. I‘m afraid I can’t help Cousin Ningxiang. If there‘s nothing else, we have to go back to work. Please help yourselves. Cheng Cheng, go with me to carry a few buckets of water.” Wang Ning’an called Wang Cheng and left without paying attention to Mrs. Zhang and her daughter.



5 thoughts on “Jubo : Text 040. Have to Look to Others for Help

  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Thanks for the update. Wow, their extended family is the worst! What a bunch of entitled jerks. So glad the brothers stood their ground.

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  2. IamNobody

    Seriously though I really don’t like nepotism and besides, his brother doesn’t work in a field related to education, how can he have the ability to send someone to university through the backdoor? Sure his brother has a high position in a company but he’s not really some influential businessman.


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