Hi everyone,

We’re teribly sorry for the late notice. I just got time to be online today. We thought the things that are keeping us busy IRL could be settled in just a month but it may take longer than that.

WE ARE DESPERATELY IN NEED OF NEW TRANSLATORS AND CHINESE PROOFREADERS to ensure the continuity of our projects. For now, we will have to extend our hiatus for another month while dealing with real life stuff. If after a month we won’t get any new recruits, we will be putting all projects on hold EXCEPT for BMHS.

We will continue with the BMHS updates weekly while on hiatus since this is what majority are interested in. Original stories will still be updated except for Crescent Love and Gray and Blue.


Crescent Moon Translations


11 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. FistFullOfDollars

    Thanks so much for your hard work and care. I hope the IRL commitments aren’t too stress and all is well. 💕


  2. Jeongipoom Deer

    Real life issues, as always, take precedence. Also, as always, I appreciate your communication about the situation and hope that it eases for you all soon. I also have no experience translating, other than MTL, but could possibly help with proofreading, if it fits your needs. Otherwise, I am grateful for whatever you are able to post whenever you can.


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