Jubo : Text 041. Nature

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

When the workers had returned home, Papa Wang locked the door of the new house and checked if there were any missing items. After that, the family of four went home together.

Wang Cheng told his parents that his second aunt, Mrs. Zhang, and her daughter came over to ask for help from his big brother. When he mentioned Mrs. Zhang, Mama Wang did not have a good opinion, let alone that her eldest son was only working at a pharmaceutical company. Even if he had any connections, she would not let her eldest son help.

“Wang Ningxiang, that girl isn’t student material at all. She wants to go to college, most probably thinking about going there to have some fun. They said if she doesn’t have academic credentials, she’ll be scorned by others, but it’s just an excuse and nothing more. There’re more people in this world who aren’t going to college than those who are attending. Didn’t you see the interview of a businessman surnamed Chen on TV two days ago? He didn’t even attend senior high, but isn’t he the richest man in that one city?”

One did not have to look at Mama Wang. She might only be a village girl, but she was definitely a knowledgeable one.

Mama Wang spoke to Wang Ning’an without hesitation, “Ning’an, you’ve got to listen to your mother. If they’ll ask you again for help, you mustn’t agree.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to Mom.” Wang Ning’an nodded in assent.

Papa Wang sighed softly.

“What, do you have anything in mind?” Mama Wang immediately raised an eyebrow at him.

“Of course, I certainly agree with your words ten thousand times over. I just feel that in my family, only our side of the family has good prospects. I’m a little rueful.”

Papa Wang was not wrong with what he said. Wang Cheng’s first uncle only had one son and that was Cousin Wang Ningkai. He was two years older than Wang Ning’an but was still unmarried. He was not student material, but he was not like Wang Ningxiang, who only scored more than 100 points in the college entrance examination. He had barely been able to go to a third-rate university.

His second uncle had one son and two daughters. The eldest daughter had already married. His second uncle’s son, Wang Ningshan, and Wang Ningkai’s situation were the same. They both had college diplomas, but it was a pity that they were all decorations. Therefore, when counted, the most promising children were all in the third family, who used to have bad financial status and was underestimated.

“What’s there to be so rueful about? As the saying goes, ‘Like father, like son’ and ‘Like mother, like daughter.’ If the adults won’t lead by example, the children can only be like that.” Mama Wang interrupted the sadness that Papa Wang had just derived.

Papa Wang did not say anything. His big brother and second brother really did not teach their children. The image of the brothers, mutually supporting each other, had already vanished without a trace in the wake of their interests and disputes during their youth.

“You two brothers must remember your Old Mother. We shouldn’t imitate your first and second uncles. Family love is priceless. For the sake of a bit of money, you’ll harm the affection amongst yourselves. This kind of thing isn’t worth it. If this Old Mother finds out you’d be like this, I’ll break your legs.” After Mama Wang had finished lecturing them, Papa Wang unexpectedly began lecturing his two sons.

“Mom, you think too much. I have a good relationship with Big Brother.” Wang Cheng felt that Mama Wang’s worrying was completely unnecessary.

The complete lack of unity in the Wang family was mainly due to the issue of Wang Cheng’s first and second uncles’ attitude. They laid stress on interests and could neglect family love for the sake of their interests. Papa Wang was different. He had been paying attention to his family’s feelings since he was a child. Later on, with his own family, he also educated his children that money was not important. What matters was that a family could live with peace and happiness. It was enough to live happily together. Therefore, even if their family used to be poor, there was no change in their way of thinking now that they were wealthy.

Wang Ning’an smiled. Their family really did not have this kind of problem.

Mama Wang was only saying these things with her mouth. She actually knew her sons well. One knows their own child well. This was the most gratifying part for her.

When they got home, Mama Wang made them a delicious meal.

Both sons like to eat meat. She made three courses of meat dishes: roasted meat with bamboo shoots, braised pork with preserved vegetables, and pork knuckles and ginger stew. Furthermore, she made eggplants with garlic sauce, dried radish with sautéed kidney beans. Lastly, on top of those, she made bitter melon, pork spareribs, and soybean soup. Their dinner was very sumptuous.

It was rare to have the family of five sitting at the dining table. Mama Wang used all of her special skills to satiate the big appetite of these three children of hers.

“Ning’an, you work hard. Eat a little more.” Mama Wang gave him a piece of pig trotter.

Wang Ning’an was actually not a picky eater. His meal was not as big as Wang Cheng’s. He usually eats two bowls of rice, a bowl of porridge, and a bowl of soup. He could not eat more, but this time, he also drank an additional bowl of soup.

Classmate Wang Ziyu was the most elegant when eating. Most girls would eat less in order to lose weight. In fact, plumpness is the real beauty. If one was voluptuous, only then would there be something to feel with the hands. What man would like a skinny girl nowadays? Not only would there be no feelings when touching them with the hands— it would entirely be uncomfortable pressing against human bones.

After eating dinner and resting for a while, Wang Ning’an decided to go back that night. This was because in the next morning, he would go to work early and delay would not permissible. Wang Cheng had nothing to say about it.

Mama Wang warned them again and again that they should take care on the road and packed them a lot of specialties before letting them go on their way.



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  1. IamNobody

    Hahahaha….. No wonder my grandparents always complain that we are too thin and my workmates complimented me when I gained weight a few months ago. Too bad all that weight was thrown away two months later.


  2. GiL

    Hahaha! Plump and voluptuous women were better than skinny women, that’s true. Skinny women looks like a hanger. Thanks for the chapter


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