Jubo : Text 042. Bankruptcy

Author : Yin Ya

Translator : xallisonjanex, Renkun27

Proofreader : Lonelycauliflower

Back in the city, the lives of the two men were back on track—especially Wang Ning’an. His busy work often took up a lot of his time. When Wang Cheng had not come over to stay with him, his life was actually very irregular. After living with Wang Cheng for a few days, only then was he able to notice this irregularity.

After dinner, Wang Cheng remembered what his big brother said to him on Saturday night; and so, he checked the news about Changde Real Estate.

Recently, it had been reported that Changde Real Estate was going bankrupt. After the relevant department intervened in the investigation, several buildings with quality problems were found. When the news spread, Changde Real Estate’s share price fell quickly and continuously grew weaker. The stockholders had sold their stocks. If they were a step behind, they would surely howl in grief.

If it was in the past, Changde Real Estate would still have a way to keep this matter under control, but they seemed to have offended people who should have not been offended. These people ordered to thoroughly investigate Changde Real Estate, so no one dared to help them. Authority—this thing was easy to use in a critical moment like this, no wonder so many people were rushing like ducks.

Turning off the computer, Wang Cheng slipped the specialties that Mama Wang gave him into the fridge in batches. After thinking about it, he took some out of the fridge. Seeing that there was no sign of his big brother going out from the study, he took these specialties and went outside of Chu Yifeng’s apartment. He heard some noise before, so he knew that the other had returned.

Wang Cheng rang the doorbell.

After a while, Chu Yifeng came over to open the door. Seeing who it was, he opened the door.

Wang Cheng walked in and closed the door.

“What’s the matter?”Chu Yifeng turned around and looked at him in his pajamas. The latter did not seem to realize that what he was wearing was too casual.

“Boss, these are specialties from my hometown. This is our homemade bakkwa [1]. It tastes quite nice. There are also Chinese chestnut specialties from the village. My mother allowed me to share these with my neighbors and I thought of you, Boss. You can give them a try when you have nothing to do.” Wang Cheng did not mind pleasing his current boss. Mama Wang had packed way too much for the brothers. They could not even finish them in half a month.

([1] Also known as rougan, is a Chinese salty-sweet dried meat product similar to jerky.)

“Place it on the coffee table.”

Wang Cheng immediately put the dishes aside. “I’ll head back to my apartment then.”

“Are you in a hurry?” Chu Yifeng looked at him with his arms crossed.

“I’m very anxious. I didn’t tell my brother I was leaving and if he doesn’t see me, he‘ll go and look for me.” Wang Cheng mainly did not want his big brother to know about this. He actually heard it before that his big brother seemed to think very little of Chu Yifeng. He really did not want him to come over and talk to Chu Yifeng.

“You’re big brother‘s called Wang Ning’an, right.”

“How did you know, Boss?”

“I heard that he‘s a very powerful person. With your big brothers ability, he might get transferred to the headquarters of the company soon.”

“Yes, of course.” A lot of people loves hearing praises about their family and Wang Cheng was no different. He knew his brother’s abilities were good and he could be said to be the elite of the elite. Wang Cheng did not think much of these words at that time. It was not until later that he knew why Chu Yifeng wanted to tell him about this.

A quiet life had passed by for a few days.

Wang Cheng’s company was ready to recruit a few new employees and because he was the most leisurely in the company, this task was handed to him.

In a few days after the advertisements about the recruitment were launched, more than a dozen people had submitted resumes to the company. Wang Cheng had looked at them roughly. Most of the college graduates had just graduated, and there were four or five with work experience, but their resumes were not quite good. Zhang Yiheng used to say that one could see from the resume whether a person was diligent or not.

Wang Cheng selected three college students and two with work experience, and then informed them of the day when they should come for the interview.

Changde Real Estate finally went bankrupt, and the news occupied the headlines of Shanhai newspapers.

The people in the company had no peculiar reaction. It seemed that in their eyes, it was not surprising. Sometimes, it was not necessary to a new company to go bankrupt.

In the evening, Wang Cheng received a call from Wang Ziyu.

On the phone, Wang Ziyu told him what had happened in Guans’ village, several days after they left, especially about Mrs. Zhang. After being rejected by Wang Ning’an on that day, Mrs. Zhang was resentful and rumored that some people were ungrateful when they flourished, that these people being referred to had disowned their own forefathers, and so on. On the sly, these were all referring to them.

However, Mama Wang was also not a pushover. She immediately ridiculed her back by saying: The time when your family flourished, why didn’t I see you help your brothers? But when you needed help, you wanted to suck up to them and if they don’t help you quickly, then they become ungrateful? What kind of nonsense is this? It’s you who can’t teach your children well. What’s the connection of her poor grades to us? We have the ability to have our own good children.

When Mama Wang said this, she was full of enthusiasm. Whether it was Guans’ Village or Wangs’ Village, one might not be able to find any children who were as good as the ones in their family.

Mrs. Zhang utterly detested it the most when other people hold her son and daughter as the subjects of discussion because these two really had no prospects. Whether it was her son or daughter, they were all the same. By force, Mama Wang’s words had hit her on the face.

Wang Ziyu said that Mrs. Zhang’s face was green on that day. Recently, their second uncle’s family was pulling on their connections because they wanted Wang Ningxiang to get admitted in a university. Unfortunately, Wang Ningxiang’s grades were really shoddy and too embarrassing to show. There were some who were able to help her, but as soon as they heard her exam result was that poor, they regretted it.

“Second Brother, you just don’t know. It’s the first time that I’ve seen Second Aunt this speechless. Mom was so fierce. She hasn’t vented her anger out like this for such a long time.” Wang Ziyu sounded awfully excited.

“There may be more times in the future when she’ll vent more anger out.” With Wang Cheng’s understanding of Mrs. Zhang, she was absolutely a woman who was impossible to stop and he did not know what she would do in the future.

The siblings talked for more than an hour over the phone. Wang Cheng then heard his mother’s voice over the phone telling them to go to sleep early and so, they hung up the phone as it was late.



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