Jubo : Text 043. Girlfriend?

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

In a blink of an eye, it was August and the weather was still sizzling hot.

At six o’clock in the afternoon, the sun had just descended the west slope, and the glow of the sunset was obscured by the lofty buildings. Wang Cheng walked in the shadow of the buildings. The pleasantly cool breeze blew away the hot and dry heat of the crowded bus. Today was the day when he went home alone because he could not get a lift.

In the last few days, his big brother suddenly became busy. He was still working overtime when he was off work and he was also working overtime when others were already working overtime, so Wang Cheng could only go home by himself. Once in a while, Wang Cheng would come across his boss by luck, who was also preparing to go back to the apartment. During those occasions, he would thicken his skin and ask if he could hitch a ride. Chu Yifeng usually would not refuse.

However, he was not so lucky today. The boss did not come to the company and his big brother had to work overtime, so he could only take the bus home.

“Lady, it’s useless to ask me again. I can’t let you in. You have to go. Don’t make it difficult for me or I’ll call the cops.”

Wang Cheng felt that this line was quite familiar. He looked at the gate of the Tranquil Community and saw the security guard. Wang Cheng thought that the security guard had said something similar to him at first. He looked at the one who was rejected this time and found that the person happened to be a woman.

The woman looked like she was in her twenties. She looked very young, had long hair, and an oval face. She was persistently holding on to the security guard’s arm and pleading. She looked a little haggard.

“Big Brother, let me go in. I only want to find someone. I swear I definitely won’t cause trouble and leave…or you can also follow me inside. Please, I beg you.”

“No, that won’t do. You’re not someone from this neighborhood. I can’t let you go in. And besides, I still have to be on duty.” In this regard, the security guard was still very persistent. Even if that incident with Wang Cheng happened before, he still did not change his original point of view. He stuck to his guns and possessed very professional ethics.

“Hey, what happened?” Wang Cheng came over.

When the security guard saw him, he pulled a long face. Wang Cheng gave him a particularly deep impression. He did not expect to meet this man in this situation. If Wang Cheng had a ‘Fellow sufferers commiserate with each other’ feelings toward this woman, what should he do? Should he insist on not letting the woman in or should he let her go? For a moment, the security guard was at a loss.

“Big Brother, what on earth happened?” Wang Cheng smiled and asked again.

When the security guard heard his question, he suddenly remembered something. “Mr. Wang, you came right on time. This lady keeps on saying she needs to go inside to look for your big brother, but when I ask her what’s up, she can’t say anything. She also didn’t call beforehand, and she came here several times. This is already the third time.”

Her first two attempts happened on two different occasions. During those times, Wang Cheng was at work, so he did not encounter her.

Wang Cheng was surprised. She was looking for his big brother?

The woman did not seem to have met Wang Ning’an’s younger brother before. She looked a little surprised. Just when Wang Cheng wanted to ask her what relationship she had with his big brother to find him, the woman turned and ran away, as if she was frightened. Even wearing a pair of high heels, her speed was not slow.

“This woman…what did she come for?” Wang Cheng turned and asked the security guard. “Did she say what her name was, who she was, or where she came from?”

The security guard pouted. His question was really detailed, as if he was checking residence cards. “No, she refused to say anything. She only said that she was looking for Mr. Wang Ning’an.” Both brothers were surnamed Wang. Sometimes, it was really hard to address them. If he would address them by saying ‘Mr. Wang,’ one could not tell who was who.

“So it’s like that.”

“Oh, by the way, I remember that she once uttered that she was Mr. Wang Ning’an’s girlfriend. I said I’d call Mr. Wang Ning’an to confirm, but she won’t let me call him, so I thought she was lying.” The security guard suddenly remembered this.

“Big Brother, it’s really hard for you.” Wang Cheng smiled and patted his shoulder. If his big brother had a girlfriend, it was impossible for her not to tell him. That woman must be lying. “I’ll ask my Big Brother. Next time, if she comes again, you can drive her away.”


In the evening, Wang Cheng planned on giving his big brother a bowl of lotus seed porridge with lily bulbs. This food had the effect of clearing the heart and moistening the lungs, replenishing the vital energy and calming the nerves. It is very good for people who stay up late. Since he lives here, he must take good care of his big brother’s health.

After simmering the porridge, Wang Cheng used a large soup ladle to take the porridge into the bowl and then brought it to his big brother’s study.

The computer screen on the desk was glowing with blue light. Wang Ning’an was looking at the information on it intently, and at the sound of someone coming in, he did not look up.

“Big Brother, I made you a bowl of porridge. Eat it while it’s still hot.” Wang Cheng acted in spite of his work and put the porridge in front of Wang Ning’an. “Working hard is good, but you should also take care of your body. Mom let me take care of you. If she sees your haggard face the next time we go home, Mom will definitely say that I’m not supervising you thoughtfully.”

“How come you’re becoming more and more like Mom?” Wang Ningan rubbed his eyes.

“That’s because I feel that I don’t seem to have a big brother, but a son. I have anyway. Of course, I don’t mind it if you’ll call me Dad.” Wang Cheng teased.

“You’re so tactless. Are you asking for a beating?”

“Hurry and eat. I still have something that I want to tell you.” Wang Cheng urged him as he spoke.

“What’s up?”

“I’ll tell you after finish you eating.”



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