Jubo : Text 045. Friendly Terms and the Past

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: SyKim5

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

“Boss, I made porridge for my big brother and there’s still a lot left. You probably haven’t eaten your midnight snack yet. This is lotus seed porridge with lily bulbs. People who usually stay up late eat this stuff because it‘s very good for the body.”

Wang Cheng spontaneously ran to the kitchen, then took a bowl and a spoon, and poured the steaming hot porridge into the bowl. It still smelled very appetizing.

Faced with his arrival, Chu Yifeng was not surprised at all. This man’s behavior was always different from ordinary people’s and could not be compared.

After Chu Yifeng sat down, Wang Cheng immediately placed the bowl of porridge in Chu Yifeng’s hands. The latter was not polite. He tasted it directly and ate the food that Wang Cheng prepared. He was already very confident in his craftsmanship.

When he finished eating, Wang Cheng wanted to pour him another bowl, but he was stopped by Chu Yifeng. Chu Yifeng raised one of his long legs and rested it on top of the other. He looked at Wang Cheng and said, “Say it, what’s up?”

He could not help but say this. Chu Yifeng still knew Wang Cheng very well. One never goes to the temple for no reason. This was precisely the kind of man Wang Cheng was.

“Boss, you’re really awesome. In the future, I may have to trouble you again when we start and finish work.” Wang Cheng immediately said this. He was not embarrassed after being exposed and immediately acted as the situation dictated.

“Are you planning to use me as a driver?” Chu Yifeng cast a sidelong glance at him. Wearing his home clothes, he had an indolent look.

“How about if I buy you breakfast later?”

“You’re gonna make me work as your driver and it’s only worth one breakfast?”

This was the rhythm of preparing for bargaining!

Wang Cheng folded his sleeves up. He was full of vigor. “Then how about if I add one dinner on top of that?”

“Plus one midnight snack.”

“That’s too much. You’re not giving me salary. I have to pay for it.” Wang Chen immediately felt unhappy when he heard that.

“Where can you find a boss who’ll work as your driver?” Chu Yifeng calmly pointed out this very strange fact. A good boss had to work as a driver for his employee, say it, who would ever believe that?

Wang Cheng could not refute it. This seemed to be true. Since ancient times, only the employee worked as a driver for his boss. With him here, it was all in reverse order. The more he thought about it, the more that he felt like he was the one gaining here. In the end, he gave the final verdict and agreed to Chu Yifeng’s conditions. At first, he was wondering why. Chu Yifeng obviously had a maid, why did he want Wang Cheng to cook for him? Later on, he found out that that Sister Liu was actually good at cleaning and other household duties, but she was not that good with cooking and she was actually a Southerner. The food that she prepared tasted bland, but Chu Yifeng liked food that had a slightly stronger taste. He did not want to change his maid into a new and unfamiliar maid, so it had always been like this.

Two days later, the news of Wang Ning’an’s promotion was officially confirmed.

Previously, it was widely rumored among the people of the company branch that the vice president would be transferred to the headquarters. Now that a single notice about it came in a short while, everyone thought that it was nothing unexpected. The company’s female employees only felt that it was such a pity that such a handsome guy was still the most eligible bachelor.

“Like I said before, the vice president had always been the one appointed by the higher-ups. Even if being a branch company president sounds very impressive, the growth prospects are limited. The position’s higher, but it’s only in a branch company. The headquarters is different. If you‘re the president of the headquarters, you can manage all the branches.”

“Don’t you know if the vice president has a girlfriend?”

“You don’t stand a chance. The vice president is a very powerful and handsome lady killer. He’d surely have high standards. Ordinary people like us can only look up to him hopefully.”

“Ahem, OK! Everyone go to work.” The lady supervisor lightly coughed.

The crowd of gossiping women immediately dispersed.

Wang Ning’an got off work earlier than usual. After the task on hand was handed over, he was not as busy as usual. As soon as he arrived at the underground parking lot, he pulled out his car key. When he was about to open the car door, a woman wearing a floral skirt suddenly rushed out from behind the pillar next to him.


Wang Ning’an stared at the woman standing in front of him and his face did not change at all. He calmly said, “You came just in time. I have something to tell you.”

The woman immediately looked surprised. She thought that Wang Ning’an would not have anything to say to her.

“Moving forward, don’t go to the apartment to find me anymore. I don’t want to see you and I don’t want my family to see you.”

The woman’s face became pale.

After Wang Ning’an finished talking, he got in the car and threw his briefcase to the passenger seat. The woman suddenly grabbed the window and refused to let him close the door. “Ning’an, let me explain. Please don’t be so mean to me. At the moment, I really have nowhere to go and can only come to look for you. Can you lend me money? I promise I’ll pay you back when I have money.”

Wang Ning’an glanced at her fingers. When he first met her, her fingers were very fair. She never went to those salons to get her nails done before, but everything had changed later on. Although her light pink manicure now was gorgeous, it was only on the surface. There had been fundamental changes in her that other people could not see.

“Miss Lin, you only love money. If your current financial backer doesn’t want you, you can go and find other idiots. I’m not interested in receiving a pair of shoes that others have worn many times, let alone this pair of shoes that once betrayed me.”

Lin Qing looked like she was struck dead by lightning as she stared at Wang Ning’an incredulously. How could someone who was once so gentle say such cruel words?

Wang Ning’an was actually polite with his words. If he could be more ruthless, he would have directly said that she was a pair of worn-out shoes. Now, this woman was a mere stranger to him and nothing more. He did not have to be angry because of her. When she let go of the car window, Wang Ning’an no longer looked at her and drove out of the underground parking lot. In the rearview mirror, Lin Qing was seen squatting on the ground, regretfully crying.

She was not married yet, but she was already pregnant. The man who impregnated her did not want her and even called her a cheap whore. Even her parting fee was a huge letdown. What could she do? It was impossible for her to say that he had no regrets. If only she knew that Wang Ning’an would become the vice president of Shenghui Group’s branch company, she would not have cheated on him with some other man before.

Glamor and beauty could make you more dazzling, but if you could not love yourself, it would only speed up the decay of the flesh under your skin. Unfortunately, some people could no longer look back and they must taste the bitter fruits of the plant that they had cultivated.

Lin Qing merely turned into a passerby in Wang Ningan’s life.



10 thoughts on “Jubo : Text 045. Friendly Terms and the Past

  1. ThatOneCryingInTheCorner

    Thanks for the chapters!

    It’s good that Wang Cheng’s relationship with Boss Chu is moving forward nicely, hopefully we’ll soon see some nice ‘things’. (。・//ε//・。)

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  2. Cathy

    When are these chapters going to be edited?

    I’ve been itching to read the updated chapters on NU and I’m afraid y’all might have forgotten about Jubo! ;_;

    I really love this story and hope to read more!


    1. I’m doing it one at a time. I just finished proofreading chapter 44. I’m currently working on the next chapter for beloved marriage, then the ugly man. After these two, I’ll work on jubo 45.


  3. Cathy

    When are these chapters going to be edited?

    I’ve been itching to read the updated chapters on NU and I’m afraid y’all might have forgotten about Jubo! ;_;

    I really love this story and hope to read more!


  4. IamNobody

    To be honest I also love money. I could say my personality leans towards the selfish side. I’m kinda materialistic as well. I dislike being poor. And my family was very poor back then. Now, I’m not so poor anymore. I could buy some of my wants. Now, I could dare to desire things that are uselessly expensive. However I never thought of using men as atm’s. Although, I always think that if I marry I want to marry a man who could give me a comfortable life if he can’t I’d rather live alone. If I live alone I can support myself but if I will have my own family my salary won’t be enough.
    Anyway, I don’t look down on people who loves money. However taking advantage of other people’s feelings is another story.

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