JUBO : Text 044. The Return of the Ex

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: SyKim5

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

Wang Ning’an had a strong working capability, but he could not outspeak Wang Cheng all the time, so he had to put his work aside. The more that he ate his younger brother’s dishes, the more he liked them, and did not get sick of them at all. Wang Cheng had the ability to change his decorative patterns in almost every meal. Because of this, Wang Ning’an was no longer willing to go out or call for takeouts again every day.

“Let’s talk after I finish eating.” Wang Ning’an finished his meal in two or three bites. After that, he took out a piece of napkin to wipe his mouth.

Wang Cheng moved the bowl to the side, then he told his big brother that when he came back from work, he met a woman. Although he knew that the woman was lying and that she was not his big brother’s girlfriend, the other party must have known his big brother; otherwise, she would not have found her way here.

Wang Ning’an became silent.

“Big Brother, do you really know her?” Wang Cheng asked. He was quite curious about this.

“It’s already a thing of the past. If you want to know, then I might as well as tell you about it.” Wang Ning’an did not hide the truth from him.

“She‘s my ex-girlfriend. I dated with her after graduating from university. Later on, she proposed to break up. I haven’t seen her since then and I also haven’t been in touch with her.”

“Then how did she know that you live here?”

“I don’t know. She might’ve heard it from someone. It’s nothing unusual.” Wang Ning’an calmly said, which was not at all unexpected.

Wang Cheng also thought so. His big brother’s reputation in Shenghui Group’s branch had also been heard by Chu Yifeng. It was not difficult for a woman to inquire about him.

“You don’t have to worry about this matter. If you’ll run into her again in the future, you don’t have to mind her. I don’t have anything to do with her since a long time ago. No matter what purpose she has for trying to find me, I suppose it won’t be good.” It had been more than a year since they broke up and he also became a more rational type of person. Much affections had long since disappeared. She became a mere passerby and even speaking with a passerby was something that would not cross his mind.

“That’s good.” An ex-girlfriend, who suddenly tried to look for her ex-boyfriend, most likely wants to get back with him. Wang Cheng’s big brother was so good. That woman must have regretted it. With such thoughts, Wang Cheng suddenly had no good opinion for that woman.

“By the way, I also have something that I wanted to tell you.” Wang Ning’an suddenly said.

“What’s up?”

“In a few days, I may be transferred to the headquarters of Shenghui Group. When I go to the capital, you may have to live here by yourself.”

Wang Cheng blinked. It was really predicted correctly by Chu Yifeng.

“What’s wrong?” Wang Ning’an asked when he saw him become expressionless and unresponsive.

“Nothing. I feel that you’re getting promoted so quickly, Big Brother. I‘ve only been here for more than a month and you‘re already going to leave. When are you going to leave then?”

“It should be a few days after the transfer order has been made.”

“Oh, then you have to pay attention to your health. I can’t go with you if you’re going to the capital. I can’t take care of your food. You can’t eat just frozen food for all three meals like before. You should eat less takeouts. I heard people say it‘s not very hygienic. They all say in the news that it’s illegally recycled waste cooking oil. Big Brother, when you get there, please hire a maid to help you prepare your meals. You earn a lot and we also don’t need that much money at home. You should spend that on your needs.” Wang Cheng subconsciously urged him again and again.

“Say, you sound like an old mom. You still really keep on going on and on about this stuff.” Wang Ning’an did not know whether to laugh or cry now.

Wang Cheng laughed. “Fortunately, you’ve been promoted. Big Brother, I‘ve only been taking care of you for more than a month and I’m already becoming like a nagging mom. The next time I really turn into a mom, I don’t want to be yours. You haven’t greeted as one.”

“Get lost, I’ll obey you.” Wang Ning’an could not stand his mouth and quickly drove the man away.

“Alright, go to bed early.” Wang Cheng carried the bowl out of the study and closed the door.

When he arrived in the kitchen, Wang Cheng placed the bowl in the sink. Looking at the porridge with more than half a pot left, he realized that he cooked too much of it. This porridge could still be eaten the next day, but the taste would definitely be not as good as when it just came out of the pot. He wanted to keep it for tomorrow, but when he suddenly remembered his conversation with his big brother, he finally understood the meaning behind Chu Yifeng’s words. Apparently, he still had to please this neighbor.

Wang Cheng filled a thermos with more than half of the porridge, hid it from his big brother, then he immediately went over to his boss’s apartment.



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