BMHS : Chapter 38.2 – I haven’t forgotten. I said we’d kiss again in the evening.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Su Siyu’s riches would flourish in the future, but his capability by then would be less compared to the ten percent of the Yans’ shares that Meng Qi’s Little Seventh had in hand. On top of that, Meng Qi did not believe that he would fall into a situation wherein he would not get anything as what Su Siyu had said.

Yet, Su Siyu had also given him a wakeup call—especially with what had happened today—it made him realize that Li Yifei was not someone who was easy to deal with. She was quite complicated. His own grandmother, Feng Zejiao, was absolutely not her opponent. Fortunately, it was not too late for him to come to a realization.

Meng Qi went on a mental journey. He was not thinking about anything else; rather, he was thinking about Yan Sui and what he had become in the past few years. He acknowledged that his family background was not as good as Yan Sui’s, but he did not want to admit that he was not a man who was as intelligent as Yan Sui. Meng Ting definitely could not depend on the Mengs, but he certainly should be able to rely on Meng Qi. Yan Sui was relatively new to this experience, but if he gets tired of Meng Ting someday, it would be difficult to predict how he would treat Meng Ting.

Meng Ting was slow-witted. As his eldest brother, Meng Qi had no choice but to think a little bit more about this. In the past, he had persuaded Meng Ting not to become too estranged with the Mengs, but now that would be unlikely. In the future, if he gives Meng Ting support, Meng Qi would also have to rely on his own strength to support him.

Su Siyu was choked half to death by Meng Qi’s words. Before he could say anything in response, the crowd around him suddenly burst in laughter, “Hahahaha…!”

Their laughter was so loud that many people had checked on them, but the laughter over that place was never-ending. In the end, people who were outside their circle still did not know what they were laughing at.

It was unknown what they were laughing about—not even Meng Ting could tell. They were playing a game. Meng Ting, who had never played such a game before, inexplicably lost. After that, he was required to answer a question and he had to tell the truth.

“What do you like the most about Yan Sui?”

When Gu Lang asked this, his expression was so cheap and was full of expectations. Obviously, it had already stretched to some discordant answers.

Meng Ting slightly blushed. He glanced at everyone, then he glanced at Yan Sui. In the end, he honestly answered, “He allows me to eat enough food.” He likes everything about Yan Sui. Reluctantly, this one should be his most favorite. His foodie nature came to light, but it also made those who were looking forward to his answer stupefied.

The atmosphere abruptly came to a sudden stop, then everyone laughed out loud. Only Meng Ting, who had earnestly told them the truth, could not tell what everyone was laughing about.

Yan Sui reached out and took Meng Ting into his arms. When they finished laughing, he let go of the boy. However, regarding this answer, Yan Sui was surprised, but not so surprised. He was more like unable to speak of his satisfaction. He only thought that in the future, he would make Meng Ting change what he likes the most about him.

The game continued and the spoon that was spinning around moved past Meng Ting. When he heaved a sigh of relief, the spoon stopped and pointed at Yan Sui.

The disappointment on Gu Lang’s face momentarily vanished without a trace and his smile now was more exaggerated than when he asked Meng Ting earlier, “C’mon, hurry up! What do you wanna ask Boss Yan? We definitely can’t let him off today!”

Yan Sui rarely had an open-up time like today. How could they miss this chance? This crowd was in the mood to disturb the bridal room’s privacy [1] in advance!

([1] It’s a custom in China for guests to banter with and play pranks on the newlyweds.)

For a moment, several questions were thrown one after another.

“Where did you have your first kiss with Sister-in-Law?”

“How long did you two get to know each other before you slept together?”

“Who liked who first?”

At first, they thought that Yan Sui would choose the questions he would answer, but to everyone’s surprise, he answered all of their questions.

He did not look at those who asked the questions. He turned to look at Meng Ting instead, then he smiled.

“We had our first kiss at the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

“We’ve always slept together.”

“We fell in love at first sight, so we liked each other at the same time.”

He answered in succession and there was silence all around them. Now, who said that Yan Sui did not like Meng Ting? Who could believe it? Today’s Yan Sui was so happy because of the marriage, which was an unusual situation. His iceberg figure is going to collapse!

“Sister-in-Law, is Boss Yan telling the truth?”

“He’s right.” Meng Ting nodded to Gu Lang. After that, he turned to look at Yan Sui in the eyes, then he whispered, “Turns out you’ve liked me since the first time you met me.” After saying that, he slightly leaned forward and drew near Yan Sui’s ear and added, “So you like me so much. I like you, too. I really like you!”

Although Meng Ting was not sure whether he liked Yan Sui at first sight of not, he likes him now.

“What did you say, Sister-in-Law?”

The appearance of the two men whispering in their ears was simply enough to provoke them.

Meng Ting turned his head, then he shook it, “I don’t wanna tell you.”

“C’mon! Let’s have a toast and wish Boss Yan and Little Sister-in-Law a happy wedding. May you live a long and happy life together!”

Shi He gave Gu Lang a nudge immediately after this proposal. Everyone naturally agreed and a glass of wine was brought in for each of them. Even Meng Ting had a glass of it, too. Yan Sui took a glance at it, but he did not stop them. The strength of this fruit wine was quite low, so drinking a glass or two of it should not make him drunk.

However, Meng Ting’s tolerance for liquor was low. Indeed, he was a real lightweight. If he stood in a cellar with many bottles of liquor for a long time, he would get dizzy. Despite this, he had still drank the wine.

Meng Ting clearly knew that he could not drink, but he was elated at the moment. Just now, he agreed to drink, then he took a gulp of almost half of the wine in the glass. He pursed his lips and said, “It’s sweet. It’s not unpleasant to drink.”

“Only one glass. No more drinking after you finish it.” After Yan Sui finished drinking his wine in one gulp, he bowed his head and urged Meng Ting.

“Okay.” Meng Ting nodded, then he took a small sip of the wine again. His cheeks became slightly rosier than before.

The wine glasses passed freely. A lot of people came over to propose a toast and Yan Sui welcomed everyone. Gu Lang and Zhen Han were also very loyal. They even offered to help Yan Sui with the drinks offered to him. After one round of drinks, Yan Sui could not support Meng Ting with one hand.

Meng Ting drooped over Yan Sui’s neck and his feet were slightly shaking. Meng Ting was already tipsy.

“Yan Sui, my legs feel soft…”

“Cough.” Yan Sui gave a low cough and handed over the wine glass to Gu Lang who was smirking at the side.

Yan Sui hugged Meng Ting with one hand and touched his hot cheek with the other, “Didn’t I only allow you to drink one glass? Did you steal another drink?”

“Yan Sui, the wine’s sweet, tasty…” Meng Ting pursed his lips, then lifted his eyes, and shook his head. His gaze fell on Yan Sui’s lips, then he said, “I want to kiss you again.”

When he whispered to Yan Sui before, he was thinking about kissing him. Now that he was drunk, he did not know how to restrain himself. He slightly turned his head and kissed Yan Sui’s ear.

The exhaled heat and soft feeling—Yan Sui felt numb from the root of his ears all the way to the top of his head.

“Ahem, ahem,” Gu Lang, Zhen Han and the others, who were already tipsy, consciously retreated by a few steps. Their sister-in-law bluntly pulled the man and committed a crime. Not to mention Boss Yan, if any of them exchanges with him, perhaps they would not be able to withstand it, too.

“Yan Sui, you’re mine. You can’t let others kiss you. Bear that in mind!” Meng Ting kissed Yan Sui’s neck, then he twisted his body to look at the man. He was hard to hear clearly, but that did not keep him from expressing his true feelings.

He reached out to touch Yan Sui’s cheek, then he gently pinched it.

“I’ll behave. You should behave, too.”

“Ng…?” Meng Ting answered, but it did not affect his zeal. Without any warning, he nibbled on to Yan Sui’s cheek.

Yan Sui’s face turned red, but he still kept on holding the boy tenderly and he was not willing to say anything to the drunk boy, “Behave for a bit.”

When Zhen Han and the others saw this, they were all in awe. Those liquors could not make Yan Sui blush, yet Meng Ting accomplished it with one kiss, “Look after everything here with Uncle Xiao. I’ll send Meng Ting back to our room first.”

After Yan Sui and Zhen Han finished talking, he looked at Gu Lang and some other people, “You guys shouldn’t drink too much either.”

“Go ahead! A spring night’s [2] worth a thousand pieces of gold. Hand over everything here to us.” Gu Lang righteously wanted to pat Yan Sui’s shoulder, but then his eyes came into contact with Meng Ting’s gaze, who suddenly became vigilant. Obviously, he was drunk and muddleheaded, but he still knew how to ‘protect his food.’

([2] Fig. A night of sexual bliss.)

Yan Sui gently nodded and paid attention to Meng Ting again, who was in his arms while randomly rubbing himself against Yan Sui’s body, “Do you want me to carry you in my arms or on my back?”

“On the back? Do you want me to carry you on my back? Okay!”

Meng Ting said as he turned over. He was about to carry Yan Sui on his back, but then Yan Sui picked him up in his arms. Yan Sui thought that it was really unnecessary to discuss something with a drunk person; so now, to make it easier, he chose to carry the boy in his arms.

Little by little, Meng Ting embraced Yan Sui’s neck and rubbed himself against Yan Sui’s cheek, “Yan Sui, I like it when you carry me in your arms. I like it when you carry me on your back. You kissing me…I like it, too.”

“Mhm,” Yan Sui answered him, then he gently nodded to the others who were watching them as he walked, step by step, up the stairs with Meng Ting in his arms. After three steps, he turned around and everybody was still following them with their gaze.

“Thank you for coming to my wedding with Meng Ting. My lady’s drunk. I have to take him first. Please excuse me.”

At first, he was planning to lay Meng Ting down on the bed, then he would come back down again, but when he carried the boy and listened to his heartfelt confession, he became reluctant to part with Meng Ting. He absolutely overestimated himself when he made his previous decision.

After he spoke, he turned away and continued carrying Meng Ting in his arms back to their room, “Behave and don’t move randomly.”

“Okay, I’ll behave.” answered Meng Ting, and as expected, he no longer moved randomly. Yet, Yan Sui could easily sense that Meng Ting was fixing his gaze at him.

“Are you going to call me your lady?” When they almost reached the door to their room, only then did Meng Ting seem to have caught on to what Yan Sui said a moment ago, “Then, what should I call you? My wife…ah, it’s my husband.”

Meng Ting mumbled. Yan Sui’s ears had turned red, not to mention that Meng Ting’s hand got a little naughty on Yan Sui’s neck.

“Your body’s so cold. How comfortable.”

Not long after that, Meng Ting mumbled once again, “It’s getting hot…”

Meng Ting had already tossed aside the sentence ‘I’ll behave’ to the back of his mind.

Yan Sui laid Meng Ting down on the bed and pulled his hands down. Usually, an obedient person would talk and laugh boisterously when he or she gets drunk like this, but it was undeniable that the drunk Meng Ting was very cute.

“Yan Sui, Yan Sui…”

The hands that were pulled down by Yan Sui, started to wrap around him once again, “Let’s kiss.”

“I haven’t forgotten. I said we’d kiss again in the evening.”

Meng Ting only wanted to kiss, but Yan Sui would need to control the situation after the kiss. While he was hesitating, Meng Ting’s feet also wrapped around his body, then with one push, he made Yan Sui roll into the inside part of the bed.

He did not talk anymore. In a daze, he kissed him up. He gave Yan Sui’s chin a nibble first.



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