TUMBT : Chapter II – 20

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

Until the sun jumped onto the horizon, Mu Xueshi was a little sleepy. He had not slept for long when he was awakened by the sound coming from the bedside. As it turned out, the Third Prince usually got up early in the morning. Mu Xueshi was very puzzled. If he was in the Third Prince’s position, he would certainly idle away his time in pleasure, carrying a bird cage with him to hook up with beautiful women everywhere.

He had deliberately forgotten last night’s embarrassment and automatically ignored his own vow to avenge himself. Mu Xueshi was invigorated once again and he jumped up like a caught carp behind the Third Prince.

“I want to practice martial arts this morning!” Mu Xueshi said as he rubbed his eyes which had dark circles and smiled brilliantly at the Third Prince.

The Third Prince only looked at Mu Xueshi indifferently and did not respond at all. Qing Ya and Qing Zhu were changing the Third Prince’s clothes. Mu Xueshi looked at them by the side and felt an itch. Facing outside the room, he yelled: “Qing Yun, Qing Yun, I need Qing Yun! Come change my clothes, too.”

As Mu Xueshi roared, he provokingly looked at the Third Prince as if he was deliberately annoying him.

Unfortunately, the Third Prince was not angry at all. He still stood there calmly. Qing Ya and Qing Zhu’s hands slightly trembled when they heard Qing Yun’s name, then they turned pale, but they still orderly finished straightening out the Third Prince’s clothes.

The corners of the Third Prince’s eyebrows moved, then the two maidservants retreated quietly.

Mu Xueshi was a little fidgety. His arrogant face a moment ago had now completely turned into an embarrassed one. He had called Qing Yun for a long time, but Qing Yun did not even respond. Even if she was afraid of talking because of the Third Prince, Mu Xueshi hoped that she did not neglect him here!

Mu Xueshi dejectedly ran back to the bed and carelessly placed all of his clothes in his hands. Usually, the Third Prince did not like others to touch Mu Xueshi and he often changed Mu Xueshi’s clothes with his own hands. If such a matter was seen by the servants, they would be terrified, but Mu Xueshi had been accepting this kind of treatment with pleasure.

Because of this habit, Mu Xueshi was too lazy to learn how to wear clothes. This time, he insisted on doing it himself. Naturally, wearing them by himself made it look uneven. Mu Xueshi even went to the bronze mirror. He repeatedly looked at himself in the mirror and continuously comforted himself.

“A handsome guy’s a handsome guy. No matter how he dresses up, it still can’t conceal his graceful bearing.”

The Third Prince more or less understood what Mu Xueshi meant. Mu Xueshi thought he was cool, but in the Third Prince’s eyes, he was very adorable. He would, if he could, knock on Mu Xueshi’s little head now and see what was inside. It was a pity that when the Third Prince was not aroused, he could not easily reveal his feelings, so he could only faintly smile on one side.

Since the Third Prince was in a good mood, the consequences of what Mu Xueshi had said a moment ago had also been reduced by a lot. Because of Mu Xueshi’s previous statement “My favorite is Qing Yun,” Qing Yun was currently transferred to the embroidery room to do odd jobs, so there would be a slim chance for her to meet Mu Xueshi again.

The Third Prince knew that once Mu Xueshi finds out about what had happened, he would surely make an uproar and feel sad, so the Third Prince did not want to talk about this maidservant again. In his opinion, Mu Xueshi was only suitable for his bizarre temper and happy expression. Once his face reveals something that did not meet these factors, the Third Prince would eliminate these factors at all costs.

As a result, Qing Yun was able to hold onto her life for this reason.

Mu Xueshi had no idea about all of this and did not understand what the Third Prince was thinking. He just tried his best to do something for the Third Prince. He got up early to practice martial arts for the Third Prince, solved the case for the Third Prince, and thoughtlessly lived for the Third Prince. He only hoped that when he leaves in the future, the Third Prince would remember how good he was.

Mu Xueshi thought that practicing martial arts was a one-off thing like in a TV series. If he takes in an elixir or sits in the lotus position and does meritorious deeds, then he could have a strong internal force. Who would have thought it would be so difficult. He also needed to start from the basics and repeat a certain move for a hundred times. He even needed to stay in one position for a long time until he could not feel a certain part of his body.

Su Ruhan did not have the Third Prince’s ruthlessness, but he was still strict and had no consideration for anyone’s sensibilities. On several occasions, Mu Xueshi wanted to take advantage of the times when the Third Prince was not there to ask for a favor from Su Ruhan, so that Su Ruhan would be lenient. He did not want to become a master of martial arts. He only wanted to learn a little self-defense. Yet, until now, Su Ruhan never compromised. Once Mu Xueshi gets up to his little tricks, the hard ruler on Su Ruhan’s hand would immediately snap onto Mu Xueshi’s palm.


For once, it ruthlessly snapped onto Mu Xueshi’s palm again, and it was right on time when it was glimpsed upon by the Third Prince. There was already an obvious displeasure in the Third Prince’s eyes, but Su Ruhan did not back down at all.

At the time when the Third Prince ordered Su Ruhan to teach martial arts to Mu Xueshi, he already knew that Su Ruhan had a bad temper, but he was the only choice for the Third Prince. If the Third Prince taught Mu Xueshi personally, he would surely be more miserable by now.

“I need to go and investigate the case. I must work on the case now!”

Mu Xueshi had already seen the Third Prince from far away and that he was approaching them, so he shouted this to Su Ruhan. After that, he immediately fled to the Third Prince’s back and he tugged on the Third Prince’s belt with his little red palm and looked at Su Ruhan from the Third Prince’s back.



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