JUBO : Text 046. Leaving with Friend

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: SyKim5, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru


Wang Ning’an was not on a business trip this time; instead, he was going to be stationed there in the luxurious capital. Wang Cheng, however, was not worried that his big brother would be bewildered by this prosperous city. He was afraid that his big brother would not take good care of himself. He gave their mother a call the other day and told her about his worries. In turn, Mama Wang asked his big brother to take good care of himself.

“Big Brother, will you be very busy when you start working in the capital?” Wang Cheng helped to pack his luggage. His big brother had quite a lot of clothes, which were several times that of his. Although he felt that it was wasteful seeing this, it was actually quite normal for those who could earn to enjoy.

“It’ll definitely be very busy at the beginning. Is something the matter?” Wang Ning’an heard the overtones in his question.

“I was thinking if you’re not busy, you could probably take Little Sister to Beijing University to register. Weren’t you also a student at Beijing University? We’ll be rest assured if you’re there with Little Sister.” After all, this was their little sister’s first time going far away from home by herself. Their parents could not set their minds at ease at the thought of this.

“That’s not for more than half a month yet. What are you uselessly worrying about?” Having heard what he said, Wang Ning’an shook his head helplessly, then he stuffed the bottles that he took out of the bathroom into the suitcase.

“That’s very soon. If it wasn’t because I’ve never been to the capital, I would’ve brought Little Sister there myself.” Wang Cheng did not feel at ease that their little sister was going faraway by herself.

“If you wanna go to the capital in the future, I can look for someone to guide you. Anywhere you wanna go, it’s no problem.”

“Let’s discuss it later.”

Wang Ning’an booked a plane ticket online. This time, it was only for himself since no assistant was going with him. When he gets there, the headquarters would naturally reassign one or two assistants for him. He booked the plane ticket on Friday. He would be going to the airport at 9:00 in the morning and board the plane at 10:30. If the plane was on time, he would arrive at the capital before 12 o’clock.

Wang Cheng specially requested a half-day off to accompany him to the airport. This was his first time seeing the airport. The spacious airport hall was very stylish and full of people.

“These are the car keys. Find time to learn how to drive the car and take the driving test later. Drive the car however you want but pay attention to safety.” Wang Ning’an knew that he was not so fond of squeezing into the bus when the weather was hot.

“I know.” Wang Cheng took the keys. This was his intention, but he would still need a lot of time to learn how to drive the car. By the time he takes the driving test, it would probably be a few months later and it might be winter by then.

“There’s one more thing.” Wang Ning’an suddenly hesitated.

“If you have something to say, just say it.”

“Your boss…if it’s not necessary, don’t interact too much with him.”

“Why?” Wang Cheng was surprised.

“I heard that he’s got a complicated background. It’s not good to be involved with him too much.” Wang Ning’an thought of the things he had heard on his business trip to the capital last time. Although it was unconfirmed, he did not want his only brother to get into trouble.

“He’s my boss, but I’ll try.” Wang Cheng did not dare to tell him that he had already made an arrangement with Chu Yifeng.

After sending off his big brother, Wang Cheng left the airport hall and suddenly heard someone calling his name. A silver sports car pulled over in front of him, revealing a familiar yet unfamiliar face from inside the glass window.

“I knew I wasn’t mistaken. You’re Leon’s employee, Wang Cheng.”

The person who arrived was none other than Shen Yuan—Chu Yifeng’s friend. That man was defined by Wang Cheng as a playboy, who always had a pair of alluring peach blossom eyes; but who was Leon?

“Leon’s your boss.” Shen Yuan saw through his doubts. After giving him an explanation, he warmly invited Wang Cheng, “Are you gonna go back to the company? Want me to give you a lift?”

“Sorry to bother you.” He was always not polite when a free ride was offered.

As the car drove away from the airport onto the asphalt highway, Shen Yuan looked at Wang Cheng and said, “I’ll call you Wang Cheng. Calling you Mr. Wang’s very strange. You shouldn’t call me Mr. Shen as well. Just call me Shen Yuan or Brother Shen.” At first, he thought that the relationship between the two was not normal, so he deliberately stayed for a few days. After that, he also invited Chu Yifeng to hang out every day. Since then, he had never seen them appear together, but he still did not believe that these two were only ordinary boss and employee to each other.

What kind of person was Chu Yifeng? He had always been a loner. Shen Yuan had never seen him bring anyone along when they went out to eat. Even if he had someone special, Chu Yifeng had never introduced that person to him. It was obvious that the other party did not interest him, and they were bound to break up, but now Chu Yifeng brought a man to eat with him. If they say that there was nothing going on between them, Shen Yuan would chop his head off and kick it like a ball.

“Don’t you need to go to work today?”

When he heard him ask this, Wang Cheng noticed that his chitchat was like his own. Was it not his first time encountering someone who was so friendly? He then replied, “I came here to send my big brother off.”

“Where are you from?”

“I’m from the countryside.” Is this a residence card checking?

“Haha.” Shen Yuan was amused by him. He then replied, “You’re really interesting.”

Wang Cheng silently looked at him.

Shen Yuan sent him directly to the company and he did not leave afterwards. After he parked the car, he went up with Wang Cheng. Unfortunately, he was bound to go on a wild-goose chase. Chu Yifeng rarely go to work so early. It would be pretty good to see him once or twice a week early in the morning.

However, Wang Cheng guessed it wrong this time.



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