BMHS : Chapter 39.1 – She made Meng Ting suffer in the past. Now Yan Sui was paying it back to her twice as much.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Meng Ting finally recalled that he wanted to be kissed, that is, he did not use much effort nibbling. Instead of going up, he kissed the man, going down with his wet tongue. After a while, he sucked Yan Sui’s Adam’s apple, then he nipped and licked it.

“Meng Ting…” Yan Sui whispered. He was still light with his tone, but it had already brought along a little feeling of admonition, and his arms gradually tightened up. Stirred up by Meng Ting to this very moment, the fire in Yan Sui’s heart had long been ignited.

However, the usual Meng Ting was hard to figure out, let alone this time. He indiscriminately kissed the man, while he propped up on the bed with his hand and rubbed the muscles of Yan Sui’s arm with his other hand, “Yan Sui, relax. We won’t fight.”

Yan Sui’s patience was taken by Meng Ting as a prelude to fight, and even kindly comforted the man.

Meng Ting spoke as his lips finally left Yan Sui’s neck, but clearly left behind some not-so-light and not-so-heavy love bites on those parts. He cupped Yan Sui’s face with both of his hands, then he slowly drew nearer to the corners of his mouth. He touched it, licked it, then sniffed at it.

“You’re Yan Sui. I can smell it.”

Meng Ting proudly spoke, then he let go of Yan Sui. He leaned over Yan Sui’s neck and said, “Be good. Let’s sleep.”

So, Meng Ting’s kiss came to an end here. He set Yan Sui ablaze with desire, and he was going to sleep.

Yan Sui took a deep breath, propped up with one hand on the bed, and then put forth his strength. The two men’s position immediately changed, “Sleep?”

Yan Sui did not wait for Meng Ting to say anything in response. He bowed his head down and kissed Meng Ting on his lips. However, it was not Meng Ting’s kind of touching, rubbing, licking, and nibbling kiss; instead, it was an overbearing and passionate type of kiss, not letting the boy back down nor cower. Naturally, it did not allow the boy to sleep.

Meng Ting, who had already closed his eyes, slowly opened his eyes once again. The corners of his mouth curved up and his eyes were still heavy with sleep, but he still responded to Yan Sui’s kiss. The taste of wine in their mouths mixed together and the feeling of intoxication that had spread all over their bodies, warmly and quickly waved to and fro.

The kiss had lasted for a long time, but the passion of the two men remained the same. Their bodies pressed up against one another and they could feel the heat of each other’s body rising unceasingly. Yan Sui’s lips parted from Meng Ting’s and fell to his neck. The button that had been undone once, was more convenient to undo this time.

Meng Ting intermittently gave out a number of light groans. He stroked Yan Sui’s hair, then his hands continued to go down. When he found the buttons of Yan Sui’s clothes, he undid them very slowly. He had to think through each button for a long time, and at the same time, he particularly strove for each of them. If he could not undo one, he would absolutely not let it go.

Sometimes, he would dodge Yan Sui’s kiss and block him to undo his buttons, but Meng Ting still could not make Yan Sui change the part that he was kissing.

In the end, Yan Sui undid his buttons for him. Meng Ting reached out, then buried himself in Yan Sui’s neck, and closed his eyes.

Two men’s skin close to each other, allowed them to do the most intimate things to one other. This feeling was not shyness alone. When Meng Ting closed his eyes and pondered for a while, only then was he able to ascertain that it was also joy. If he could make Yan Sui happy, he would also feel happy. If he could do something for Yan Sui, he would be happy.

“Yan Sui, I like you.”

Meng Ting withdrew his hand, then he whispered in Yan Sui’s ear. Every time he mentions this sentence, he himself felt that he liked Yan Sui a little more.

Intoxicating sweet nothings, on top of that overly passionate mutual help just now, had left Yan Sui in a daze for a long time, and only after then was he able to respond to Meng Ting, “I like you, too.”

Yan Sui gently held the boy, and those thoughts of wishing to continue doing it, clamoring to go a step further, were suddenly dispelled in this warm declaration of love. Restraining himself was difficult, but for Meng Ting, Yan Sui would gladly endure the hardships of restraining himself.

“Meng Ting, I’ll wait for you to grow older.”

Yan Sui pulled himself apart from Meng Ting’s arms, then sat down, and got out of the bed. He went to the bathroom for a while, then came out of it and went back to the bed. After that, he picked the boy up and carried him in his arms.

Meng Ting drank wine earlier and had just sweated it out, so it would not be comfortable going to bed like this. Yan Sui carried him to the bathroom and wanted to give him a hot bath.

There was a double-sized bathtub in the bathroom. Usually, he and Meng Ting preferred using the shower more. The bathtub was rarely used. Now, it would be used to bathe the drunken boy. It actually came in handy.

The mildly-heated water enveloped his body. Meng Ting scrunched his eyebrows with some uneasiness, yet he still did not open his eyes. Yan Sui patted his back and said, “I brought you here to give you a bath. Don’t be afraid.”

Meng Ting slowly opened his eyes. He blankly stared at Yan Sui for a while, then nodded. He closed his eyes again afterwards and leaned on Yan Sui’s bosom. Then what would Yan Sui do later now that Meng did not wake up anymore?

Embracing such a big boy to take a bath, it was Yan Sui’s first time. He did as best as he could; but in the process, it was also inevitable for him to attend to one thing and neglect another. Meng Ting did not fall down nor did he bump against the tub under Yan Sui’s care. Yan Sui himself heated up and was sweating again.

The white towel was wrapped around the man, then he picked up and carried Meng Ting in his arms back to their room. He wiped him dry, put on his pajamas, and covered him with the quilt. Yan Sui took a long sigh of relief, and looked at Meng Ting, who was still sleeping peacefully. His face broadened into a faint smile and there was an inexplicable sense of accomplishment in him.

He stared at the boy for a moment, then went back to the bathroom to clean up himself, and then went back to the room. He sat on the bedside and looked at the boy.

In fact, Yan Sui himself did not understand what it meant to look at people like this, but Meng Ting was in his sights. He wanted to look at the boy like this. The center of his eyes and his heart overflowed with tenderness that he himself could not make out.

Yan Sui looked at the phone on the bedside cupboard. It was already eleven o’clock. From the time he brought Meng Ting back upstairs, two hours had passed. His lips curved up then he helplessly smiled. After that, he leaned over and pecked on Meng Ting’s forehead, “You sleep first. I’ll come back later.”

His lips slightly curved up and he did not leave just yet. His lips fell on Meng Ting’s, which were slightly warmer, and stayed a bit longer than before.

“Good night.”

Yan Sui left the room and had changed back to his daily black suit. There was only Zhao Bing, who guarded outside their door, and when he saw that Yan Sui had come out, he took a step back and waited for Yan Sui’s instructions.

“Lead the way.”

Zhao Bing nodded and walked ahead.

The ball in the drawing room downstairs had not completely ended, but Yan Sui had no plans to go there. He did not want Zhao Bing to lead him anywhere else—only in the Yans’ residence.

Tomorrow, he was going to leave with Meng Ting for a week, and there were some matters that must be asked sooner than later, so Yan Sui was willing to come out from the room, instead of sleeping with the clean and fragrant boy.

Yan Sui opened the door of the study next door, but there was a steep wooden staircase. They went down it and arrived at the first floor, then they continued to go down to the basement. A small lamp was on and Zhao Bing was still walking ahead. Yan Sui kept pace with deliberate steps.

The basement in the Yans’ residence was quite large, and after they walked for a while, they arrived at a room guarded by a bodyguard.

“Open it.” The warm color on Yan Sui’s face was completely wiped clean after he said this, and there was a little more frost in his eyes.

“Yes.” The bodyguard nodded and turned around. He entered the password, then opened the door.

There was no light inside, and Zhao Bing, who was outside, turned the light on. The person inside closed their eyes, and it took a while for them to look at the people who came in. They saw Yan Sui sitting on the lone chair in the room. Standing big and tall behind him was Zhao Bing, who was like a fiend.

“My Grandson-in-Law…” Wu Fengjiao’s voice was trembling. She had not been confined in this dark room for half a day, but she felt that she had been there for several days. Her appearance was much older than before and her lips were pale. She wanted to throw a fit when she saw Yan Sui, yet she did not dare to do it.

Yan Sui’s gazed at her as soon as he entered the room, and sized her up attentively, but did not find any resemblance between her and Meng Ting. Their eyes were not alike, their noses were not alike, and their lips were not alike…their facial features—there were no similarities at all.



12 thoughts on “BMHS : Chapter 39.1 – She made Meng Ting suffer in the past. Now Yan Sui was paying it back to her twice as much.

  1. Thank you for the update!
    Meng family thinks they can go up against Yang family. Really laughable!
    Old Head of Meng has really aged and need to retire lest he brings down entire family with him. He didn’t even notice that Patriarch Yang really favors his grandson. Letting that fiasco happen at Yang family home during important wedding event.

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    1. Yeah. Old Master Meng really passed his retirement phase. Even if it is not he that schemed against Meng Ting, it is Li Yifei, what need do we have of a patriarch that doesn’t do anything beneficial yet just let his family member ran rampage without considering the lost? Feng Ziaojie obviously fall behind in having wicked scheme that Li Yifei has; and it is obvious that the Old Master Meng seems biased towards the second branch since he still didn’t named Meng Yihan as his successor like he promised his first wife, Feng Ziaojie. Old people will always be old people. Prone to muddleheadedness.


  2. Blood

    Ao ao ao ao ao ao rica and delicious food ( `ิิ👅´ิ)
    It’s time to pay for making my cherubin suffer, YS will not care about his age as she did not care to hurt MT being a child

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^


  3. Viarana

    Uh oh. YS really is mad now I guess? So. What he will do to the old granny there?

    Such a lovely scene was there between the two. MT need to grow up quickly. Sometimes I feel bad for YS Bose he need to always restrain himself. But also admire him at the same time. Such a loving husband.

    Thank you for update


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