TUMBT : Chapter II – 22

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Mu Xueshi thought he was scared, then he leaned over and said with a smile: “It’s all right. I won’t let the Third Prince know as long as you’d tell me. Was Qing Yun locked up by the Third Prince or not? I haven’t seen her for two days. Did I get Qing Yun into trouble or not?”

Eunuch Tai’An had never seen a master who cared so much about his servant, and he could not help but feel moved. Although Qing Yun was punished because of Mu Xueshi, she also got back her life because of Mu Xueshi. It seemed that all of Mu Xueshi’s acts were quietly changing the fate of everyone here. They should be grateful to him.

After thinking about it, Eunuch Tai’An suddenly kneeled down and said to Mu Xueshi in a clear loud voice: “Young Master Xue, please set your mind at ease. Miss Qing Yun has recently been unwell. His Highness transferred her to the Embroidery Room to do some leisure work and cultivate for a while.”

“So it’s like that, hehe…” Mu Xueshi laughed heartily. The tight string in his heart had finally been loosened. He looked again at the bracelet in his hand, laughed at Eunuch Tai’An, and said, “You’ve made such a great contribution. How could I give you such a shabby thing? How about this, I’ll keep this one for myself, then I’ll go to the Third Prince’s small treasury to steal a good one for you.”

Eunuch Tai’An still had not said anything to turn him down, but Mu Xueshi had already slipped away without a trace. Eunuch Tai’An looked at the deep and shallow footprints, and a gentle smile appeared on his face.

Riding a horse en route, Mu Xueshi and the Third Prince habitually sat face to face. Mu Xueshi noticed that they had already formed a habit. Not long after mounting the horse, he fell asleep in the arms of the Third Prince.

Mu Xueshi was really tired today. He slept in the Third Prince’s embrace, and his fair and clear little face revealed a satisfied look. Both of his hands firmly held on to the Third Prince’s waistline. His actions were so lovely. Occasionally, when the Third Prince’s arms moved, Mu Xueshi would grab him reflexively. Even if he knew that Mu Xueshi was afraid of falling from the horse, there would be a hint of tenderness in the Third Prince’s eyes.

This road was awfully quiet. Unexpectedly, a carriage suddenly passed by and on the carriage were big and tall men. When they passed by the Third Prince’s horse, there was spell of cacophony and unspeakable mess.

In the next second, the noises coming from these people vanished, and the whole world fell into a tranquil state, as if the clamor a moment ago had not existed. Mu Xueshi’s eyebrows, that had just been scrunched, stretched out again. He smacked his agile little lips. No one knew what he dreamed. He used his forehead to rub against the Third Prince’s chest, turned his head, and continued to sleep.

Alas, those burly men have all fallen to the ground, tongues had been cut off into two pieces, and blood gurgling out from the corners of their mouths. The scene was unspeakably tragic.

Two people, whose faces were concealed with black garment, leaped down from the trees and pushed aside the people on the ground with their hands. They gave each other a look of confirmation, then leaped and rose into the air, vanishing into the woods.

Upon the Third Prince and Mu Xueshi’s arrival at the Imperial Tutor’s manor, there was another person inside. This person came to the manor last night and continuously kneeled at the door, waiting for the Third Prince’s arrival.

He was Yuwen Tao, Tutor Mu’s best friend when he was still alive. He had heard that the Third Prince was going to make a thorough investigation of the case, and specially rushed over to beg the Third Prince to find the real murderer of Tutor Mu.

“How do you know that Mu Xueshi isn’t the real murderer?” the Third Prince coldly asked the person kneeling on the ground.

Yuwen Tao said with a look of grief and indignation, “This worthless commoner doesn’t know. However, since Your Highness came to investigate the case, certainly you have your reasons. No matter who the murderer is, this worthless commoner only hopes to have a convincing outcome in the end. If you can help my Brother Mu find the person who committed the murder, this worthless commoner would give up the rest of his own old life, and be most willing to…”

After speaking, Yuwen Tao shed tears, kowtowed toward the ground with all his strength, and spattered drops of blood appeared on his forehead. It seemed awfully moving.

Mu Xueshi, who was standing behind, saw this scene, and was secretly moved in his heart. If he gets killed by someone and the Third Prince does this, he would rather meet with mishap now.

Lamenting a lot in his heart, Mu Xueshi suddenly did not want to stay in the same room with Yuwen Tao, because Mu Xueshi totally felt the grief that he had within him.

For Mu Xueshi, seeing Yuwen Tao was like seeing himself in the future. He did not want to suffer that despair untimely.

A person came to the main hall. Mu Xueshi wanted to look further for some clues when to his surprise, he ran into Housekeeper Wang. Housekeeper Wang held a slender-necked vial in his hand and was sprinkling something on the ground.

Mu Xueshi walked over curiously and asked Housekeeper Wang, “What are you doing?”

Housekeeper Wang saw Mu Xueshi and hurriedly saluted, but he was stopped by Mu Xueshi. Housekeeper Wang’s attitude toward Mu Xueshi had changed, and even his tone became softer.

“This is a fragrant essence. It has an effect that safeguards pregnancies. Smelling it can strengthen one’s body. Frequent spraying of it can also kill mosquitoes and get rid of foul odor in the house.”

“It turned out to be like this…” Mu Xueshi was a little curious. He rubbed his hands and asked the Housekeeper Wang, “Can you let me smell it?”

Housekeeper Wang nodded and handed it to Mu Xueshi with a smile.

Mu Xueshi fanned the scent to the tip of his nose and sniffed it. After that, he said with an intoxicated look, “Fine scent…!”

As he sighed with emotion, Mu Xueshi felt that the fragrance was quite familiar. He handed the vial to Housekeeper Wang and lied on his stomach on the ground without saying anything further. By the time when Housekeeper Wang was thinking about stopping him, Mu Xueshi was already stuck to the ground like an octopus, and his nose was already sniffing a burnt part in the middle.

“As expected, I smelled this fragrance on the floor on that day. It turned out to be this smell…”



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