TUMBT : Chapter II – 23

Athor: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Housekeeper Wang was somewhat puzzled, so he asked: “Young Master, is there something wrong?”

When Mu Xueshi heard the two words ‘Young Master,’ he felt that his social status was a lot higher, so that even his way of talking became sonorous and forceful.

“Nothing!” Mu Xueshi said loud and clear. “I just think it smells good. Can you give me a bottle of it?”

Housekeeper Wang immediately replied, with an amiable smile, “This flower dew is made from the nectar of freshly picked flowers from the garden in the manor. There’s still more in the storeroom. Young Master, if you like it, this old servant can get a few more bottles for you.”

“No, no, no…” Mu Xueshi quickly waved his hands. “One bottle’s enough. I don’t need that many, haha…”

After that, Mu Xueshi went out again to the main hall and sauntered around the courtyard. Now, he had more things to consider. Although Imperial Tutor Mu was dead, no evidence could be found; but if it was really murder, it was impossible to destroy every single piece of evidence. There should be some traces left behind. Therefore, he wanted to bring back all of the things in the main hall which were being used, except for the tables and chairs, to be studied. Perhaps, it was the unremarkable things that were used every day that were really dangerous.

Mu Xueshi was holding the bottle in his hand and carefully looking at it when, suddenly, there was a sound coming from a place not far away. He looked up and saw the madam. After seeing her yesterday, she seemed to be in low spirits inside her room and Mu Xueshi rarely saw her going out.

Mu Xueshi intuitively felt that the owner of this body and his mother were not very close. Otherwise, he would have seen this mother showing him some special affection after having been here for two days. Seeing her cry a few times, the tears were quick to stop, even faster than a car putting on the brakes.

While thinking about this, Mu Xueshi said in a very obedient tone, “Xueshi sees Mother.”

The madam was shocked, and she immediately revealed a complex, meaningful look in her eyes. Mu Xueshi had never called her ‘mother’ before. It was unknown what had happened this time when he came back home. Unknowingly, he became a few times livelier than before.

The madam had heard that Mu Xueshi was now regarded as the second master in the Third Prince’s small courtyard. She presumed that since he had the Third Prince as his backer, he had the confidence to speak to her now.

The Imperial Tutor’s wife faintly smiled and pulled Mu Xueshi’s hand as she said, “Mother’s only thinking of offering a sacrifice for your father. Today’s the 50th day ceremony. Your father has already been dead for fifty days. Let’s go pay our respects to him together.”

Mu Xueshi nodded and turned to walk with the madam. When they reached halfway, he suddenly stopped and asked her, “How long are we going to pay our respects?”

Mu Xueshi still remembered that when the Third Prince paid his respects to his mother, he kneeled for seven days and seven nights. If he had to stay here alone because of the ceremony, he would definitely be unable to bear with it.

The madam answered with a soft voice, “According to the different grades of courtesy, each and every one who were close to the deceased must observe the rituals for one night in order for your father’s spirit to pass over. I’m pregnant. I’m afraid staying up all night would not be good for the unborn child in my belly, so I can only do my best.”

When Mu Xueshi heard those words from the madam, his eyes suddenly opened wide. He looked excited and said to her: “You’re having a baby? Then won’t that be my brother? Wow, I like Little Brother. I don’t like being alone.”

After he finished speaking, Mu Xueshi even squatted down and listened to the madam’s belly without hesitation. He said with a curious look, “Has the baby kicked yet?”

When the madam heard him say this, her eyes closed slightly, and she smiled happily. Just as she was smiling, Mu Xueshi suddenly noticed the hairpin on the left side of her hair bun. It had three bright beads on it. Under each bead, there was a long exquisite pendant, just like the shadow he saw on that night.



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