BMHS : Chapter 40.1 – It’s a good thing you’re not related to the Mengs

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Let4

Proofreader: KainGuru

The ball ended at two o’clock in the morning. Although the guests felt that Yan Sui—who was not coming back down after he took Meng Ting to their room—was being a little too impatient. However, since it was his wedding night, they thought it was understandable. Moreover, with Gu Lang’s fun-loving gang, the atmosphere would only become better. And regarding Yan Sui’s behavior, even He Wan could not interfere; much less them, who were irrelevant people.

At the end of the lively and noisy day, all the guests had already left. The servants in the drawing room were still tidying up. Nanny Wang had already persuaded Uncle Xiao to go to sleep, but he was still talking with Zhen Han at the side of the sofa that had just been fixed. As for Yan Manjia and He Wan, both had already returned to their rooms to sleep at about one o’clock.

Originally, He Wan did not want to stay at the Yans’ residence, but she was too bothered by Yan Manjia’s words. She did not like the Yans’ residence, but she still stayed.

“Why are you here?” Bewildered, Zhen Han looked at the approaching Yan Sui, who was followed behind by Zhao Bing. Obviously, he did not just come from his and Meng Ting’s room. He and Zhao Bing must have gone to settle something.

“Go ahead and handle it.” Yan Sui raised his hand and allowed Zhao Bing to leave first. He continued to walk over, then he sat on the sofa and asked Uncle Xiao, “Have you investigated the matter?”

“Yes.” Uncle Xiao and Zhen Han were just talking about this matter, “Madame did not take the key from my room today. She’d always had in her possession a spare key to your room.”

As for when she had it, Uncle Xiao believed that it could have been a long time ago—one or two years—it could even be one or two decades ago. Yan Sui had only stayed in that room. It had been renovated several times, but the lock had never been changed.

The emotions in Yan Sui’s eyes were so cold that it was impossible to see his happiness or anger. He looked up at Uncle Xiao and his voice were somewhat indifferent, saying, “Tomorrow, get someone to change all the locks in the house. In the future, if I’m not here, she’s not allowed to come into the study and the bedroom.”

“Yes.” Uncle Xiao bent slightly at his waist as he spoke.

“There’s someone locked up in the basement. She’s also not allowed to go there,” Yan Sui added. He then turned to look at Zhen Han and his complexion eased up a little. “You’ve all worked hard today. Take a rest.”

Uncle Xiao bowed again and left. Zhen Han sat on the sofa beside Yan Sui. His face was completely filled with abhorrence. “What the hell is she thinking? Such a disgusting person.”

She hid the key to Yan Sui’s room for so many years. What did she want to do with it? Still, did she want to peer into her own son’s private life? Yan Sui was not seven or eight years old but twenty-eight. He was now a married man and had a spouse. Even one who knew a little etiquette would not do such a thing.

Yan Sui did not answer his question, yet the coldness in his eyes was getting slightly stronger. It was not only Meng Ting who had those rotten-hearted relatives—he also had them. In a sense, between them and these relatives was only an indelible blood relationship that could not be washed out. Emotionally speaking, they could not even be considered as relatives.

Zhen Han looked at Yan Sui whose face had become even colder, and he sighed slightly. He patted Yan Sui’s shoulder and said, “Don’t think too much about it. Today’s your wedding. You should be happy. Don’t let others spoil the bliss. It’s not worth it.”

Yan Sui heard him and remembered Meng Ting, then the corners of his mouth evoked a faint smile very naturally. “I’m very happy.”

Zhen Han glanced at Yan Sui’s sudden melted appearance and his mouth twitched. It seemed he was worried for nothing. He stood up, “In a moment, the two of you will catch a plane to go abroad and have some fun. I’m going back as well. Call me if anything happens.”

For the past few days, he had stayed at the old residence, not because of Yan Manjia, but rather because of Yan Sui’s wedding. His own mother and aunt were unreliable. Only his cousin was on top. Now that things were settled, he certainly did not have the habit of causing great inconvenience for himself.

Zhen Han turned to go and heard Yan Sui speak from behind, saying “Wait a minute.”

Zhen Han turned back again and saw Yan Sui’s expression that was cold all throughout. He thought that Yan Sui would understand him.

“I’m taking Meng Ting abroad. Come back here every three days, check on Rhubarb and Furball, and send me some photos of them once in a while.”

Zhen Han, who thought Yan Sui had wanted to urge him to mend his relationship with Yan Manjia, could not swallow his breath and was almost choked to death.

“Got it, you’re such a wife slave!” Zhen Han spoke as he stomped his feet. He was aware that he was too naive and snorted as he left the drawing room.

Yan Sui sat in the drawing room for a while. After he went over what he had in mind, only then did he get up and go upstairs.

After changing his clothes, Yan Sui laid down beside Meng Ting. He stretched out his hand and took the boy into his arms. He lightly kissed Meng Ting between the brows, then closed his eyes as well.

Meng Ting rubbed against the man next to him and also wrapped both of his arms around to embrace the man. His eyes remained closed, yet his mouth started to mumble, “Yan Sui, where have you been?”

“I went downstairs for a bit. Be good. I’m back now. Let’s sleep.”

Meng Ting did not speak anymore and the hands that were clasped onto the man slightly loosened up as well. Even when drunk, he was unable to sleep well. Only being held in Yan Sui’s embrace could he sleep soundly.

However, the flight was scheduled at eight o’clock and they could not sleep in. Both got up around five o’clock. Yan Sui packed up their things while Meng Ting took the early-rising Rhubarb for a walk. He then cuddled and stroked the still-sleeping Furball lightly, making a final farewell.

“You guys be good at home. Rhubarb, you must take care of Furball, do you understand?” Meng Ting freed up a hand and stroked Rhubarb. Rhubarb’s wound was lighter than Furball’s and it was healing fast. When he took it out just now, it had begun to prance about happily.

“Woof…woof!” The first bark was soft, but the next bark had become vicious. Meng Ting followed Rhubarb’s gaze and saw that He Wan was coming down the stairs. Her expression also immediately darkened when she looked at this side. Obviously, she recalled the conflict between them both on that day.

The two looked at each other. Meng Ting then turned his head and immediately patted Rhubarb’s head.

Rhubarb grunted and put down its guard, but it still squeezed over to Meng Ting’s leg.

Furball yawned lazily, then finally opened its eyes. Its light blue eyes were clear and beautiful. Its new fur had also grown a little. It was not as ugly as when it first arrived at the Yans’ residence.

However, it was still very thin and far from Meng Ting’s ‘fur’ and ‘ball’ expectation. It would need a longer time to recover and grow.

Meng Ting rubbed its head and placed it on Rhubarb’s neck. Both were motionless and looked at Meng Ting with wide eyes. Meng Ting could not help laughing. He then squatted down and placed a kiss on Rhubarb and Furball’s head.

After kissing them, he picked Furball up and grabbed Rhubarb’s leash. Walking closer to He Wan, he nodded his head and greeted her, “Good Morning, Mom.”

He Wan did not return her daughter-in-law’s greeting. She stared at Meng Ting who then walked past her, bringing along Rhubarb and Furball.

After he sent Rhubarb and Furball back to their shelters, he went to the kitchen to find Nanny Wang. He urged her again and again for a good little while, before going back to the drawing room, where Yan Sui had already come down with their suitcases.

“There’re so many things. You must’ve worked hard.” Meng Ting had thought that Yan Sui would only pick a few pieces of clothes at random for themselves; but unexpectedly, there were two big-packed suitcases. All he did was take Rhubarb and Furball to play and did not give Yan Sui a hand at all.

He stepped forward, took a suitcase, then held his hand. “Nanny Wang has cooked delicious meat porridge. You’ve worked hard so you have to eat two more bowls.”

“Okay.” A little smile appeared on Yan Sui’s face. He took him to put aside the suitcases then led him over to the dining table.

“Where are Sui’er and Ting Ting going?” At any rate, He Wan [1] still asked a good question. Since coming down the stairs, Yan Sui had been ignoring her until now. Even so, He Wan still stood in a dignified manner and maintained her mood, but a hint of questioning spilled over a little.

[1] Originally written as Meng Ting, but He Wan should be the one indicated here. Probably a typo.)

Yan Sui took a seat with Meng Ting. Only after filling up a bowl of porridge for him did Yan Sui answer He Wan. “Going on a trip.”

His gaze remained on Meng Ting when he responded to her. He picked two more stalks of vegetables for him and then muttered, “Eat slowly.”

Both statements were brief, yet the difference in attitude was like heaven and earth. Even if He Wan wanted to pretend that she did not mind, she still could not fake it anymore. “Is this your attitude when talking to you mother?”

This morning, He Wan only wanted to make a ruckus. Nanny Wang and Uncle Xiao looked at her with their brows knitted, but their position was not good enough to say anything. Meng Ting swallowed a mouthful of food, then looked at He Wan.

“What Mom said is really strange. You asked Yan Sui a question, didn’t he already answer it? What bad attitude? Obviously, it was very good.”

As he spoke, he turned his head and looked at Yan Sui. “Don’t be angry. Let’s eat.”

Clearly, it was He Wan who was being angered, but Meng Ting was worried that Yan Sui would be angry instead. This regardless-of-right-or-wrong protectiveness had a few points matching the characteristics of a member of the Yan family.

As he spoke, Meng Ting also filled a bowl of porridge for Yan Sui and added quite a bit of vegetables in it.

“It’s really delicious.” Meng Ting’s praises toward Nanny Wang’s dishes were even more than Zhen Han’s. Having drank the porridge, there appeared a light water luster on his lips. Looking at it, it could not be said that it was as silky as the eyes, yet it had some unconscious charm that bewitches people.

Yan Sui smiled again. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Meng Ting lowered his voice and slightly leaned toward Yan Sui, saying, “You’re good.”

This side was dense with sweet affections as warm as spring, while He Wan was trembling with anger over Meng Ting’s words. However, anyone who had heard what Meng Ting said would also feel that he was not wrong. She wanted to lash out but could not find the reason to do so now.

She walked out immediately, not wanting to have breakfast in the old residence at all.

Yan Manjia could not wake up unless it was nine or ten in the morning. Yan Sui gave a few more instructions to Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang, then he took Meng Ting to the car. After an hour, they arrived at the airport, and got on the plane half an hour later. Eleven hours later, they arrived at the capital city of F Country.

Now, it was seven in the evening in Haicheng, but only 11 am in F Country. The daylight was just right.

“For today, let’s get rid of our jet lag first. Tomorrow, we can take our time and have fun.”

F Country was highly recommended to Yan Sui by Zhen Han and Shi He. This romantic nation really did live up to its name. It was the most suitable place for someone like Yan Sui who did not know much about romance. The country came with its own romantic attribute, so Yan Sui did not need to rake his brain much. These buddies of his were indeed highly considerate.

Of course, Yan Sui did not choose this place merely because of their recommendation. It was because he found that Meng Ting likes flowers very much. Every day, there would be a bouquet of fresh flowers in the living room. Whenever Meng Ting got to choose his seat, he would definitely sit next to the flowers, and once in a while, he would unconsciously tilt his head to smell it.

This small detail, if one was not attentive, would be very difficult to discover, but in such a short period of time, Yan Sui had noticed it. The flowers in F Country bloomed most beautifully in July and August. He wanted to make Meng Ting happy; therefore, he had naturally taken Meng Ting’s liking into consideration and ultimately chose this place.



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  1. “In a sense, between them and these relatives was only an indelible blood relationship that could not be washed out. Emotionally speaking, they could not even be considered as relatives.”

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