Jubo : Text 048. The Teacher

Author : Yin Ya

Translator : xallisonjanex, Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower, Zeraphiel25

Wang Cheng looked at Chu Yifeng’s laptop screen. He could not understand those red and green lines on the screen at all, but it probably had something to do with stocks.

“If there’s anything you’d like to ask, just ask.” Chu Yifeng did not have to look up to know that he had come over. He did not mind being seen by Wang Cheng while he was dealing with things.

“There’s something I wanna ask you.” Wang Cheng immediately moved as he needed to. He sat opposite to Chu Yifeng and stared firmly at him.

Chu Yifeng simply closed the laptop, fished out a cigarette, then lit it. “If you have something to talk about, just speak.”

“I wanna learn how to drive.”

Chu Yifeng suddenly raised his brows, then he blew out a mouthful of thick smoke. “Why do you suddenly want to learn how to drive?”

“Boss, I can’t always bother you. Moreover, I can’t use the car that my big brother gave to me right now. It’s really too distressing to run after and squeeze in the bus even though you don’t want to.” Wang Cheng shook his head. He already had this idea when his big brother gave him the car keys.

“Even if you go to school now, it’ll take you two or three months. By that time, your contract with the company has expired. Are you sure you want to learn?” Chu Yifeng said casually.

Wang Cheng stood up, then walked around the coffee table, and sat next to Chi Yifeng. “I have no acquaintances here. Any acquaintances I have before had already gone. Boss, you’re the only one left here, so I’d like to ask you to help me sign up to learn how to drive.”

“I can help you sign up, but there’s a problem that you need to settle first. If you’ll keep on asking for a leave for the next few months, it’ll affect your contract of three months. So, in compensation, I‘ll have to extend the duration of your contract for another half month.”

“That’s fine. Let’s settle that problem as you’ve said.” Wang Cheng touched his chin. He asked for a reasonable request. He could not find a reason to refuse.

Chu Yifeng did as he said. This time, the process was much faster than the last time he registered to get the two certificates for the pig. The next afternoon, he was told that Chu Yifeng had already registered him, and he could go to school at any time. The address was sent to him in a text message.

Wang Cheng inquired about the specific tuition fees. The next day, he went to the bank to withdraw the money, then went straight to the address sent to his phone.

It was not difficult for Chu Yifeng to find a driving school for him.

When Wang Cheng arrived at the destination, he saw several stylish buildings with a vast expanse of space. Many people on the venue were practicing driving. Because he called the instructor beforehand, a young man came out to pick him up after a while.

He did not know whether the young man was a student or an instructor. He took Wang Cheng through the practice grounds, then they arrived at a two-story office building, where he paid for the tuition fee inside. After that, they went to meet the instructor.

The instructor was a middle-aged man who was probably around forty or fifty years old. He was called He Guang. He was as bald as Wang Cheng. The difference was that Wang Cheng’s hair had just started to grow, while the other party had his hair deliberately cut into such a way. After the meeting, the instructor asked a few questions. After he found out that Wang Cheng had never driven a car before, he handed him over to the young man.

The young man was surnamed Liu. He was an assistant instructor. He already had six or seven students on his hands. All of them were in the same level as Wang Cheng. There were two more who were like Assistant Instructor Liu. They all had five to eight students under their care. As for Instructor He, he took two students for himself.

Wang Cheng later found out that these students were also graded. If you had the status or you were quite rich, then you could be personally taught by Instructor He, but he was not at all worried about this instructor. Since Chu Yifeng recommended him to come here, surely he would not be given a lousy instructor.

“Get in the car with me.”

Assistant Instructor Liu let Wang Cheng sit in the driver’s seat, then he sat in the passenger seat. He asked Wang Cheng to drive five or six laps around the driveway.

Wang Cheng did not count this as his first time to try driving a car. Wang Ning’an once taught him while he was driving, but the feeling of handling it by himself was quite different. His heart kept thumping even if the speed was only in first gear. After he got out of the car, Assistant Instructor Liu called another man to get in the car. When he came back from going around a few laps, the man’s face was pale, his forehead was covered with cold sweat, and his gait was weak and unstable.

“Drink some water.” Wang Cheng could not bear to look straight at him and handed him over a bottle of mineral water.

All of a sudden, the man stared blankly, then he took it and thanked Wang Cheng.

His voice was gentle and pleasant to hear. Although it was not deep, Wang Cheng could hear him clearly.

Wang Cheng looked at him carefully. Although the man looked older than him, his skin was fair and he looked refined and elegant. Even if his face was not that good-looking, it had a rather genteel and scholarly feeling. His fingers were slender and clean and his nails were not very long. If you look closely, you would see that this was a very beautiful hand. It was different from the outstandingly slender and beautiful hands of Chu Yifeng. These hands gave off the feeling that they were innately used for holding a pen.

“Are you a teacher?”

Astounded, the man looked up. “How did you know?”

“Guessed it. Your hands are very nice.” Wang Cheng smiled and reached a hand out to him. “My name’s Wang Cheng. I’m working in a real estate company.”

“Thank you. My name’s Yuan Xia. You guessed it correctly. I’m a university instructor. It’s very nice to meet you.” Yuan Xia held the hand of this cheerful boy.

Wang Cheng was the first student in driving school who he got acquainted with on the first day of school.

His impression of Wang Cheng was also very good.



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    1. Eva

      I can never thank you enough for this. I read The Legendary Master’s Wife a few months ago and I was hooked like crazy and had read it so many times. I love the author so much and research for other works and found your website. I read all chapters in a day. Again, thanks.

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  1. Kie

    Hey, someone needs to edit this chapter all over again. I found too many errors in the phrasing of some sentences.
    This chapter reads like it was rushed. Please take it slow, as I prefer quality tl’s over rushed ones.


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