BMHS : Chapter 40.2 – It’s a good thing you’re not related to the Mengs

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Let4

Proofreader: KainGuru

“Mr. Yan!”

“Mr. Yan!”

A black man and a white man, one after another called Yan Sui. He turned over with Meng Ting, and both men also came over. “Our Master heard that Mr. Yan will take Mrs. Yan here to have fun, and intentionally asked us to pick you up from the plane.”

“Eldest Young Master also asked me to welcome you.”

“Sir.” As they spoke, there came another man from Xia Country. He was followed behind by two other men. “Sir, Ma’am.”

Yan Sui nodded and let them take the suitcases that they were holding.

He looked at both the black and white men, “No need. I have my own plans here. If I need anything, I’ll look for him.”

“Tell the same to my cousin as well.”

Both men listened to Yan Sui’s words and did not insist anymore. They slightly bowed then watched them leave.

“There were collateral branches of the Yan family who came to F Country many years ago. The white man works for my cousin, as for the black guy, he works for a friend here.”

The Yans had a long history. The Yan clan in Haicheng was considered to be the oldest. The other branches had also developed well enough. His cousin’s predecessors came to F Country more than a hundred years ago. With the support from Haicheng’s Yan clan, their place amongst the nobilities in F Country had taken root. It was only after Yan Sui had made the arrangements that his people’s action on this side had alerted them and hence, his cousin had also sent people to escort them.

As for that friend, he had previously called Yan Sui. While he was not present in F Country, his family was in the hotel business. If he was on his usual business trip, they would pick him up, and he would have gone with them. Now that he was on his honeymoon with Meng Ting, he did not want to do much socializing.

“Let’s just have a simple meal with them before we leave.” Yan Sui patiently explained to Meng Ting about this collateral branch of the Yan clan. As for his carefree cousin, he gave no more than a one-sentence introduction. That friend of his was also only briefly mentioned.

They left the airport by car. The drive took four hours before they arrived in their accommodation for the next few days.

The manor where they went to was an estate purchased by the Yans many years ago. Both Yan Manjia and Zhen Han had lived here before. In contrast, it was Yan Sui’s first time coming here. Green trees and grasslands, water streaming through flower fields, ancient castle walls—the scenery along the way was breathtaking enough.

Meng Ting had slept on the plane and he was in a good mood at the moment. He leaned forward to look at the scenery through the car window for quite some time. On the other hand, Yan Sui was leaning against him, taking a short nap.

“Yan Sui, we’ve arrived.”

After Yan Sui leaned against him, Meng Ting looked at the scenery somewhat absentmindedly. He turned and shifted his body further to the back, then supported Yan Sui with both hands; thus, allowing him to sleep better. After the car had stopped for some time, only then did he notice that they had arrived.

Yan Sui, with eyes still closed, raised his hand, groping. He touched Meng Ting’s cheeks first. After receiving a gentle rub from Meng Ting, only then did he open his eyes.

He sat up and turned his head to look at Meng Ting. He observed him carefully, then pulled his hand over. “Feeling numb?”

Meng Ting looked at Yan Sui with slightly red cheeks, then he nodded honestly.

“It doesn’t matter. I like it when you’re leaning on me.”

Meng Ting’s affection came completely from his heart. Yan Sui had slept well, and hearing Meng Ting’s words, his mood further improved. He rubbed his hand, pulled him over and kissed him on the lips. “Let’s get out of the car.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting answered as his cheeks blushed even more. He felt that ever since the day they married, Yan Sui had become slightly more passionate toward him. Kisses and hugs were no longer abstained in front of others, probably because they were married. It was great to be married.

The corners of Meng Ting’s mouth overflowed with smiles when he thought about it. After Yan Sui left slightly ahead, he followed up and dropped a kiss on Yan Sui’s lips. His brows curved and as if sunlight sprinkled all over the whole person; it felt warm and clean.

“This is Rose Manor. Just now, the one who brought those men to welcome us and take care of the manor was Uncle Li, Li Yuan.”

Yan Sui led Meng Ting along, while introducing the Rose Manor to him. The reason why it was called Rose Manor was because the manor had nearly ten acres of rose flower fields. The beautiful landscape aside, these flowers were supplied to the perfume factory annually and the profit was enough to preserve the maintenance of this ancient manor and the wages of the servants.

For the members of the Yan family, generally speaking, this was merely a beautiful place to spend their vacation in F Country. The annual profit was regarded as a bonus that would be distributed to the servants of the manor. The hope to earn a fortune never crossed their minds.

After Yan Sui finished explaining to Meng Ting, he looked at him, then asked in a low voice, “Do you like it?”

Meng Ting leaned forward slightly to touch the white rose by the side of the stony road. He got closer once again to smell it. The smile on his face grew even brighter. He tilted his head to look at Yan Sui. “Can I pick it?”

“All this is ours, of course you can.”

Meng Ting put forth a little strength with his thumb and middle finger, then he held the stalk and snapped it off. He put the rose up against the tip of his nose and smelled it again. After that, he nodded. “I like it.”

“Cough,” Yan Sui coughed softly and his gaze slightly staggered. After that, he continued to lead Meng Ting along. That scene of Meng Ting bowing his head and smelling the flower dazzled him. The feeling of Meng Ting, with or without the flowers, was very different, but Yan Sui used these differences to conclude that Meng Ting liked the flowers very much.

Although Yan Sui had never lived in Rose Manor, there was a room that belonged to him. After he decided to bring Meng Ting here, the manor had been cleaned inside out more than once, let alone their room.

“In the next few days, the cook, the bodyguards, and the people who take care of the flower fields will stay. The rest can take a vacation. You, too.”

Yan Sui said this to Uncle Li as soon as he approached them. He did not even want to see his cousin when he brought Meng Ting here. He also did not like too many people passing by in front of him. Furthermore, he could clearly feel that Meng Ting was somewhat unadaptable to a new environment.

Up until now, he was only looking around and yet, the boy had stuck close to him. The manor clearly pleased Meng Ting’s heart. It was the people here that made him uncomfortable.

Li Yuan was taken aback before he responded, “Understood.” Yan Sui was the master; what he said goes.

He led Yan Sui and Meng Ting to their room, then went back downstairs to arrange the days off for the dozens of people in the manor.

The pale golden European style decorations seemed to have returned to the Middle Ages. Meng Ting looked around and pulled Yan Sui toward their bed. Then, he half-pulled Yan Sui and half-threw him down on the bed. His furry head rested on Yan Sui’s chest and his hands held him tightly. He looked up and kissed Yan Sui. It did not matter where they were.

This whole journey, from getting on the flight to coming here, took almost a whole day; during which, he could not be intimate with Yan Sui at all. He could not help it for a long time and now that it was their hard-to-come-by moment to be alone, naturally, he would not hide it. He only wanted to get as much loving as possible.

“When they’re looking at me, I can’t kiss you.”

Yan Sui held Meng Ting up, then shifted his head into his gaze; once again, both men gradually got closer to each other and exchanged a vigorous kiss that was filled with gentleness and sweetness.

Meng Ting’s cheeks blushed harder as he snuggled against Yan Sui’s cheeks. The smile on his face could not be restrained.

“We’ll have dinner in a moment. After that, I’ll take you to the flower fields to have a walk. Starting tomorrow, let’s have some fun in the village nearby first.”

Meng Ting moved closer and rubbed his nose tip against Yan Sui’s nose. “I’ll listen to you.”

Yan Sui’s intention was for him to have fun and eat well, this he could feel it. Since they were already here, naturally, they should enjoy to the fullest.

Both kissed and embraced each other for quite a while before they got up and went downstairs to eat. Dinner was not served inside the manor; instead, it was served at the lakeside behind the ancient manor. The sunset shone obliquely, and as far as their eyes could see, the whole place was poetic and picturesque.

Generally speaking, neither Yan Sui nor Meng Ting were aesthetically perceptive. However, coming to such a scenic place with the person they liked, even if originally they could not comprehend it, they would be able to at this moment. This was because they felt that the person in the scenery was more beautiful and so, the scenery was beautified as well.

Meng Ting was not picky about food. He could eat these Western cuisines but disliked that each portion was so small. The dishes were served one after another as he ate continuously. It took him an hour and a half to be full.

Yan Sui took the napkin and wiped the corners of Meng Ting’s mouth, then he led him toward the flower fields.

In Meng Ting’s hand were an extra basket and a pair of scissors. He was elated that he could bring back the flowers that he liked.

Specialized florists were also employed in the flower fields. Seeing Meng Ting holding a pair of scissors, their eyes unconsciously stayed on him. However, it was not long before they found out that Meng Ting did not act recklessly; instead, his technique was quite exquisite. Cut and snap, he trimmed off two leaves, then placed the flowers into the basket.

Yan Sui stretched out his hand to hold the flower basket. Meng Ting concentrated on selecting and collecting the flowers until the basket was gradually filled up.

“What are you smelling?” Yan Sui softly asked Meng Ting. He sniffed every flower before he trimmed it, but don’t all roses smell the same?

Meng Ting heard the question but did not turn back. He continued to sniff. “Even if it’s the same kind of flower, each of them has a distinct fragrance. It’s just like we’re all humans, but we all look different from each other.”

He got up and placed the flowers into the basket that Yan Sui was holding. There was a faint and special smile on his face. “I’m picking the flowers that are both pretty and fragrant.”

Yan Sui did not really understand it, but he still followed behind Meng Ting, and did not interrupt him again.

He could see that these flowers were quite special to Meng Ting. There was a kind of an uncontrollable love and intimacy, and it was similar to how he treated Rhubarb and Furball. At a closer look, the more careful he was toward Rhubarb and Furball, the more skillful he was with these flowers.

One walk around the flower fields and the basket was already packed. Meng Ting broke off some vines from the roadside, knelt down on the grass, took the basket and spread out the flowers. After that, he picked them up, one by one, and used the vines to bind them. It did not take a long time before those flowers were arranged into a large bundle.

Holding the white roses, he looked toward Yan Sui, and then extended his ring-donning hand to him. Yan Sui reached out and pulled him up.

“This is for you.” Meng Ting’s gaze did not part from Yan Sui. He handed over the bouquet in his hand to him.

These were the flowers from their own house, and yet he could make the scent of the flowers more fragrant and comforting. With effort, he reckoned with his heart.



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