DB&ML : Chapter 6.1

Author: Dong Mi

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: Jeongipoom Deer

Usagi notes: Sorry if it took too long to get this updated. Please also welcome our new translator/proofreader—Jeongipoom Deer. ^_^

A temporary screen was suddenly set up in the campus, separating the staff and the shooting area. Pinjun took a seat that, although simple and crude, was nevertheless well-equipped to let

Pinky easily help him with his makeup. He could see her earnest expression through the mirror. At this time, Pinjun really felt that her sister had grown up.

She used to follow him from behind and scream ‘Elder Brother, Hug’ with a coquettish tone, but now, she was already an intern in a big company.

When he took his eyes off Pinky, his gaze accidentally met with Yan Fei, the director who was confirming the situation at the site from a distant place. The other smiled at him without any airs and Pinjun smiled back politely.

“You lied to me.” Pinjun threw a scornful glance at Pinky. “You said your director is horrible, isn’t he very kind!?”

Pinjun originally thought that since he was a director and a person who had a secretary, he must had a high socio-economic status. It was not a surprise that those serious and competent images of a man who appeared in the dramas flashed before Pinjun’s mind. Therefore, he was cautious when he met Yan Fei for the first time, as one could well imagine how much he was surprised.

Pinky pouted and puffed her cheeks adorably.

“You just haven’t seen his horrible manners!”

Pinky was referring to the time when Yan Fei usually assigned her tasks or when he talked to those subordinates who messed things up. What she feared the most was not the loud scolding but the silent treatment. In fact, Yan Fei seemed to be born with the aura that intimidated others.

Pinjun had not personally experienced it. He raised one of his eyebrows seeming to be full of doubts.

“Have you seen it? How horrible is he?”

Pinky knew right away that his brother was teasing her. She groaned a few times and pinched her cheeks to make a witty funny face. “It’s horrible like this!” The brother and sister saw the not-horrible-funny face through the reflection on the mirror. They could not help but laugh heartily together.

“Idiot!” Pinjun laughed and scolded her.

Pinky stuck her tongue out and once again, she was engrossed in helping Pinjun with the makeup. “Where’s your little prince? I thought he would come to you.” Lately, she always listened to Pinjun talking about him, but she had never seen him. She did not even know whether this little prince was handsome or not.

“He’s still asleep and I don’t want to wake him up,” Pinjun said in a soft voice.

Haiqing was still sleeping in bed when he left this morning. Based on Pinjun’s thoughtfulness, he only wrote a note reminding him to remember to eat breakfast and he did not have to wait for him for dinner, then he went out. He recalled last night that Haiqing painted until late at night, so he might not get up until noon today.

Pinjun’s expression softened when he talked about Haiqing. Pinky rarely saw his brother having such an expression and could not help but click her tongue a few times.

“I don’t wanna wake him up. You used to wake me up by lifting my quilt, tickling and kicking everything!” It was true that this elder brother grew up with a partner and not with his sister, humph!

“Who told you to be fond of lazing around in bed.”

Pinky saw him so happy and could not refrain herself from pinching his earlobe with all of her strength. After all, he had makeup on his cheeks and other parts of his face and they still needed to shoot, so she could not pinch him. “Oh, by the way, have you had a lot of rest recently? I just heard from your colleagues that you haven’t been in good spirits recently and you almost fainted once. They asked me to pay more attention to whether you lost weight or not.”

“When did you hear this?” Pinjun was dumbfounded.

“A while ago, I went to your store when I was hungry from work, but you didn’t go to work. I took the opportunity to inquire about your performance in the store and see whether you disgraced me or not. Bro, don’t lose weight. You’re obviously in a good shape.” Pinky also did not expect to hear such frightening news.

“Oh, it’s nothing, I only didn’t have enough sleep.” Pinjun did not intend to explain more about this topic. He did not say anything more after saying this casually.

Pinky was going to say something, but a staff member came from the side to ask Pinjun to take his position before the shooting. They were ready to start shooting.

“I know, thank you!” Pinky quickly did the final check and after she made sure there was no problem, she let Pinjun leave.

Pinjun followed the staff to the shooting position and brushed past Yan Fei on the way. Yan Fei showed the same smile as before when he looked at him, and Pinjun returned him with a slightly nervous smile.


Pinjun had the opportunity to shoot this advertisement because of Pinky’s strong recommendation.

Yan Fei believed that many celebrities asked for an expensive fee to do endorsements, while the low-priced stars that was suitable for their budget did not have the ability to rally supporters. Shooting them would be equivalent to not shooting at all, so he changed his mind and used amateurs.

Pinky happened to know this information when she was chatting with Yan Fei. She, who always had confidence in her brother’s appearance, tried to recommend Pinjun to Yan Fei, but she did not state explicitly that he was her brother. After all, she should avoid arousing suspicion.

Yan Fei was also interested after listening, so he asked Pinky to ask if Pinjun had time to meet up.

Sure enough, Pinjun’s appearance and personality were the type that Yan Fei was looking for.

His facial features were profound and his short hair was clean and tidy. Overall, he felt cheerful and positive. With a good shot and make up, it would definitely make one feel a breath of fresh air.

“Nowadays, all the actors are cheesy. Your brother’s appearance looks very close to a college student whom I imagined,” Yan Fei said to Pinky on the way back to the company and Pinky showed a proud smile.

Then, the case had been decided.

Pinjun thought that this would allow him to have an extra income. He joyfully agreed to start shooting for the next several consecutive days. He did not tell Hai Qing about this, because he wanted to wait until after the advertisement’s shooting was finished and officially appeared on TV, so it would be a nice surprise.

“This is exhausting.”

During the midbreak, when the advertisement was filmed, Pinjun found that the job was more difficult to be handled than he imagined. Although the director and Yan Fei gave him the thumbs up, he could feel an uncontrolled floating feeling when he was actually in it. Pinjun knew that this was a feeling that others could not understand.

He took advantage of the free time to look at his phone when Yan Fei and the director were discussing, only to find that there was no response and the battery was dead. He plugged it in and waited for a while. Pinky reminded him that, just now, he had a lot of missed calls.

“It’s all from Little Prince,” she said.

“Oh no!” Pinjun quickly looked at his phone and sure enough, there were a bunch of missed calls and messages from Haiqing. In the messages, Haiqing simply told him that he forgot to take the key and asked where Pinjun was. He wanted to open the door with the spare key first.

This was hard to deal with.

Pinjun was hiding the truth about him shooting the advertisement from Haiqing. How could he tell him directly that he was in school? In the event that Haiqing came running to find him, seeing that he was surrounded by several cameras would also leak the secret…Pinjun pondered. No matter what, he could only send the keys over to Haiqing.

He told Pinky about this. Pinky first raised her eyebrows and then she seriously looked into his eyes.

“You’ve gotta be kidding. Making all the people stop and wait for you, just for you to send over the key?”

Pinjun also understood that this request was too much, but who could demand a person who was in love to be rational? Pinjun constantly emphasized that ‘I’ll come back in a short while, really.’ line of his, but such pledge, on the contrary, showed more his thoughtlessness for shooting.

“Bro, you’re working now. Is this your attitude at work?” Pinky sighed.

Pinjun was still thinking about attempting to say something, but at the moment, a staff member came over to remind Pinjun that the shooting was about to start again. Pinky responded with a loud voice as she glared at Pinjun. Both of them knew it well without saying anything.

Pinjun could only send a brief text message that he could not get away from school and would go back later. After that, Pinky could see that his brother was absent-minded during the shooting.

Her brother talked about love so wholeheartedly and even gave priority to the other party in the middle of his work.

It was not clear whether it was admiration or other emotions. Pinky only felt that Pinjun was very dazzling now. No wonder Yan Fei decided to invite him to shoot an advertisement in a glance.



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  1. Alyse Williams

    I’m enjoying reading this story and I look forward to the next chapter that is translated and you are a wonderful translator thank you for taking your time translating this book for those of us who only speak English


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    Thank you so much to all of the DB & ML team for all your hard work translating this novel! And “Welcome!” to Jeongipoom Deer! Thank you for joining the team. The story is moving along now- I wonder if Haiqing and Yan Fei will meet at the photo shoot?! Oh, I can’t wait for the next chapter! Looking forward to it!


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