CL : Act 7 – The Days of Ryū

A few days before the start of classes, Ryū received a call from the dorm administrator. They asked him to move out of his old room and transfer to the room dedicated to school athletes. It was so much hard work moving out on such short notice.

After he finished moving into his new dorm room, he realized that it was better than the old one. It had a balcony that faced the east. The wall paint was dark blue, and it actually suited his taste.

Since it was already Saturday, he did not bother to go back home to Tokyo. It was too much hassle and besides, he would be able to practice basketball while waiting for the first day of school. One might wonder why he was studying here in Kyoto instead of studying in Tokyo. His parents and grandparents studied here. They wanted him to study in their beloved alma mater.

Ryū lied down on his bed to have a quick nap. Just when he was about to close his eyes, he heard a loud bang outside the room, as if something heavy fell down. He immediately opened the door slightly and sneaked a peak to see what happened outside. He saw a petite guy who was trying to carry a big piece of luggage, but then accidentally dropped it. The petite guy looked irritated. Ryū noticed that he was moving into his old room. I wonder if I should give him the spare key to that room? Nah, I don’t wanna bother. After that, he decided to close the door and go back to sleep.


First day of school and Ryū woke up early. He decided to practice basketball first before going to his first class. He took a quick shower and ate his usual breakfast. He took a sip of miso soup and it was really appetizing. He mixed two raw eggs with steamed rice, and then added some natto [1]. After eating, he went out to go to the gym to practice.

((1) Nattō, なっとう or 納豆 – is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis var. natto. Some eat it as a breakfast food. It is served with soy sauce, karashi mustard and Japanese bunching onion. Nattō may be an acquired taste because of its powerful smell, strong flavor, and slimy texture. In Japan, nattō is most popular in the eastern regions, including Kantō, Tōhoku, and Hokkaido.)

After practicing, he decided to rest in a nearby university park. He brought a book to read while resting. He checked for an available bench to sit on, but it looked like almost every bench was fully occupied—except for one. This bench could occupy four people, but Ryū saw the same petite guy he saw before, lying on it and it looked like he was dozing off. The boy had his left arm covering his face while he used his backpack as a pillow.

Annoyed, Ryū clicked his tongue. Left with no other choice, he sat down near the boy’s head since there was enough space for him to sit there. He intentionally cleared his throat, with the intention of waking up the boy, but he did not move at all. Ryū opened the book and sarcastically muttered, “It’s a quarter to nine in the morning and you’re sleeping on a park bench. Great.”

Ryū waited for a response, but the boy only scratched his neck. When Ryū noticed that the boy already realized that he was there, the boy instantly sat up properly, bowed down, and started rubbing his eyes. He looks so adorable. Wait, what?

It may sound weird but, despite the fact that he had a cold demeanor, he was into small and adorable things. However, never in his life did he ever think that another dude was cute. If it was a kid, it would be acceptable, but this was a boy who could already be considered a young adult.

Anyway, for some reason, Ryū kind of scared the shit out of the boy. The boy looked really apologetic and immediately ran away from him. Ryū wanted to run after him to find out why he thought that the boy was adorable, but Ryū felt like he was stuck, glued to the bench.


In the afternoon, Ryū and his team had a meeting at the school basketball court. He was discussing the process of accepting rookies for their team with their coach. After the meeting, Ryū and his friends left the court, which was situated two buildings away from the library.

“Hey Bro, be prepared for your fans. I know they’ll tear you apart,” Ken said and chuckled. “I can’t believe you’re still single to this day. We’ve been classmates since elementary and I’ve never seen you in a serious relationship. You did have a few girlfriends but, for me, they’re just some flings,” he added.

Ryū sighed in response and rolled his eyes.

Once they took a step out, there was a roaring mob of fan girls. Being popular was nice but Ryū could not get a proper life because of those stalkers and crazy fan girls. All of a sudden, he felt someone pulling his arms. Someone was trying to get his varsity jacket. Ryū got so annoyed that he wanted to push them hard even if they were girls. Fortunately, the professors and the coach intervened. The mob was then forcibly dispersed. Ryū could see from the looks on their faces that they were anxious to get near them. Ryū finally felt relieved and heaved a deep sigh of relief.

“Bro, that was harsh,” Ken said.

“What?” I coldly responded.

He did not respond afterwards. Ken knew that it was pointless having a word fight with Ryū.

As Ryū was looking around, he saw a familiar back walking toward the library…


Ryū and his team were practicing all day. He knew that it was too early but they were really aiming to make it to the All Japan Intercollegiate Basketball Championship this December [2]. His father was also the team captain back in the days and they were able to win the championship back then. Ryū wanted to live up to his family’s name and expectations for him, so he was really determined to win.

([2] All Japan Intercollegiate Basketball Championship [全日本大学バスケットボール選手権大会 or Zen Nippon Daigaku Basukettoboru Senshuken Taikai] is an annual nationwide intercollegiate basketball tournament. It is the largest scale amateur sport event in Japan.)

They were notified then that they needed to attend the kouhai-senpai meet that their professors arranged. He was not particularly the type of guy who likes to talk too much. He was too lazy and did not give much care whether or not the freshies knew him.

Ryū lead the team to the assembly hall. It was a good thing that they were able to make it before the event ended. They were supposed to walk through the center aisle in style, but they could see that that part was crowded with girls whose eyes were twinkling with determination to get a chance from them.

The team then decided to take the right aisle. While walking along the aisle, Ryū’s eyes opened wide when he came across that petite guy again; and it looked like he was pushed aside by one of the girls nearby. Ryū saw that when the petite guy lost his balance, he accidentally landed on the lap of some random guy sitting near him. To his surprise, Ryū felt his heart skip a beat from what he saw. He was inexplicably furious. Ryū automatically reached out to help the boy stand up. He almost pushed that girl, who pushed the boy away, for doing this to him. Ken held on to Ryū’s arm when he noticed that Ryū was about to push the girl.

Out of reflex, Ryū scolded the boy, whom he named Bench Boy, for being a pushover.

In the end, Ryū walked away from them in a huff. He did not want to feel apologetic for scolding him. Why’s Bench Boy so fucking soft like a sissy? He’s getting into my nerves.


Friday. Ryū knew that his friends would ask him out again later to drink and to hook up with girls. He only liked to accompany them, but he preferred not to hook up with anyone anymore, especially now that a certain person suddenly piqued his interest. In the end, Ryū was always the one who sent them home since he had a car. Because of that, he was not allowed to get drunk.

These past few days, Ryū could not get himself to focus. He was so moody that when people around him commit the slightest mistake, he got agitated easily. He was always in a daze. His friends thought that he was sick or he had a problem with his family. I’m sick, yeah. I think I’m lovesick. Ryū knew that they were only concerned, but he could not be bothered to explain. He detested explaining himself to others the most.

Ryū could not get Bench Boy out of his head. This boy really got the best of him. Somehow, he got easily turned on from the thought of that boy. While Ryū was busy thinking about this, his professor asked Ryū to get something from the faculty room. Since he had nothing to do, he gladly followed the professor’s instructions.

After getting the files from the faculty room, Ryū saw a familiar face. Shit! It’s Bench Boy. Ryū’s heart started to race and he could feel his face burning up. His feet unconsciously walked him near Bench Boy. When he was about to get close to him, Bench Boy went inside the restroom. Ryū immediately followed after him. Before he was about to take a step into the restroom, Ryū noticed that Bench Boy’s face darkened and he was somewhat fidgeting. Ryū saw him holding a specimen vial, and upon seeing that, he immediately understood what Bench Boy was worried about.

Ryū grabbed the vial when Bench Boy placed it on top of the sink. After bickering over the specimen vial, he was not able to stop Ryū from helping him. Ryū went inside the stall to help him with the specimen collection. Having realized that Bench Boy was stupidly standing in front of the stall, Ryū teased the other, which made the boy flustered. When Bench Boy was about to leave the rest room out of humiliation, Ryū heard him explaining to another student. This made Ryū laugh inwardly.

In the end, Ryū was finally able to release his pent-up tension. After collecting the so-called specimen, he went out and saw Bench Boy waiting outside the rest room. Ryū was still feeling hot after pleasuring himself inside that stall. On top of that, he was still hard. In his mind, he realized that one release was not enough. Or was it because he was unconsciously wanting to do it with that certain person? Ryū tossed the vial to him and he caught it. He tried to reach out for Bench Boy’s head but the boy dodged it. Ryū was a bit hurt but then he felt happy when the boy offered to treat him. For some reason, he refused the meal and instead, requested for a wish. For F’s sake Ryū, what wish do you have?!?


At the pub, Ryū’s friends were really wasted, while some had already vomited. He envied them so much that he started drinking as well. At first, he was a bit tipsy, but after thinking of the recent events that took place in his life, he had the urge to chug more booze. In the end, he became wasted just like his friends. It was a good thing that Ken was not around and was sober. Ryū still had the energy to call him, so he asked Ken to pick him up and the others.

At the dorm, while Ken was helping Ryū on the way to his room, Ryū insisted on going to his old room. Ken was not able to do anything. He knew that if Ryū wants to do something, he would really insist on doing it. Ryū was the adamant type. Ken helplessly sighed and just left him.

Ryū reached out for the spare key in his pocket. After unlocking the door, he saw that the light was switched off. Seeing Bench Boy’s silhouette on the bed, Ryū presumed he was already asleep. Ryū wanted to slowly lay down beside him, so as not to awaken him, but he accidentally landed on top of Bench Boy.

Bench Boy woke up and Ryū felt that he was pushing him away. Ryū could feel that he was trembling from fear and so, to make him realize that it was Ryū who came in, Ryū muttered, “Don’t move…Bench Boy, I’m tryin to shleep.”

He hugged Bench Boy as if he was a pillow, then he continued his drunk talk: “This is your punishment.”

Initially, Bench Boy was resisting but later on, he calmed down. Ryū was still awake. He could not sleep knowing that he was hugging this stupidly cute guy.

The moonlight shone on Bench Boy’s face. Ryū could see how smooth his skin was. His face was so radiant. To Ryū’s surprise, he actually liked the contour of his beautiful face. Bench Boy’s nose was about right and his lips…Ryū wanted to have a taste of his pink and small lips. He wanted to eat him up!



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