JUBO : Text 049. Tuition Fees are not Paid in Vain

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex, Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

“Looks like you’re in a very good mood. Did the driving lesson go well?”

Chu Yifeng stood in the kitchen with his arms crossed. Wang Cheng had been singing since he entered the kitchen. He had never seen him in such a good mood like this before. He was curious about what Wang Cheng encountered in the driving school to make him happy like this.

“I met a university instructor there today. He [1] seems like a very gentle person. I was quite happy to chat with him.” While Wang Cheng was fishing the chunk of beef, which he boiled half an hour ago, out of the pot, he focused on answering Chu Yifeng’s question, then he placed it on the chopping board.

([1] Wang Cheng wasn’t specific with the gender when he said this.)

“A woman?” Chu Yifeng suddenly raised his eyebrows.

“A man.” Wang Cheng said, “There are women, but the two were middle-aged women in their forties or fifties. The beautiful women were in the other groups.”

“It’s quite a pity to hear you with this tone.”

“Women are too delicate. What’s regrettable.” Wang Cheng heard that the other men in his group were very envious of the other groups. They were going to learn how to drive; not to pick up girls.

“You don’t intend to look for a girlfriend?”

Wang Cheng cut the beef into pieces. He found that Chu Yifeng’s knife was very sharp. He could cut bones without much effort and it was even easier to cut the meat. When he heard Chu Yifeng, he said, “I’m still young. Why the heck should I worry like that? And also, girlfriends are hard to please. I’m not interested in looking for an ancestor to enshrine and worship when I come back home.”

“Doesn’t your parents say anything to you?” Most elders in a family hope that their children would marry soon and carry their grandchildren in their arms. Although Chu Yifeng did not have any troubles in this aspect, Shen Yuan had it. Every time he could eat with him, Shen Yuan would complain that his elders had arranged a blind date for him.

“Of course not.” Wang Cheng took a look at him and complacently said, “My brother’s two years older than me. He still has no girlfriend. My mother has to worry about him first. It won’t be my turn for the time-being.”

Chu Yifeng looked keenly at him and did not say a word.

Wang Cheng said, “Boss, if you don’t want to help, don’t bother me while I’m cooking here. Go out and wait. I’ll be fine.”

Wang Cheng prepared two meat dishes, one vegetable, and one soup. He did not go to work today since he had lessons at the driving school for the whole day. He came back early in the afternoon, so he cooked the stewed chicks with mushrooms, which he was not able to cook last time. The chicken he used was free-range chicken which they bought in the supermarket. This breed was more expensive, but its nutritional value was high and it also tastes delicious. Rich people like to eat free-range chicken. That was why every time this was available for sale, a crowd of people would make a mad rush for it, so nothing would be left. They went to the supermarket early this time, so they were able to grab two. The other one was kept frozen in the refrigerator for later consumption.

“Boss, taste the chicken.”

Wang Cheng placed a piece of chicken in Chu Yifeng’s bowl. He likes to eat chicken. The chickens raised at home were free-range chickens. When he used to live in the mountains, Mama Wang often asked Papa Wang to deliver a free-range chicken for him and the old monk. After so many years of eating free-range chicken, it felt strange to eat other breeds of chicken.

“It tastes pretty good.” Chu Yifeng nodded and said. He had eaten a lot of delicacies, so he could tell whether it tasted good or bad.

“Yeah, but our free-range chicken is better than this.” Wang Cheng smiled. He did not forget to brag about his family’s chickens.

“Are you still going to go to the driving school tomorrow?”

“I’m going. Yuan Xia wants to learn to drive as soon as possible during the rest of the summer vacation, so there’s no need to ask for a leave when the term begins.”

Having heard what he said, Chu Yifeng suddenly looked at him. “Will you still keep an eye on him?”

Wang Cheng picked up a piece of meat with his chopsticks and placed it in his mouth, then he gathered up a mouthful of rice. After he finished eating this, he replied, “He seems nice to me and I don’t have any friend who’s a university instructor. I think it’s good to have a lot of contact with other people.”

Chu Yifeng did not answer.

“But there’s one thing that’s not quite good.” Wang Cheng said without being asked.

“What is it?”

“That Assistant Instructor Liu has a lot of students. He only had two cars. We’re using these for six people. When it’s finally my turn, the time’s almost up. I couldn’t have a few rounds.” Wang Cheng was a bit ignorant at first. Now he finally figured out the situation.

The driving school also had other types of cars. Chu Yifeng helped him sign up for the manual gear. This type had a clutch and it was very difficult to operate. He was learning this one. The one without the clutch had an automatic gear, so it could be operated with ease, more students signed up for the manual gear instead. Yuan Xia was also learning the manual gear.

Assistant Instructor Liu had two cars: one was manual gear and the other was automatic gear. Only two students could learn at a time, so other students could not use it. After Wang Cheng went home and thought it through, he realized that there was less than five times that he was able to get into the car the whole afternoon. When the others were taking turns in using the car, he went back and forth in school.

“You can drive by yourself.”

It was okay for the instructors in the driving school to let the students practice driving on their own.

Wang Cheng turned over and gave him a scornful look. “Boss, are you kidding me? If I knew how to drive, I don’t have to go to a school.”

“Then study at home.”

Wang Cheng was silent for a long while. “Tuition fees aren’t paid in vain.”

Chu Yifeng looked at him and appeared to be smiling in a short while.

Wang Cheng had to struggle with this issue alone. Fortunately, he could talk about this with Yuan Xia. He was still very curious about Yuan Xia’s instructor identity and asked a lot of questions. Yuan Xia also did not show any impatience, so Wang Cheng likes him even more. When he was eating dinner with Chu Yifeng, he could hardly say three sentences without mentioning Yuan Xia. Both of them had exchanged phone numbers today. In addition to the times when they were in the driving school, they would also be connected at other times.

Wang Cheng found out that he was twenty-nine years old this year. He chose to be a teacher after graduating from college. Coincidentally, he was also a graduate of Beijing University. Later on, when he was transferred to Shanhai University, he was awarded the outstanding young teacher title and his dissertation also had won him an award, so he was already an instructor at a young age.

Chu Yifeng was on the sofa watching him take the dishes into the kitchen. In Chu Yifeng’s heart, he felt like he was stewing himself in his own juice.

Wang Cheng came out after a while and told Chu Yifeng that he was going back to his apartment. He did not wash the plates and bowls. He cooked and Chu Yifeng washed the dishes. A clear division of labor would lead to harmony.

He studied for another day. The third day was Monday. Wang Cheng did not go to the driving school on that day.

Yuan Xia was on vacation now. On the other hand, Wang Cheng still had to go to work. Since it was a busy time in the company, he could not ask for a leave, so he had to go to work today. They still used Chu Yifeng’s car, but he volunteered to drive today. He only learned the basics and still had not tried driving on the road, but Chu Yifeng suddenly really let him drive the car.

He mistook the accelerator as the brake and stepped on it, making the car shaking on all the way to the company. When they finally arrived at the company with the first gear on, both of them were late. Because of this, Wang Cheng did not dare to look at Chu Yifeng.

“Even the best fall down sometimes. Next time, I’ll definitely be able to go on second gear.” Wang Cheng made a fist and solemnly promised to Chu Yifeng.

“Why don’t you try the fourth gear.” Chu Yifeng kept the car keys in his pocket, turned around, and walked into the elevator.

Wang Cheng blindly followed suit by his side. “That won’t do. I’m afraid that others will think that we’re dying for love.”

Chu Yifeng suddenly stopped walking, then he looked back at him.

Wang Cheng immediately acted innocent.

“You’re capable of dragging me with you to die for love.” After saying this, he continued to walk.

“What?” Wang Cheng could not understand what he said, so he quickly caught up with him. “Boss, what do you mean?”

Chu Yifeng ignored him.

The three newcomers had already arrived at the company. Zhu Chunlin and his friend had been trying to please Wang Cheng as much as Cheng Cheng did ever since they found out that the relationship between Wang Cheng and Chu Yifeng seemed not ordinary. They even carefully thought about their excuses, but Wang Cheng did not come to work the next day, the day after that, and on the third day which coincided with a holiday. The enthusiasm which filled their hearts were almost worn out. Of course, this did not mean that they gave up. As soon as they turned around, they saw the boss and Wang Cheng walking in, one after another. Zhu Chunlin almost sprayed out the water he was drinking. Granted that they went off work together, they even went to work together.

Could it be that they live together?

Regardless of what they thought, Wang Cheng had been pondering over what Chu Yifeng said. He had not finished pondering over it when he was called out by Li Yu to do market research. She let him and Cheng Cheng work on it together.

Market research was a kind of task which required physical strength because they would need to go and run around outside. They had no time to come back to the company to eat lunch, so the two of them just ate outside. They came back to the company at four o’clock. Wang Cheng was okay, but Cheng Cheng almost broke his legs. No matter how diligent he was, he could not stand running around outside for the whole day. Moreover, this was his first time.

“Brother Cheng, you’re so strong. You didn’t complain that you were tired.” Cheng Cheng said as he weakly plopped on the desk.

Wang Cheng handed him over a bottle of water. “Fortunately, my family lives in the mountains. I’m used to running around in the mountains every day. The city is a bit hot.”

“Thank you, Brother Cheng.” Cheng Cheng uncapped the bottle then drank half of it before stopping. “Brother Cheng, you weren’t in the company in the last two days. I only found out that you asked for a leave when I asked Brother Xu.”

“I went to driving school.”

“That’s nice. I also want to learn how to drive, but I still don’t have a car. Do you have a car, Brother Cheng?” Cheng Cheng’s eyes suddenly lit up. No man does not love cars.

“It’s my brother’s car.” Wang Cheng shrugged.

“That’s better than to have no car.” Cheng Cheng thought that it would take him several years to buy a car.

Wang Cheng agreed with this point.

After work, Chu Yifeng did not let him drive again. Even though Wang Cheng had been lobbying around and promised that he would never do again what he did this morning, Chu Yifeng did not waver. Until he saw the Tranquil Community up ahead, he just shut up.

His impressive boss was actually so stingy.



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