BMHS : Chapter 41.1 – This night was their actual wedding night

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: Let4

Proofreader: KainGuru


At the end of the kiss, both of their breaths were a little unstable.

Meng Ting’s back was against the wall, his head was resting on Yan Sui’s shoulder, and it took a while for his breathing to slow down.

He looked up at Yan Sui and his heart beat even faster. They actually kissed many times, but for each occasion, his reaction was particularly strong. When Yan Sui tried to help him up, Meng Ting hurriedly hugged his waist and said in a low voice, “Wait a little longer.”

Yan Sui somewhat understood the meaning behind Meng Ting’s “wait.” He stroked Meng Ting’s cheek and “waited” with him.

“I’m okay now.” Meng Ting let go of Yan Sui. His cheeks were still flushed and he poked Yan Sui’s chest. “Let’s go back to our room and kiss again later.” It was too embarrassing on the streets.

Yan Sui looked at Meng Ting, then swiftly held his face up, and kissed him on both cheeks. “Meng Ting, I can’t help it.” Meng Ting was shy by nature and different from ordinary people’s frankness. He could not resist him at all.

“Hmn?” Meng Ting was puzzled, but Yan Sui did not answer him. He pulled his hand and continued walking.

Meng Ting soon understood what Yan Sui meant. They kissed by the purple lavender fields, in front of the wishing well in the center of the town, underneath the old weeping willow tree that was swaying in the breeze…and all over the town. They kissed each other until their hearts floated in the wind.

“Shall we go home?” Yan Sui looked at Meng Ting as he asked softly.

“Okay.” Meng Ting nodded. He glanced from the corners of his eyes to Yan Sui and the corners of his mouth could not help but overflow with a smile—a sweet and warm smile.

After walking for a while, before they reached the parking space, Meng Ting shook Yan Sui’s leading hand.

“Do you have anything to say to me?” For several times, Yan Sui made it as if he wanted to say something, but when Meng Ting looked over, Yan Sui did not say anything.

Having heard what he said, Yan Sui looked sideways, leaned over, and gently hummed. He pulled the boy closer, kissed his hair, and by then, he said, “Let’s go home and talk.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting replied with a smile.

And yet, something kept on making Yan Sui hesitate to open his mouth and unable to relax. Furthermore, it was only their second day here; of course, they should be having a great time, but he would not conceal the truth about the things that must be known by Meng Ting. Meng Ting had the right to know and he should know about this.

Back at the Rose Manor, after dinner, Yan Sui received a handpicked bouquet from Meng Ting again. While holding the bouquet, he led the boy back to their room and placed the new bouquet in a vase. The bouquet from yesterday was sent back to the living room downstairs.

When Yan Sui came back to the room, Meng Ting was not on the sofa, but was taking a shower.

He did not hesitate anymore. He took out the laptop, opened the email from yesterday, moved the mouse around, and looked at it again. His expression started to become heavy, little by little.

When Meng Ting came out from the bathroom, Yan Sui waved at him. “Come here. Let’s read something together.”

Meng Ting nodded without much thought. He walked over quickly and sat on the sofa. Yan Sui then took him into his arms. Meng Ting looked up at him and smiled before turning to look at the laptop’s screen.

Not long after, the smile on Meng Ting’s face disappeared. He reached over, pressed the mouse, and then slowly scrolled down. It took Meng Ting nearly an hour to read the email. After a long time, he muttered, “It turns out…this is the case.”

He let out a soft sigh and Yan Sui was somewhat surprised by his calm face.

Meng Ting let go of the mouse, then he turned, and hugged Yan Sui. “Yan Sui, thank you.”

He had been living in a great mess. In his previous life, even until death, he did not know that he was not related to the Mengs. He may still be an illegitimate child, but he was not an illegitimate child of the Mengs. He was only made into a scapegoat.

If it were not for Yan Sui, he would not have known. What he could not figure out in his past life had suddenly became so clear that his heart was at peace. He gave it some thought and said, “Although my surname is Meng, I’ve never felt that I’m one of them. We’ve never been a family.”

What it was like having a family, he only understood that when he met Yan Sui. He could be calm because he held no expectations for the Mengs. Without expectations, you could not be hurt more deeply. This was one of Meng Ting’s biggest realizations in his previous life.

“I didn’t have a family before, but now I have you. Yan Sui, thank you.”

Meng Ting was indeed very calm. Sadness, anger, hatred—these were not present at all. Those emotions were too tiring. He did not want to be tired. He only wanted to be with Yan Sui hereafter and be good together.

Yan Sui felt distressed by Meng Ting’s optimism. He pushed the laptop aside, then he picked the boy up, and went straight for the bed.

He placed the boy on the bed. Meng Ting lifted his chin, wanting to kiss him, but Yan Sui avoided him. He asked Meng Ting with a very serious look, “According to your age, you’re considered an adult. You can decide whether you want to be with me or not.”

If Meng Ting wants him to wait, he would wait.

Meng Ting had never feared Yan Sui’s seriousness. He continued to lift his face up and finally kissed Yan Sui’s lips. He raised his hand and touched Yan Sui’s cheek. “Of course, we have to be together.”

He pulled Yan Sui down a little, placed a kiss on his chin, and softly whispered, “Yan Sui, let’s be together.”

“I want…” us to be together…

Meng Ting only managed to speak those words before his lips were sealed by Yan Sui’s. Yan Sui’s eyes turned red as his endurance reached its peak. He never thought that a few words could cause him to lose himself, but Meng Ting’s words had such an effect on him.

At the end of the kiss, Meng Ting licked his lips and said what he thought he should say, “I don’t…really get it, but you should know it.” Because he learned about Xia Country’s same-sex marriage at the research institute, Meng Ting intentionally searched for more information on it, but it was limited. It was certainly not as well-informed as Yan Sui.

Meng Ting was quite frank and sincere about this kind of thing. Although this frankness and sincerity did not affect his natural shyness, the more it was, the more it confused people.

“I know.” Yan Sui said these words from the depths of his throat and pressed Meng Ting back on the bed.

He lowered his head and sucked Meng Ting’s lips. He seized the other’s breath as he went in and did his best to plunder it. This was deeper and more intense than their previous kiss. The entanglement of their tongues and the throbbing it brought had caused the two men’s breathing to be chaotic. Their chests were violently undulating, still failing to stop their entanglement.

Yan Sui and Meng Ting’s foreheads oozed with sweat, and the spurt of their breaths was hot, scalding the two.

Meng Ting’s cherry lips were slightly opened, and his pants were unceasing. Yan Sui’s kiss landed on his ear and a wet feeling scoured his ear. Meng Ting could not help but cry out, “It tickles…”

Yan Sui let go of his ear but sucked on his earlobe. Meng Ting slightly arched his body. Here was undoubtedly one of his sensitive points. “Yan Sui…”

There was a sobbing tone in his voice and had some coquettish feeling. Yan Sui’s dark red eyes continued to expand. He let go of Meng Ting’s earlobe and the kisses fell on his white neck, one after another. At the same time, he spread open Meng Ting’s thin pajamas with both of his hands.

Meng Ting squinted. When he lifted his hands, he went for Yan Sui’s clothes. “Yours are in the way, too.”

Therefore, it could not be only him who was naked.

In view of the facts that Meng Ting was too slow to undress him last time and Yan Sui’s endurance was at its limit, he could not bear the torment. He began taking his own clothes off. Piece by piece, his clothes fell on the ground. Meng Ting’s eyes widened slightly when he had finally noticed the difference between Yan Sui with clothes on and Yan Sui without them on.

But when he wanted to get away, he was locked between Yan Sui’s arms. “Regretting?”

Meng Ting subconsciously shook his head but stayed silent. He was kissed again, but this time, the kiss was longer and more arousing than any previous ones. The gentle strokes on the body which had originally been set ablaze became more and more vigorous.

Yan Sui remembered something and opened the bedside cabinet. Inside was something which the manor’s butler, Li Yuan, had prepared for the newlyweds.

For Meng Ting, this was his first time; for Yan Sui, it was the same. Meng Ting did not understand at all, but he cooperated quite well. Whatever Yan Sui asked him, he would reply accordingly. Yan Sui’s patience had been somewhat inhumane, even more so when dealing with matters related to Meng Ting.

Although he wanted to take complete possession of the boy, he did not want Meng Ting to be bedridden for days because of his injury. His patience and gentleness soothed Meng Ting’s fear. “Meng Ting, I love you.”

Yan Sui whispered softly and slowly kissed Meng Ting’s face again.

“Yan Sui…”

Meng Ting slowly opened his eyes. The slight blush out of shyness on his face could not fade, but there was something glimmering that had appeared in his eyes. When Yan Sui said he likes him, he was happy, but when he said that he loves him, Meng Ting felt like crying.

“Be good. Don’t be afraid. I’ll always love you.”

Yan Sui’s lips fell on the corners of Meng Ting’s eyes, kissing away those overflowing teardrops.

Meng Ting nodded gently and kissed Yan Sui back on the cheek. He was not particularly sure whether he loves Yan Sui or not, so he could not say it casually. He was too stupid. He had only learned how to like someone and did not have the time to understand how to love yet. Still, he knew that it would not be long before he would fall in love with Yan Sui.


“Gentler. No, a bit slower…”

Intermittent ambiguous and light chanting, in addition to these overly straightforward statements, had made the night filled with an amorous atmosphere. It was so warm and intoxicating, and also embarrassing.

An excessively strenuous session had ended. Two men were snuggling up to each other, feeling the aftertaste and fulfillment after the physical and emotional bonding. Yan Sui’s kisses fell on Meng Ting from time to time, as if it was not enough. They seemed to express those emotions that had transcended beyond words.

He fell in love with Meng Ting faster than when he started to like Meng Ting. His emotions were more intense than he had expected, but this was the truth—he had fallen into an incurable love.

After a while, he pulled Meng Ting by the arm and picked him up.

“Let’s take a bath then go to bed, or else you’ll get sick.”

Yan Sui had done a lot of homework ever since he realized his desire for Meng Ting, but it was of no use. At the critical moment, no amount of homework could help. Just now, they could only depend on each other to mutually explore. As it ended, he did a little recollection.

Meng Ting, who was still clinging on to Yan Sui, nodded. “My legs have turned weak…”

His legs felt even weaker than when he was drunk; hence, he could not refuse Yan Sui’s offer to bathe him.

Yan Sui could not help smiling. He then kissed his forehead and continued to carry him to the bathroom.



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