TUMBT : Chapter II – 25

Auhor: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

“You’re talking nonsense. I didn’t steal the book. If I did, I’ll be your grandson.” Mu Xueshi shouted with his small mouth and he even made a move to go on fighting with Wu Cai.

Housekeeper Wang, who was also standing next to him, could not help but interrupt him, “Young Master, that’s not a good thing to say!”

Wu Cai glared at Mu Xueshi and blood began to trickle down his nose. He was also unable to deal with this, so he still said with an overbearing look, “Then, why did you sneak into the study and hide the book in your sleeve?”

“Who said I was hiding it? I was only taking it. When I saw the book was good, I took it back into my sleeve and brought it back. This is our home. I can take it if I want to. Is it still necessary for me to notify you? Am I right or wrong?”

After he finished talking, Mu Xueshi faced the Third Prince and asked him, trying to make the Third Prince agree with him.

Wu Cai’s face turned green when he heard this nonsense and he gritted his teeth. He was very reasonable today. He had never spoken so politely to anyone. If it was not because the Third Prince was here, he would have been cursing loud and long.

He had never expected that after leaving home, Mu Xueshi would have the impudence to be so arrogant. He used to be silent when he was bullied before. Now, he was like a fierce bull that he would gore anyone who dared him.

“What are you glaring at me for?” Mu Xueshi still did not let Wu Cai off. He pointed to the tip of Wu Cai’s nose and said, “Let me tell you something. Don’t think I’m easy to be bullied like before. I don’t care what I used to be like. Now, I’ll stand up for myself. Don’t think you can ride on my head again.”

When he said this, Wu Cai’s eyes almost overflowed with hate and his captivating eyes were covered with a mist of anger. He definitely seemed to be feeling wronged. He looked around and there was no one who uttered a word, nor did anyone come forward to say a word for him—not even the one who stood by his side. Wu Cai bit his lip and did not say anything. He turned away and walked out from the study.


All of a sudden, there was an order. Wu Cai’s feet abruptly came to a halt, and sure enough, it was the Third Prince who gave the order.

Wu Cai’s heart tightened. He turned to the Third Prince and gave him a salute as he knelt down, then he respectfully requested, “Requesting for the Third Prince to explicitly instruct.”

A grin of dissatisfaction emerged from the corners of the Third Prince’s mouth. Nobody noticed when a golden string hook suddenly appeared in his hand. The hook was not big, but the shiny pointed end seemed very sharp.

When Wu Cai saw that string hook, he immediately turned pale with fright. He hastily crawled to the Third Prince and pleaded for mercy under his feet. All of the servants next to him kept their mouths shut. Yuwen Tao rigidly stared at the string hook in the Third Prince’s hand. The expression on his face was very complicated.

In the whole room, only Mu Xueshi was confused. He did not understand why everyone’s face became so bad. He moved closer to the Third Prince’s side, picked up the string hook and looked at it carefully. He temporarily lightened up the mood as he asked the Third Prince curiously, “What’s this?”

The Third Prince explained without hesitation, “This string hook is specifically used to punish those who beat you.”

After that, Wu Cai burst into tears. He looked very frightened. His whole body shivered. He kongtowed to the Third Prince and begged for mercy.

Mu Xueshi’s complexion gradually changed. He picked up the Third Prince’s string hook and asked, “You’re not going to use this hook to cut him open, right? That’s too…too cruel…”

The Third Prince did not say a word and chuckled.

To give vent to his anger, Yuwen Tao, who was at the side, deliberately explained it to Mu Xueshi with a loud voice, “No, Young Master Xue. This thing isn’t used to hurt the skin. Instead, it is inserted into the abdominal cavity of the person, and then the intestines in the stomach are going to be pulled out one by one through the mouth.”

Yuwen Tao’s words made Mu Xueshi freeze. Mu Xueshi saw that the people in the room did not respond at all, so he suspected that he misheard him. He asked Yuwen Tao again and Yuwen Tao still gave him the same answer. As a result, in addition to Mu Xueshi and Wu Cai in the room, there were perfunctory gazes on everyone’s faces and there was even more fear and no trace of compassion.

“No need to go that far…” Mu Xueshi’s lips quivered as he talked to the Third Prince. “We’re just fooling around. Actually, I’m the one who did all of those things. Don’t do this for real. This…I’m getting scared…!”

The Third Prince was unmoved by Mu Xueshi’s pleading and still looked at the people with a cold look on his face.

When Mu Xueshi saw that the Third Prince really got angry, he quickly held the Third Prince’s hand and pulled him to a place far away from the crowd. He had some exploratory discussions with the Third Prince, “It’s all right to frighten him. I know you’re good to me, but I’m really going to be scared if you’re going to do that. I’ll have nightmares for a few days.”

Mu Xueshi did not dare to say that he also had some sympathy for Wu Cai, because by intuition, he felt that the Third Prince did not like it if he cared too much for other people.

The Third Prince still looked indifferent. Wu Cai’s words were, indeed, too arrogant. Sparing his life was already the Third Prince’s benevolence. This quarrel was better off settled like this, unless the person that one would see was not the Third Prince.

“No!” After the Third Prince said that word, he turned around and walked toward Wu Cai.

Mu Xueshi was anxious, and he could not attend to any issues about his reputation. With a few little steps, he blocked the Third Prince, then he reached out and hugged the Third Prince tightly. He raised his little face and helplessly pleaded to the Third Prince, “Let him be, let him be. If you’ll hurt him, there’d be one less lead to solve the case, Xi…”

The man, who was arrogant a moment ago, had now lost half of his courage. When he thought of the bloody intestines, Mu Xueshi suddenly felt his skin crawl.



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