JUBO : Text 050. The Triviality of Driving Exercises

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Dinner that night was at Chu Yifeng’s apartment. The location was not fixed. If Wang Cheng got off work early and if Chu Yifeng had not returned, he would cook in his own apartment. If they came back together, for convenience, he would cook in Chu Yifeng’s apartment. The relationship between the two meal friends gradually stabilized.

Wang Cheng now went in and out of Chu Yifeng’s home as if it was his own and he even had the keys to the apartment which Chu Yifeng gave him.

At first, he did not use that set of keys. One time, when he got off work early, he had to wait for Chu Yifeng to come back home later because all of the ingredients were placed in the refrigerator in Chu Yifeng’s apartment. Since then, Wang Cheng decided to use the keys and went in by himself to get the ingredients. As a result, he came across Sister Liu, the servant who came back to get her things, and he was almost mistaken as a petty thief.

Wang Cheng thought that cooking was not something unbelievable for a man. Nowadays, it was quite normal for men to cook.

The two were clearly not on the same frequency.

Since then, Wang Cheng’s frequency of using the keys had been high. This evening, while he was still cooking in Chu Yifeng’s apartment, his phone rang. When he saw the caller ID, he quickly turned and gestured to Chu Yifeng, who was pouring hot water, that he should stay quiet.

When Wang Cheng picked up the phone, he threw a bunch of random questions in an attempt to retain the initiative. “Big Brother, how come you’ve got the time to give me a call? Are you okay there in the capital? Have you eaten yet?”

On the other end of the line, it seemed like Wang Ning’an was laughing. Wang Ning’an only wanted to ask him how he had been doing, living alone in the apartment. He thought that the last thing Wang Cheng would be concerned about would be him.

In the end, Wang Cheng told him that he had already started taking lessons at the driving school.

Wang Ning’an warned him that he should be careful when he was learning to drive and that he should not pursue quickness or speed; otherwise, it would be easy for him to get into trouble. In the end, he took the initiative in responding to his big brother. When he hung up the phone after ten minutes, Chu Yifeng was no longer in the kitchen.

The next day, Chu Yifeng kindly drove Wang Cheng to the driving school and dropped him at the entrance. Wang Cheng sent him off first before entering. He came to school early, but Yuan Xia was earlier than him. The instructor had not arrived yet, but Yuan Xia had already practiced driving around the practice grounds.

They were going to learn how to drive a car in reverse today. If you have a good sense of direction, you could learn faster how to do this. Wang Cheng had mastered this particular lesson in a few days because he had a car at home. Although the way he drove a car in reverse was not very remarkable, at least he did not touch the boundary lane.

It was the same case for Yuan Xia. When Wang Cheng was talking with him, he found out that Yuan Xia’s friend had a car. If Yuan Xia was not in school, he practiced using his friend’s car. Now, he was learning parallel parking. As soon as he started practicing this skill, he almost mastered it. If he could just find a good location, he would be able to park very well.

”You’re early!” Yuan Xia got out of the car and exchanged with Wang Cheng.

“No, you’re early.” Wang Cheng got into the car. They only had the time to practice driving since the others had not arrived yet; otherwise, they would have to start learning how to drive a car in reverse once they arrive.

The two men practiced for more than an hour. When it was nearly ten o’clock, Assistant Instructor Liu finally arrived with the other six students. Their car was fully packed. Except for Wang Cheng and Yuan Xia, these students were all picked up by Assistant Instructor Liu. He personally went to their residences to pick them up. The fuel fee was already in their tuition.

When they arrived, Wang Cheng and Yuan Xia could not practice parallel parking. Since they were not willing to waste their time with the other students to continue practicing how to drive in reverse, they mentioned this to Assistant Secretary Liu. They were then assigned to another assistant instructor whose surname was Yang.

There were two more people so some of the students were obviously not very happy about this. They looked indifferent and aloof. When it was Yuan Xia and Wang Cheng’s turn, they did not call them. The others just sat in the car. When Wang Cheng was about to get in the car, one of the students said it was his turn, then he sat in the car without waiting for Wang Cheng’s reply, which rendered Wang Cheng speechless. Yuan Xia shrugged helplessly. For one whole day, they did not get to touch the car at all.

If they were all young, he could understand it, but one or two of them were adults in their 30s and 40s. They unexpectedly did the same thing as those people. Their breeding was eaten by a dog [1].

[(1) Metaphorically means no conscience.)

“Childish.” Wang Cheng grumbled.

Only Yuan Xia heard this. He shook his head and smiled. “Restrain yourself. It’ll probably be fine in a few days.” He could not get himself to do such an insignificant thing as to make a complain report. He was already nearly thirty years old.

“I don’t wanna help them swell with arrogance.” Wang Cheng was not unreasonable. The others might have kept their dissatisfaction to themselves, but there were two of them who actually expressed this. The reason why they acted unanimously was because of a man and a woman.

The man persisted in his own ways and was very willful. While the others were obediently lining up, he, however, had the mood to jump in the queue. If they did not let him cut in the line, he would feel upset. He was a complete rogue. It made the others also feel dissatisfied, so they began to vigorously compete with him.

The woman looked very beautiful and delicate. Like the man, when she wanted to practice, she acted like a spoiled child to the other men, so they all let her have it her own way. When these two came together, the team became even more chaotic.

Wang Cheng had a hunch that they did not want him and Yuan Xia to touch the car. He managed to hold out until 4:30 and by then, he received a call from Chu Yifeng. He got off work early and asked if Wang Cheng needed him to come over. Wang Cheng thought that he would not be able to hold out until his next turn, so he asked Chu Yifeng to come over.

“Friend?” Yuan Xia listened to their conversation. He knew that Wang Cheng’s big brother was not in Shanhai City. He heard about it before when he was chatting with Wang Cheng.

“No, it’s my boss,” Wang Cheng honestly replied.

Yuan Xia suddenly looked dumbfounded.



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