TUMBT : Chapter II – 26

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

The look on the Third Prince’s face was still frost-like. This time, Mu Xueshi was not sure if this trick would work. When he hugged the Third Prince, he could feel that this man’s anger now was somewhat different from ordinary times. Usually, even if the Third Prince was angry, his chest was still warm. Now, his whole body was stiff, making the man who was hugging him tremble with fear.

In the end, Mu Xueshi let go of him and the Third Prince still walked directly over to Wu Cai with Mu Xueshi following from behind.

The Third Prince lifted Wu Cai from the ground with one hand and forced him to stand up. Then, with that hand, the Third Prince dislocated Wu Cai’s left hand. There was a crisp cracking sound, shaking Mu Xueshi’s eardrums with pain.

Wu Cai lied on the ground with a deathly pale face and his whole body was twitching. He kept on nodding to the Third Prince to express his gratitude.

Mu Xueshi stared nervously at Wu Cai, who was in agony, as he lied on the ground and looked at the Third Prince, who left out the door. He hesitated for a moment, but he still followed him to go outside. Before he left, he ordered Housekeeper Wang to help Wu Cai find a good doctor. This time, he paid for the medical expenses.

Mu Xueshi did not dare to criticize the Third Prince for injuring Wu Cai, because for the Third Prince, this was already considered very lenient. Moreover, the Third Prince’s real intention was to vent anger for Mu Xueshi, so this time, he should obediently listen to the Third Prince’s words and not stir up trouble everywhere.

The Third Prince and Mu Xueshi went back earlier than they had planned. Mu Xueshi also did not know the reason why he felt that the Third Prince’s complexion was not good. He sat on the back of the horse and secretly gazed at the Third Prince a few times. The Third Prince’s face was awfully gloomy, and Mu Xueshi did not know what to say. Without any better option, under the Third Prince’s eyes, he played with his clothes using his fingers.

There was nothing on his fair and clear little hands. Mu Xueshi pinched here and there, but he could not find anything that he could play with. After he got bored, he played with his own clothes. He played and played with it until he somewhat got carried away. The Third Prince’s clothes were also pulled over and twisted together.

The look on the Third Prince’s face became more and more grave. Mu Xueshi tried to keep his eyes open, but in the end, his head sank down and heavily plunged into the Third Prince’s arms. Not long after, he fell asleep with a satisfied look.

Back in the imperial palace, when the Third Prince was summoned to the Great Hall of Golden Chimes by the Emperor to discuss official business, Mu Xueshi sneaked alone into the embroidery room to find Qing Yun. Right after he heard Eunuch Tai’An say that Qing Yun was unwell, he wanted to rush to see her, but he was afraid that the Third Prince would be angry, so he did not dare to speak about this matter.

When the Third Prince rushed to the Great Hall, he saw the Second Prince, whom he had not seen for many days. The Second Prince still had an indistinct smile on his face. He dressed casually and was not like a prince at all. He was carrying Suying in his arms. As soon as Suying saw the Third Prince, he could not help but tighten his grip on the Second Prince’s arms. He stuck almost his whole body to the Second Prince.

The Emperor saw this scene and a smile emerged from the corners of his eyes. His favorite prince and grandson were on his side, so he was in a good mood. When he saw the fear on Suying’s little face, he laughed a few times and said to Suying, “My obedient imperial grandson, come and let your imperial grandfather hug you.”

Suying understood clearly that his imperial grandfather’s ability was greater than his uncle’s, so he hurriedly stretched out his two lotus-like little arms and wobbled toward the Emperor. With the greatest of care, the Emperor took Suying. He held him with a pampering look on his face, then looked at the Third Prince with a smiling expression on his whole face.

“Within the next few days, the monarch of Lubei is coming to visit our Yunxi. In the past two years, the two countries have been in a peaceful state, but we have been secretly fighting the whole time. I heard the monarch of Lubei will come here on purpose to propose a marriage alliance. Hao Lin, the emperor of Lubei has a younger full sister who has finally reached the age of marriage and he wanted to choose a husband for her among you, our country’s princes.”


Suying repeated it once through in dead earnest. He did not know what it meant and only said it for fun. When he finished saying that, he snuggled his tender little face close to the Emperor’s face and rubbed his face against the Emperor’s, then he giggled a few times and showed a funny face to the Second Prince.

No matter what, there would always be only one person in the Second Prince’s eyes—Suying. Even though the Emperor was here to talk about important matters concerning the relationship between the two countries, the Second Prince and Suying were still teasing each other. If the Second Prince was with Suying, he would automatically change into a six-year-old like Suying.

“Lu Huan, what do you think about this matter?”

“Lu Huan…Lu Huan?”

It was only then that the Second Prince was able to hear the Emperor calling him, so he hastily withdrew his smile and replied earnestly the Emperor, “It’s a good thing that Lubei would come to propose a marriage alliance. This could help the two countries reconcile to some extent. Moreover, I heard Hao Lin’s younger sister is beautiful. Surely, if Imperial Father would bring it up, no prince would be reluctant to accept this honor…”

When the Emperor heard the Second Prince’s words, he faintly smiled and asked, “Then, are you willing to?”

The Second Prince’s complexion slightly changed, but he still maintained his initial smile. He bowed down and said to the Emperor, “Imperial Father is really praising Lu Huan. Suying is still small. Right now, Lu Huan’s heart is devoted to Suying. I have no intention to marry again. Moreover, this person is the monarch of Lubei’s precious little sister. If he would want to marry off his younger sister, he must choose the most outstanding prince. Without doubt, there’s no one suitable for this except for Third Brother.”

When the Second Prince targeted the Third Prince with his words, a cold ray flashed in the Third Prince’s eyes. Even if it was impossible to respond positively to this, he also could not open his mouth to say a word.

The Emperor was used to the Third Prince’s taciturnity. At this moment, he turned his attention to the Third Prince, who seemed to be a little complicated.



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