JUBO : Text 051. Abnormal Relationship

Author : Yin Ya

Translator : xallisonjanex, Renkun27

Proofreader : KainGuru

“Is your boss your relative?” Yuan Xia was almost unable to respond after hearing what Wang Cheng said. He had never heard of a boss who would come to pick up an employee to go home, but Wang Cheng already denied a moment ago that he was a friend.

“No.” On the contrary, Wang Cheng looked surprised with his question. He remembered himself explaining it.

“Then why is your boss coming to pick you up?” Yuan Xia was also confused.

Wang Cheng suddenly said ‘oh’ and finally understood what he meant. “My boss is my neighbor. We live right next to each other. He got off work early, so he asked if I needed him to pick me up. In the morning, he was also the one who sent me here. It’s quite normal.”

Although he did not sound suspicious with his explanation, Yuan Xia still felt that it was strange. Even if they were neighbors and they had a good relationship, it was still impossible to go to work and go home together. However, Wang Cheng’s tone sounded very normal. Yuan Xia was a little confused. Did he think too much?

Just as they spoke, a black sports car drove straight into their training grounds and, because it was too conspicuous, it immediately attracted the attention of most people.

Wang Cheng also noticed it and immediately said to Yuan Xia as he waved at him, “My boss has come to pick me up. I’ll go first. See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.” With a complicated expression, Yuan Xia watched him running to the sports car. From the faintly colored windshield, he could see a man who was about the same age as him. He was such a young boss. With one look, he knew that most probably, the boss was a descendant of a prominent old family. He did not know whether this was true or not but that was what he thought.

The ring on his phone brought Yuan Xia’s attention back. He took his phone out and looked down at the caller ID. He suddenly pursed his lips softly, then he started to smile.

“How was your lesson today?” Chu Yifeng drove the car to the main road and glanced at Wang Cheng, who had not said anything since he got in the car. When he called him a moment ago, he already knew that Wang Cheng was in a bad mood.

Wang Cheng sighed heavily. “The young people nowadays are getting more and more outrageous.”

“How old are you to talk about young people?”

“My heart is already old.” Wang Cheng patted his chest and acted as if he was taking things very seriously.

“Don’t be long-winded. Tell me what happened.”

Wang Cheng held the back of his head and heedlessly told him about the matter regarding that man and woman. There was no complaint between his words. He was still a very broad-minded person. Unless they really offended him, he would not be too vengeful.

“Then change your instructor and let He Guang teach you personally.”

“Boss, are you familiar with Coach He?”

“Not very familiar.”

Wang Cheng clicked his tongue. “Then will he teach me just because you asked him to teach me?”

“It’s good to have money.”

“…I despise you.” Wang Cheng really wanted to stick a middle finger toward him. “Then you should also talk about Yuan Xia. Let him train with me. It won’t be too tiring if two people take turns.”

“Who’s the one who just said he despised me?”

Wang Cheng raised his fist. “Who? I’ll help you beat him up.”

The next day, when Wang Cheng went back for driving lessons again, Instructor He came and called him and Yuan Xia. He gave them a car and asked them to find a place where they could practice driving the car. This treatment was good and attracted the other people’s attention. Chu Yifeng’s efficiency was getting better and better.

“Did someone talk to Instructor He about our problem?” Yuan Xia was still confused.

“That’s for sure. Otherwise, why would Instructor He be so generous to give us a car? Nowadays, fuel cost is getting more and more expensive.”

Yuan Xia saw that he was not surprised at all. When the good fortune suddenly came, his mind worked well. “Isn’t that what your boss did?”

“He helped me register. If I didn’t learn well, it’s his responsibility,” Wang Cheng said with perfect assurance. He did not resent using his connections at all. If he could make himself comfortable for a bit, why would he not do it? He absolutely would not torture himself. It was not like he committed murder or arson.

“Do you usually get along with your boss? Haven’t you only known him for less than three months?” It was not like Yuan Xia was being oversensitive. He really felt that Wang Cheng and his boss’s relationship was rather unusual. If they were lovers, this would be normal. However, he did not feel it was like that at all when he looked at Wang Cheng’s expression.

“Time can’t be used to measure people’s relationships. It’s just like when some people feel like they’re old friends from the first time they met. You can use that to understand my relationship with my boss.”

“So does your boss thinks this way as well?” Yuan Xia finally determined that Wang Cheng did not have

“So does your boss thinks this way as well?” Yuan Xia finally determined that Wang Cheng did not have such interest for his boss, so he was more worried. His boss could indulge Wang Cheng in such a way. That boss was unlikely to be simply as simple as Wang Cheng.

Wang Cheng unexpectedly sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Xia asked very cautiously.

“You stepped on my sore spot.” Wang Cheng said, “Actually, my success in making a good relationship with my boss depended on my sense of shame…”

After that, he told him that he often freeloaded in Chu Yifeng’s car with thick skin. This kind of matter was purely freeloading that became a habit.

Yuan Xia was speechless after hearing this.

Just when the two got out of the car to exchange seats, a woman, who had been waiting for this moment, suddenly called for them and walked over. Wang Cheng recognized that she was that delicate, beautiful woman from before. Yuan Xia, who was on the side, suddenly understood what she wanted.



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    WC’s mind is simple that it cannot understand how others see the care that “Boss” is giving … He asked me if I will notice it first or will have to let CYF know

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^

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