TUMBT : Chapter II – 27

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

“Lu Jue [1], what do you think?”

([1] For everyone not to get confused, the Third Prince’s real name is Mu Linxi, but as the son of the emperor, his name is Ye Lu Jue.)

Upon hearing the Emperor’s words, the Third Prince answered with an expressionless face, “If the monarch of Lubei’s younger sister has decided upon this imperial son, then this imperial son would make a final decision.”

The Emperor seemed to be very satisfied with the Third Prince’s answer and a harmonious smile emerged on his face. He was most worried about these two princes because even if these two were the most outstanding, they had no wives. Though the Second Prince once had a wife, she had already passed away because of her illness. Even if the Third Prince recently took in a male consort, he could not be regarded as the legal wife after all.

The Second Prince carried Suying first, then they took their leave. Suying, who was in the Second Prince’s embrace, bounced so lively. One moment, he would noisily demand to be embraced by the Second Prince. The next, he would twist and turn, demanding to go down from the Second Prince’s embrace.

The Second Prince stopped halfway and feigned a gloomy look at Suying, then he said, “Suying, tell Daddy why you’re so happy today.”

Suying shook his little head and thought about it, then he responded, “Because when I saw Imperial Grandfather today, Imperial Grandfather said he would send me a Hundred-Sound Little Bell.”

It suddenly dawned on to the Second Prince the reason why, so he nodded and responded, “But your Imperial Grandfather said he wanted me to take an imperial concubine. You need a new mother. Are you still happy?”

Suying hummed. He giggled as he pinched the Second Prince’s ears and said, “Happy, happy, I’m going to have a mother!”

The Second Prince was depressed. He stroked Suying’s little forehead and said, “But if you have a mother, Daddy will no longer sleep with you, because Daddy’s going to sleep with Mother.”

After hearing this, Suying response speed suddenly became faster. He started bawling loudly, then he hit the Second Prince’s face, and struggled to resist.

On the contrary, the Second Prince smiled. He kissed Suying’s little mouth which spared no effort wailing, then he softly asked, “It that’s the case, does Suying still want a mother?”

Suying used his hands to rub his awfully red eyes and sobbed as he said, “I don’t want, wuwu…”

When the Second Prince heard this, he immediately took the grievously crying Suying into his arms, and at once, he felt a great deal of relief.


When the Third Prince asked to be excused, the Emperor suddenly remembered something. He called out and stopped the Third Prince, then he asked, “Lu Jue, Imperial Father heard that you have received the Imperial Tutor’s son as a male consort.”

The Third Prince calmly replied, “No, Mu Xueshi is not a male consort…”

The Emperor was slightly surprised, but he immediately regained his previously calm demeanor. To the Third Prince, he said in dead earnest, “Mu Xueshi has a criminal case in the imperial court. Although I couldn’t decide on his sin now that it is the Eight-Day Festival, that doesn’t mean that you can make concessions to avoid trouble for him in the days to come.”

“That case is suspicious. Imperial Father, this son of yours earnestly requests a little more time. This son of yours shall arrest the prime culprit of this case.”

When the Emperor heard this, he immediately frowned and had a look of unspeakable seriousness. Although Imperial Tutor Mu did not have a deep relationship with the Emperor, the Emperor once had strong admiration for him. At this moment, he was so doubtful regarding Imperial Tutor Mu’s death; thus, the Emperor paid much attention to it. Otherwise, he would not have ordered the Third Prince to solve this case.

Originally, he thought Mu Xueshi had already confessed to his crime. Even though the case had been settled, who would have thought that a new circumstance would arise in just a few days? Because of this, the Emperor could not help but be a little bit doubtful of the Third Prince.

When the Third Prince saw the expression in the Emperor’s eyes, he quickly cupped his fist in the other hand before his chest and said, “Imperial Father, please have faith in this son of yours. This imperial son won’t be biased.”

The Emperor was very pleased with the ability of the Third Prince to carefully weigh his words and closely watch his expression. He raised his chin, signaling that the Third Prince could withdraw.

After the Third Prince asked to be excused, he hurried back to the small courtyard. Although the expression on his face was calm, there was some worry in his heart. Although he was not bothered of anyone who wanted to see Mu Xueshi because there were a lot of ace bodyguards beside Mu Xueshi and most people could get close, the Third Prince was uncertain if Mu Xueshi would find trouble for himself because he always liked to do something unexpected.

As a result, when he returned to his room, the Third Prince saw Mu Xueshi sitting earnestly beside the table with his unwavering gaze fixed on the clothes on the table as if such staring at it could yield him any leads to the case.

He tossed and turned the retrieved vial repeatedly dozens of times and sniffed it with his nose to the point that he did not even notice the Third Prince behind him.

While holding Mu Xueshi’s previous clothes, Mu Xueshi could not help but think of what the Third Prince said that day.

This is more like you.

Every time he thought of that sentence, Mu Xueshi felt sore in his heart. He had never experienced this kind of suffocating feeling attack him. He was so envious of the original owner of his body. Except for bearing this accusation, he had everything. He possessed good looks, good family background, and friends.

The most important thing was, he had the Third Prince.

Mu Xueshi’s body could be filled with two souls, but the Third Prince’s heart could not be cleaved into two. One day when the truth comes out, the only one who should walk away was him. When that moment comes, this world would become nothing to him. It would end up becoming nothing but a dream.



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