TUMBT : Chapter II – 29

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

The Third Prince did not look impatient at all. He was about to assist Mu Xueshi in undressing his clothes to apply the medicine. On the contrary, Mu Xueshi felt it was somewhat unnatural. He thought that taking off his clothes during mealtime was indeed rather awkward. Moreover, he remembered that embarrassing moment of him at the pool last time. Cold sweat immediately began to trickle down his back and without wasting any time, he waved his hand at the Third Prince and said: “Please don’t bother. Let’s have our meal first and discuss this again later when it’s time to sleep.”

A smiling expression dwelled on the tips of the Third Prince’s eyebrows. When Mu Xueshi told him to stop, he pulled back his hand. After that, he grabbed a cup for Mu Xueshi and poured the wine for him.

Mu Xueshi followed the Third Prince’s hands with his big eyes. Upon noticing the smile on the Third Prince’s face, he asked, “Are you happy because you’re going to marry a princess?”

Instead of replying, the Third Prince placed some food in Mu Xueshi’s bowl.

Mu Xueshi gazed at the food in his bowl and he felt sour and sweet at the same time. The Third Prince seemed to have never been so considerate like this. Could it be that he treated Mu Xueshi well because he was in a good mood so that he showed excessive benevolence? If that was the case, Mu Xueshi would rather have the Third Prince face him with his black face. Because if the Third Prince faces him with a black face, it would be because of him, rather than seeing him happy because of others.

As soon as Mu Xueshi thought of this, he grabbed the cup which was filled by the Third Prince and emptied it in one gulp. There was a spicy hot feeling in his throat and Mu Xueshi was on the verge of crying. The wine pierced through his pent-up sadness. He looked at the Third Prince, who was close at hand, and suddenly felt a sense of forlornness.

Mu Xueshi’s sight was getting blurrier and blurrier when he did not drink much at all, then he began to feel half drunk and half sober. As the Third Prince’s words became more and more obscure in his ears, Mu Xueshi’s mind became overstimulated. He grabbed the Third Prince’s hand while he was crying, laughing, and speaking incoherently.

After Mu Xueshi had babbled enough, he began to toss about inside the room, then he walked around, beating and yelling. Like a deranged person, he behaved strangely. After he felt that tossing about inside the room was not enough, Mu Xueshi tried to rush outside but was stopped by the Third Prince at the door.

Mu Xueshi was like a fierce little bull, constantly ramming with its head. The Third Prince firmly held onto his shoulders. Mu Xueshi bit the Third Prince’s clothes and shouted, “Let me go out…Let me go out…I’m gonna wait for the oriole orchid to bloom. It’s already dark!”

The Third Prince’s heart tightened and felt as though there was an unspeakable feeling in his heart. Mu Xueshi’s face had turned bright red, but it was not his original face. The Third Prince always told him to cover his face with a film, so that this peerless face would be concealed. However, Mu Xueshi seemed to have not noticed this at all. As a result, when he made some exaggerated expressions or actions, there would be some small ripples on his face.

Mu Xueshi had completely mistaken who was the person before his him. He pointed to the Third Prince’s nose and said, “Make way for me. I’m telling you, if the Third Prince’s condition would progress, you’d die a violent death.”

The Third Prince did not know whether he should laugh or cry. The food on the table had not been eaten at all. The Third Prince picked up Mu Xueshi, then he walked to their bedchamber. Mu Xueshi still did not behave himself as he was in the Third Prince’s embrace. He kept on struggling and said, “Put me down. What’s your intention?”

Seeing that there was no response from the Third Prince, Mu Xueshi went as far as clenching his fist tightly to hit the Third Prince’s face. With a seldom seen imposing look on his little face, he roared at the Third Prince, “The Third Prince’s not your friend. You don’t know how worried I am. I think you’re really not sincere to the Third Prince!”

The Third Prince did not get angry or resist; instead, he welcomed Mu Xueshi’s hits.

When the Third Prince placed Mu Xueshi down on the bed, Mu Xueshi cried out loud. While bawling, he shouted at the top of his lungs and spoke haltingly, “The oriole orchid… flower… flower… certainly… bloom. I didn’t… see. The Third Prince is incurable…”

The Third Prince felt moved. Soon afterwards, he tore off the mask on Mu Xueshi’s face, revealing his face that was like pear blossom bathed in the rain. Mu Xueshi cried like a kitten in a tight corner as he rubbed his face on the Third Prince’s robe.

A pair of thin lips obstructed the sounds of Mu Xueshi’s wailing and he sensed a sweet taste in his mouth. Not knowing when, the Third Prince’s tongue had invaded his mouth. The strange yet familiar taste made Mu Xueshi stop struggling and obediently let the Third Prince kiss him.

Seeing that Mu Xueshi had calmed down, the Third Prince raised his head and looked at Mu Xueshi tenderly.

Mu Xueshi chuckled, then he laughed until he was almost out of breath. In between laughing and hitting the Third Prince on his shoulder, he said, “I thought you happily went there to your imperial concubine. I didn’t expect you’d still remember me. I feel terrible sleeping by myself. Later on, if you want to leave, just wait for me to fall asleep and put a quilt next to me…”



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