Hi all,

We are now on the move to finish our projects one by one. This will be our priority for this movement:









Updates for each projects:

1. HIHEZL – our two newest recruits are now on the move to finish this story. We still have 51 chapters left for this story. Expect more updates for this story soon.

2. DB&ML – we’re roughly halfway done with this story. Once done with HIHEZL, we’ll finish this story next. As of the moment, chiangyushien is working on translating it slowly though she’s still on hiatus from translating so please bear with us.

3. LMTW – we’ll continue to update this once every other week until we finish the aforementioned two stories. Please understand that this story is a historical-type of story. Although the sentence patterns are simple, there are tons of discussions related to philosophy and law that needs further research. Plus the author is fond of wordplay so we have to be careful with that in order for everyone to better understand the story.

4. S&OP – for the time-being, we’ll update this if a chapter is available for posting. This is from the same author of LMTW and she used a lot of slang and wordplay for this story; therefore, it also needs further research.

5. TUMBT – more than 1/4 done with this story. We’ll continue with weekly updates for now.

6. Jubo – I’m working on proofreading the ones that were posted which have not been proofread yet. So far, we’ve proofread until chapter 47. We’ll finish the rest before we go back to regular weekly updates for this story.

7. LL2 – so far, we have translated and posted only a few chapters for this story. We have one chapter available but we still have to proofread it before we post it. I will check with our team if someone wants to work on this.

8. BMHS – we’ll continue with weekly updates. We’re almost halfway done with the story. It’s one of the longest and most complicated ones that we are translating. The author goes roundabout, mostly uses pronouns, and uses a lot of adjectives, making it tricky for translation; hence, needs time to be proofread properly.

For future projects, we still don’t have plans to take on new projects. We also want to finish the ones that are ongoing first. We will work on HIHEZL volume 2 once at least 3-4 of the stories aforementioned are finished.

We are in need of ONE English proofreader and MORE fluent Chinese translators. Also, if you know how to design and edit WordPress pages, we also need you in our team. If you’re interested, please contact us at

Thank you for reading our translations. We appreciate your likes and comments. If you have any questions, please feel free to post in the comment section below.

Kind regards,



2 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Table122000

    Thanks for the upddate. Much appreciated. Thank you for continuing to translate Dark Blue & Moonlight. I will continue to check bsack for updates on this novel.


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