BMHS : Chapter 43.1 – My luck has changed for the better, too. I have you.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Let4, Renkun27

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Having heard what he said, Yan Mingya was reticent for quite a while, then he looked up at Yan Sui. “Thank you.”

His gaze slightly shifted toward Meng Ting. “And also Little Aunt.”

“I was born in January. I should be older than you. I’m not little.”

According to the information that Yan Sui provided, he was born in January. Although which day it was was still unknown, it was unlikely that Yan Mingya would be older than him.

However, Yan Mingya suddenly laughed. “I was born on New Year’s Day [1].”

([1] New Year based on the solar calendar.)

Meng Ting was taken aback when he heard him. “Ah, then you might really be older than me. Fine, it’s Little Aunt then.” Zhen Han, Gu Lang, and the others also often called him little sister-in-law.

Yan Sui and Yan Mingya could not help but laugh at Meng Ting’s quick acceptance. Yan Sui forked up a slice of fruit and sent it to Meng Ting’s mouth. He glanced at it, bit it, then turned to look, and smile at Yan Sui.

Yan Mingya watched their interaction with raised eyebrows. He held much admiration and blessings toward Yan Sui’s smile.

He was even more familiar with Yan Sui than Yan Mu. More precisely, he grew up listening to Yan Sui’s deeds. Even until now, Yan Sui was still his goal that he was striving for. When he was a child, he even followed Zhen Han and lived with him back in Haicheng.

Yan Sui was a spiritual idol to him. He was someone whom he worshipped very much. Therefore, those things that others would say to him were not necessarily useful, but Yan Sui’s words were different for him.

“Little Aunt, what do you think about this place?” Yan Mingya only asked after he saw that Meng Ting had chewed and swallowed the fruit.

Meng Ting looked around, then he turned to look at Yan Sui, and looked back at Yan Mingya. He said earnestly, “The food was very delicious, but the people here are hard to talk to. They only say things that I don’t understand.”

Having heard what he said, Yan Mingya listened to their surroundings carefully. There were people who used Xia Country’s language, but there were more who used F Country’s language. However, the topics they all talked about revolved around some gossips. Regardless if whether Meng Ting knew F Country’s language or not, he would still be unable to understand it. This was not his fault.

However, Yan Mingya still felt that Meng Ting’s words had a hint of ‘Although the whole world is corrupted, I am distinct alone.’ Sure enough, the person who could be liked by Yan Sui was also quite different—a man of great wisdom often seems slow-witted.

Meng Ting did not expect that a single sentence of pure honesty from him could make him earn Yan Mingya’s admiration and even make himself stand almost on the same level as Yan Sui. When Yan Sui looked at their expressions from the side, he could not help but laugh.

The three of them talked and ate as time went by seemingly fast.

As the guests arrived on cue, Yan Shuya greeted a lot of them. When he finally got some free time, he looked around and finally saw the three men talking and laughing in one corner. Before he could even come over, he was called by his classmates who came to the banquet.

He stopped walking toward them and went to his classmates instead. He was surrounded by the crowd. Those who once looked down on him and pushed him aside were now making great efforts to kiss up to him. It was quite easy to get addicted to this smug and conceited feeling.

All of a sudden, a group of people who gathered around Yan Shuya walked over to Yan Sui and Meng Ting.

“What are you guys talking about? Why don’t you go dancing?” Yan Shuya gently leaned on the edge of the sofa. He swept his gaze across Meng Ting, the three of them, and finally stopped at Yan Mingya. “Elder Brother, why don’t you invite Aunt for a dance? Our family‘s ball is quite interesting.”

When Yan Shuya walked over, Meng Ting consciously got closer to Yan Sui. He could sense that Yan Shuya had been trying to get Yan Sui’s attention, even though Meng Ting had not realized how much he liked Yan Sui yet.

Having heard what Yan Shuya said, Yan Mingya’s expression became cold. Even though he and Meng Ting had the same age, they had a different position in the family hierarchy, so he also should avoid arousing suspicion. How could he do this kind of thing that would displease Yan Sui?

However, Yan Shuya’s look was quite sincere. It seemed that he really thought it was fine for him to ask Meng Ting for a dance.

Hmm…this cousin of his was still young, yet his skill at being pretentious was quite outstanding.

Yan Mingya obviously did not intend to pay attention to Yan Shuya’s words. At this moment, amongst Yan Shuya’s group, a caucasian student who was dressed in a burgundy suit suddenly came out. He walked over in two steps, slightly bowed, and said, “Pretty boy, can I ask you for a dance?”

As he spoke, he gave Meng Ting a bright and seductive look. That face looked pretty good, but the man looked a bit disgusting.


Before Meng Ting could even finish speaking, the white man was pushed down from behind by another man, making himself pounce on Meng Ting. The smile on his face magnified, as if he wanted to get on intimate terms with Meng Ting this way.

Meng Ting briefly lifted his leg but then retracted it because Yan Sui, who was beside him, had already moved his hand…no, it was his foot.

Yan Sui’s hard sole directly covered his face. Not only did he get a bluish black footprint on his face, but he also got kicked back so hard that he even took down quite a lot of people behind him. A passing wine server got caught up in the mess and eight glasses of red wine on the tray were knocked over.

Although Yan Shuya did not get caught up in the fall, the wine had splashed all over his white suit, completely ruining it.

The screaming and swearing piled up and the scene got out of control, but on the sofa facing the chaos, there were three men who remained unperturbed and only looked at them coldly.

Yan Sui wrapped his hand around Meng Ting’s waist. His complexion was pitch-black. Just now, the white man clearly wanted to take advantage of Meng Ting; and Yan Shuya, who should be taking responsibility for this, was looking at the wine server with utter discomfort, completely ignoring the look on Yan Sui and Yan Mingya’s faces.

Red wine was smeared on his white suit. His suit could as well as be considered ruined, and what was more serious was that this scene had resulted in extreme humiliation.

“A’Mu, go and ask Uncle Chen to bring someone over.”

Yan Mingya stood up and gestured the panic-stricken wine server to leave.

Chen Mu nodded. No longer looking at Yan Shuya, he just turned around and left. Soon afterward, Uncle Chen, who had noticed the scene, came over with some people.

“Anyone who comes here is a guest. When you arrive at the Yans’ residence, you’re our family’s guest, but if you don’t have the self-restraint of a guest, then this isn’t the place for the likes of you!” When Yan Mingya said this, his gaze was only directed at Uncle Chen. He completely ignored the raging Yan Shuya.

He truly had inherited a bit of Yan Sui’s technique: treating people coldly and being supercilious. However, they both had what it takes to be supercilious. This was completely different from the superiority complex of those arrogant and conceited snobs.

“Uncle Chen, please ask them to leave. From now on, they’re not allowed to enter this house.”

“Yan Mingya, how dare you! They’re all my guests!” Yan Shuya did not care about his dirty suit anymore. Yan Mingya did not look at him, so Yan Shuya went in front of him. His complexion was pitch-black and had completely lost his previously affectionate act.

Yan Mingya still did not look at him. He looked back at Yan Sui and Meng Ting.

“Did that frighten you, Little Aunt?” If Meng Ting was really frightened, it would not be as simple as just asking them to leave!

Meng Ting shook his head, then turned to look at Yan Sui. “It’s not fun here anymore. Let’s leave early.” Even though he was not frightened, he still felt a bit disgusted.

“Okay.” Yan Sui nodded at Meng Ting. After that, he turned to look at Yan Mingya, nodded gently and just like that, he held the boy and left.

Yan Mingya hastily kept up with them to send them off. “Today’s festive mood was destroyed. I’m also at fault. Little Aunt, please don’t dislike F Country just because of this.”

Meng Ting looked at him and shook his head. “I like Rose Manor. Next time, when I’ll come with Yan Sui, I’ll invite you to come and visit as well.”

Yan Mingya suddenly paused. A little smile appeared on his face and the worry in his heart was lifted. “Okay, I’ll remember your words, Little Aunt. When that time comes, even if you don’t invite me, I’ll go by myself.”

Whilst they were talking, Uncle Chen had already brought the bodyguards to escort Yan Shuya’s classmates out. Those who were reluctant to leave were kept quiet and direct force was enforced. Yan Shuya was very loud when he tried to stop this, but Uncle Chen only obeyed Yan Mingya’s instructions.

The shenanigans inevitably alerted Yan Zhenbo and Yan Mu. When they came over, before Uncle Chen could even speak, Yan Shuya opened his mouth first.

“Elder Brother is so rude. My classmate accidentally fell and made a mistake. Because of this, he drove them away.” Yan Shuya spoke with an extra layer of watery mist in his eyes, as if he was about to cry. “How can I get along with them in school in the future?”

Yan Shuya’s acting was quite deceptive, especially toward the elders who were prone to give compassion to the younger generation. At the least, Yan Mu saw that something was a bit off with Yan Mingya’s expression. Linda tugged Yan Shuya and softly patted him. There was no need to say more about her protective posture.

“Mingya, what do you have to say to this?”

Yan Zhenbo asked. His mood, whether good or bad, was indistinguishable. However, if one were to listen to him abruptly, there would be a misconception that he was also defending Yan Shuya.

“Shuya’s classmates wanted to harass me ,so Mingya drove them away.”

Meng Ting and Yan Sui stopped their departure when they heard Yan Shuya’s words. This new nephew of the Yans was terribly scheming. Mingya was quite capable, but he could not afford to suffer from such long-term obscure maligning and slandering.

“I’m Mingya’s Little Aunt. He was trying to defend me. Was that wrong?” Meng Ting opened his mouth and asked Yan Zhenbo. His eyes were bright and clear and his words genuinely came purely from his heart. Compared with Yan Shuya’s, Meng Ting’s words were obviously more convincing.

If it was not for such fact, Mingya was almost misunderstood by them. With Meng Ting’s identity, it was unlikely for him to speak about being harassed by a man.

“Jack, he didn’t mean to…” Yan Shuya muttered in defense.

Meng Ting finally swept his gaze on him.

“The elders are still speaking. Who gave you the right to open your mouth!?”



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