TUMBT : Chapter II – 30

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie, Renkun27

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

Mild Smut alert!!!

The Third Prince did not want to respond to Mu Xueshi at first, but as if he could not help it, he hummed in response. With the greatest of care, he took off Mu Xueshi’s outer robe, allowing Mu Xueshi to sleep comfortably. The Third Prince knew that Mu Xueshi would head outside and foolishly wait until the oriole orchids bloom. He added a little intoxicating powder in the wine to help Mu Xueshi sleep comfortably, so that he would feel refreshed after waking up.

As if content with things, Mu Xueshi laughed foolishly a few times, then suddenly, he fell into a deep slumber. After Mu Xueshi had calmed down, he appeared awfully cute. From time to time, he would sound out small hiccups, then become quiet again. Sparkling and crystal-clear teardrops were still hanging on his thick eyelashes.

Under the flickering candlelight, the light and shadow overlapped on Mu Xueshi’s porcelain white face, which was akin to the shell of an egg. It unexpectedly made his facial features a bit more gorgeous and bewitching.

As he looked at Mu Xueshi, the Third Prince suddenly became entranced. Although he was used to seeing Mu Xueshi’s breathtaking appearance, in this case, he could not help but keep looking at him without a care.

Another kiss fell. This time, it had none of its previous gentleness and it appeared more aggressive. The Third Prince began to caress Mu Xueshi’s smooth and delicate skin which was comparable to snow. Even his breathing became erratic.

“Be honest…” The dreaming Mu Xueshi sensed that something was a little bit strange. His good-looking eyebrows puckered up and there was a peeved look on his face. As he said this, he stretched out one hand and swayed it in midair, as if performing a peculiar dance, then it immediately fell softly.

He mumbled some incoherent words in his sleep with his pair of lips which was suffused with sparkling and translucent dribble. Seeing his appearance, the Third Prince revealed a helpless look on his face. It was not at all easy to pull a flimsy quilt to cover Mu Xueshi. To his surprise, however, he was slapped by Mu Xueshi.

That Mu Xueshi was sleeping so peacefully. What made him turn side to side like this? With a wave of his palm, Mu Xueshi drove that irritating fly away, then he turned over and continued to sleep. However, that palm unexpectedly hit the Third Prince’s face impartially.

“…” The Third Prince was caught off guard by the slap. He instinctively stretched out his right hand, wanting to slap Mu Xueshi’s backpart, but to his surprise, when he saw Mu Xueshi’s sleeping posture, he somewhat could not move his hand.

That Mu Xueshi was not well-behaved when he was sober. When he got drunk, he did not know how to behave properly as well. At first, when the Third Prince took him to the bed, he quietly turned sideways and slept. He kept his little face nestled in a pillow and did not utter a single sound or word. Now, this man valiantly straddled the quilt and rubbed his face on it, then he turned over and chuckled. After chuckling, he became quiet once again. He was merely talking in his sleep.

He only had a thin underclothing on which he had originally worn loosely. When he suddenly moved, the placket opened a bit wide, revealing a wide expanse of his skin which was as spotlessly white as jade.

The Third Prince’s mind had stopped working. His gaze uncontrollably went down from Mu Xueshi’s tear-stained little face to his slightly bare collarbone, to his thin and fragile chest, then to his delicately slim waist, and finally slithered all the way down to that certain part.

There, hidden underneath the placket, the Third Prince slowly felt the heat in his belly.

The strings in his brain issued out a noise as a result of the excessive tension. The Third Prince laid his hand on Mu Xueshi’s perfectly round, firm, and good-looking backside. In a short while, he hesitantly traced the creases, sliding through the space in between Mu Xueshi’s legs, then he reached in and grabbed that delicate part inside Mu Xueshi’s xie ku [1].

([1] Xie kus are underpants or underwear worn by the ancients. The underwear worn by the ancients had long trouser legs, so it was not easy to move around, and the reason why it was called “obscene trousers” was because underwear used to be a kind of clothing that were rather vulgar in the eyes of the ancients.)

“Hng…” Mu Xueshi seemed to be groaning with some dissatisfaction, but he soon did not respond.

Whether it was this body’s owner or the current Mu Xueshi, they both had not experienced this kind of erotic situation; hence, the body was quite young and unexperienced. The Third Prince had only played with it for a few times, but that thing below Mu Xueshi’s body had already quivered and stood up.

When the Third Prince took off Mu Xueshi’s xie ku, he looked at that semi-erect jade stem [2], which looked so irresistible. The corners of his lips raised to a smile, then without the slightest bit of hesitation, he bent down and placed that particular part in his mouth.

([2] In Chinese medieval medicine, the penis.)

“Ng…” That sensation was so intense. Mu Xueshi gently opened his eyes and saw that man who was leaning over in between his leg. In a moment, from his spell of drunkenness, he became sober.


The Third Prince raised his eyes, puckered up his eyebrows, and looked at Mu Xueshi’s little face, which was gradually suffused with a blush, then his mouth continued to move.

As his panting gradually became heavier, Mu Xueshi slowly began to wake up. It seemed that he and the Third Prince had crossed the line again. This was already the second time and for each time, he felt that it was incomparably pleasurable. In the end, whether it was due to this body or because of his own willpower, Mu Xueshi simply could not understand. He only felt one wave to another of a strange and pleasant sensation coming to himself. It would not take long for himself to “burst the dyke.”

It doesn’t matter! As long as it feels good, that’ll do. Nobody knows it anyway.

Mu Xueshi thought. With a cheeky grin on his face, he pushed the Third Prince away, then he wobbled as he sat up.

“I won’t take advantage of you. Since you made me feel good, I‘ll treat you well, too, hehe..” Mu Xueshi muttered. All of a sudden, he pulled himself together and grabbed that thing in between the Third Prince’s legs.

Mu Xueshi’s senses had already been burned by the wine. How would he still be able to know how to limit the strength of his hand? That arrow in between the Third Prince’s hip had long been fitted to the bowstring and it had been arduously enduring this for a long time now. With Mu Xueshi’s sudden grip, no matter how unswervingly determined the Third Prince’s temper was, he could not help but gasp in pain.

When Mu Xueshi noticed the Third Prince’s expression, he knew that he had ended up using too much force. As a result, like keeping a child in good humor, he caressed the Third Prince’s legs. He raised his little face, then he smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, I‘ll be gentle…” After he said that, Mu Xueshi shook his head and the strength of his hand truly became gentler.



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