TUMBT : Chapter II – 31

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89, synecdoche-acookie, Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

Usagi Notes: Jubo has been proofread until chapter 49. We’re now working on the last two chapters posted online and we can expect to get new updates for that story soon.

When the Third Prince heard what Mu Xueshi said, he unknowingly recalled something. In the end, the corners of his mouth curved up and a smile emerged on his face.

Seeing that the Third Prince was smiling, Mu Xueshi smiled along with him. He did not know what the Third Prince was smiling at, but he felt happy just by looking at the Third Prince smile.

Mu Xueshi stared at the Third Prince’s enormous thing and compared it with his own. He suddenly felt sullen and it was undoubtedly revealed on his face.

Mu Xueshi was only all talk. In the end, after fondling it for a long time, both of his hands ached and limped. The Third Prince’s length, however, only became harder and harder and there was without the slightest sign of him coming anytime soon.

Mu Xueshi got so annoyed. He suspected that the Third Prince was not cooperating so much that he almost squeezed that length in his hands. To his surprise, he was suddenly flipped over by the Third Prince. Now, he was lying completely flat on his stomach on the Third Prince’s legs and the Third Prince began to grope on his perfectly round behind.

“Don’t hit me…” Mu Xueshi struggled. He thought that he had done something wrong earlier and so, he was about to be punished by the Third Prince tonight.

The Third Prince chuckled. He took all of the clothes which covered Mu Xueshi’s behind off, revealing his tightly-clenched snow-white buns, and gently patted them. Mu Xueshi felt quite comfortable. He lied flat on the Third Prince’s legs and moaned incessantly, “This strength is just about right. Don’t use too much force. It makes me scared…”

Not long after, a loud scream echoed in the Third Prince’s bedchamber and Sun Ye, who was on night watch outside, could not help but raise his eyebrows up. Although Mu Xueshi had been staying in the palace for a long time now, there had never been any noise in the room where he and the Third Prince slept before. Now, a loud scream could be heard in the dead of the night, and Sun Ye all at once understood what was happening inside the room.

“Aaahhh… what kind of punishment is this? It hurts so much, aaahhh…”

“Corporal punishment…”

Sun Ye was in a trance when he heard this. Another man popped out of nowhere in front of him. Startled, he brandished the sword in his hand to that man’s neck in the next moment.

“Improper Guard, I’ve arrived in the courtyard. Why are you still being absent-minded here?”

When Sun Ye saw that smile, which seemed to be asking for a spanking, in front of his eyes, he felt unhappy. If it had not been for the venomous insect’s poison which afflicted the Third Prince’s body, Sun Ye dared not to act rashly. He would have already brandished his sword and killed the great and skillful Poison Master in front of him.

No one knew Poison Master Mo Ru’s real age. At the moment, he looked like he was about twenty years of age, but who knows if it was because of his cultivation. Originally, Poison Master Mo Ru was considered an elegant and unrestrained man of striking appearance, but his slovenliness had made a steady man like Sun Ye disgusted with him.

Sun Ye tightly held onto the sword again and indifferently said to Poison Master Mo Ru, “Please conduct yourself with dignity, Poison Master. This is the Third Prince’s Courtyard of Exuding Harmony. Anyone who rashly charges in must undoubtedly die.”

“In that case, why don’t you take my life?” After saying this, Poison Master Mo Ru inched closer to Sun Ye’s sharp sword without even a hint of fear.

Sun Ye was again forced to take a step back and his expression became more and more livid. He gritted his teeth and stopped Poison Master Mo Ru by grabbing his collar, then flung him out of the small courtyard.

“I heard something I shouldn’t have. Waah… I still want to hear it…Say, did you just get distracted now…”

Before he could complete his sentence, Poison Master Mo Ru had been directly thrown in the underbrush by Sun Ye. After hearing a miserable shriek, there was silence.

The Third Prince pulled his jade stem out of Mu Xueshi’s body and welts dotted around Mu Xueshi’s intimate opening. His virgin body was too tight. The Third Prince would inevitably not hurt Mu Xueshi. Seeing that he was in pain, the Third Prince realized that he must not be impatient. If the man under him was unwilling, then the Third Prince would not insist, unless he and the other person did not have feelings for each other.

Just when the Third Prince was in a daze, Mu Xueshi began to snore loudly in his sleep. The Third Prince looked at the length which was still as hard as a rock below his body. In desperation, he wrapped Mu Xueshi’s hand around his enormous length and in a short while, he directed him to fondle it. Mu Xueshi perceived it in his dreams. He groaned in correspondence to the Third Prince until he felt something wet and slippery on his hand.

A few jackdaws flew over the window. The gentle breeze seeped in through the window and that bean-shaped candle flame flickered, eventually turning into a curl of light smoke, curling upwards until it completely died out.

The Third Prince was looking at Mu Xueshi’s sleeping face. It was as spectacular and moving as a painting. If this face gets to be seen by others someday, would there be a state of great confusion? The Third Prince stroked Mu Xueshi’s cheek with love and tenderness, unwilling to tear his hand away from Mu Xueshi’s face.

All of a sudden, the pit of his stomach tightened. When the Third Prince saw bloodstains on the bedding, he pulled his hand away.

How far did his present thoughts deviate from the initial ones?

The Third Prince only woke up to the truth when he saw those bloodstains. This man was his own younger brother. Mu Xueshi’s father and mother were both his enemies. His mother was tormented to death by this group of people.

However, in just a month’s time, the Third Prince discovered that this man was deviating more and more from the Mu Xueshi in his memories. There were countless times when he felt that this man was not Mu Xueshi. He could hold this man to sleep peacefully, even if he occasionally did things that made the Third Prince angry.

“Are you really Mu Xueshi?” The Third Prince could not help but ask toward Mu Xueshi’s sleeping face.

Mu Xueshi dreamed that the Third Prince interrogated him, asking him about his real identity. Scared witless, he explained that he was Mu Xueshi.

The Third Prince felt relieved and somewhat frustrated at the same time. He always felt like he was catching something on his own in the dark. Even if he catches it in the end, he still felt extremely uneasy.

The Third Prince stuck his cheek against Mu Xueshi’s and like the ravings of a madman, he whispered in Mu Xueshi’s ear:

“I detest people who deceive me the most. If one day I find out that you are toying with me, I certainly will make your life not as good as death.”



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  1. Hail to MX’s attentiveness, even in dreamy state he perfected the lie. I am scared for MX’s future by reading the last sentence where TP stated he would give ultimate punishment if once get caught lied.

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