LL2 : Chapter 10. Don’t Make a Wish to An Ziyan Lightly

Author: Angelina

Translator: Clapkingle

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

After that, An Ziyan was able to get Mai Ding’s wages through some unknown means. The biggest winner from this whole event perhaps was Sister Hua. The objectionable Gao Guo had left, while the manager and his wife were currently settling their divorce. Sister Hua comforted the manager everyday during his saddest moment. She might become the manager’s wife. This whole thing was possibly planned by Sister Hua, but Mai Ding did not want to think that human nature would be so exceedingly sinister. At that time, Sister Hua could have just quietly waited for things to develop, but she still spoke up to help him, which was equal to admitting that she was the source of the rumor.

Mai Ding shook this thought off his head. He thickened his skin and headed back to school. No one cared anyway. He was going to graduate soon. It was a good time for him to come back to school to prepare his graduation plan. He was also able to spend more time together with An Ziyan. After thinking about this, he turned to his side and looked at An Ziyan, who was sleeping next to him. He squirmed over, stuck onto him from behind, and placed his legs over An Ziyan’s. “Get up.”

An Ziyan did not respond. Mai Ding thought that it would be unusual if he did respond. He pushed An Ziyan. “It’s time to get up. Can you hear me? I can’t stand laziness.” An Ziyan frowned. A half-conscious and irritated voice came out of his mouth, “I didn’t see you encourage me when I got up early the other morning.”

“You should get up early. Do you mean to say I should give you a little red flower and host a party to celebrate you getting up early?”

An Ziyan did not continue the conversation and went back to sleep. Mai Ding swiveled his eyes around as if he had an idea. He squeezed under the quilt and crawled between An Ziyan’s legs. Sure enough, not long after that, An Ziyan woke up. He stretched his hands down and pressed them onto Mai Ding’s head, with his fingers sinking into his hair.

An Ziyan let out a breath of pleasure from his mouth. Mai Ding’s warm lips wrapped around his desire, spilling over an embarrassing sound from time to time with every intake and outtake he made. He reached over to lift the corner of the quilt up. Seeing that An Ziyan was already awake, he blushed and slowly let go of him, then wiped the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand. “Since, since you’re awake, get out of bed and go to school.”

When Mai Ding was about to get out of the bed as he spoke, he was held up by An Ziyan, who swiftly flipped him over and pressed down on him. “You think I’ll let you go?”

“We will be late!” Mai Ding only intended to wake An Ziyan up. He did not intend to complete the whole package. His simple mind only thought of this method, without thinking of its consequences. His words turned into a puff of wind which passed through An Ziyan’s ears. An Ziyan’s light kisses fell on Mai Ding’s neck and collarbone.

“No way!” His determination was at a hundred percent. An Ziyan reached in from underneath his clothes with his fingers and slowly crept on the skin of Mai Ding’s lower abdomen. Mai Ding bit his lower lip as he felt the warmth which gradually reached his chest.

“No way!” His determination was at ninety percent. It seemed that Mai Ding’s conviction to go to class was quite strong. He was really a good student and only wavered a tiny bit.

An Ziyan’s lips then moved to the edge of Mai Ding’s ear, biting his earlobe. His husky and sexy voice was like a virus with no vaccine, “Mai Ding, I want to hold you. Now.”

His determination was at zero percent. The drop in his conviction was too severe. In the twinkling of an eye, Mai Ding lost himself in his masculine charm and could not refuse this voice or his own desire. Perhaps, merely hearing An Ziyan speak, could make him come. Closing his eyes only made him more sensitive to the fondling. Lost in a daze, An Ziyan’s sudden entry caused him to grasp onto the pillow firmly. His body repeatedly moved forward and backward and his legs were unconsciously curled up.

“Ahh…hng…ah…ahhh…” In pace with the variation in speed and strength, the sound also changed.

Something rushed forth from the depths of his lower abdomen, constantly rising up. His reason and thought were all gone. Mai Ding arched his body and loudly called for An Ziyan’s name, then it grew weaker and weaker. His incessantly-trembling body was enveloped by An Ziyan, who pressed on him and gave his hair a kiss.

After enjoying the elation brought about by the moment, Mai Ding could now turn against him. Right after entering the classroom and sitting down, he said, “See, we’re late. You have to take full responsibility.”

“I was kind enough to help you repair your pants.” An Ziyan deadpanned. Mai Ding did not respond immediately. Only after a few seconds did he remember the secret code which the two of them had created in the past for wanting to do intimate things. They had never used it before.

“If it’s about things related to that topic, you remember clearly. Do you know what songs I love to listen to?”

“Not interested.”

“Which out of all the dishes I make is the most delicious?”

“No impression.”

“Is this how much you love me?”

“I don’t love you that much.”

“Well, I have nothing to say to you!!” Mai Ding could only glare at him, then he asked suspiciously, “Where is the most sensitive part of my body?”

“Back, inner thigh, and earlobe.” A quick answer!

“I hope your understanding of me will change from the physical aspect to the mental aspect.” He said while panting with rage. Feeling that An Ziyan would probably not listen, he softened his tone and blinked at An Ziyan. “Okay?”

“Your mental aspect only needs to be understood by a psychiatrist.”

“I am not mentally ill!” Mai Ding did not control his volume, so the teacher above them coughed lightly. Mai Ding immediately covered his face with a book and pulled a face at An Ziyan.

At the moment, the class was sparse with only half of the people left. Some went to work and some went to play under the pretense of work. The teacher did not care anymore. Mai Ding, who had taken a walk in society and came back, liked school more. He did not want to miss out on this last bit of time when he was still a student. He held his arms and pondered over the graduation thesis. After thinking about it for quite a while, he did not have a clue, so he turned and asked An Ziyan, who was playing on his phone, “What’s the topic of your graduation thesis?”

“Ten thousand kinds of ways to play with Mai Ding.”

Mai Ding took a deep breath and restrained himself, as if he had not heard such villainous language. “You have to help me pick a topic. I don’t know what to write. It’s a bit easier to have a general direction.” He put on a sincere face, hoping that he could move An Ziyan.

An Ziyan touched his chin with his bent index finger and thought about it. “Ten thousand kinds of joy from being played by An Ziyan.”

“I’m not a masochist. Be more serious or else I’ll get angry. You haven’t been serious all day. What would it be like when you go out into society?” Mai Ding pursed his lips, feigning an angry look. In addition to his graduation thesis, he was always worried about An Ziyan going to work. If An Ziyan encounters the same things he experienced, perhaps the next step and the last step in his life would be going to jail. The more he thought about it, the more worried he felt. Grasping An Ziyan’s arm, he solemnly told him, “Remember, no matter what happens in the future, you mustn’t kill people. I don’t want to lose my husband at such a young age.”

“Relax, how could I leave you in this world.”

“Those words sound terrible. You shouldn’t be thinking about taking me as well…”

“You haven’t been serious all day,” An Ziyan said disdainfully. He placed his phone in front of Mai Ding. “I helped you find some topics. Take a look at it yourself.” An Ziyan could always find the right moment to give Mai Ding back his own words. Mai Ding scrolled through the information on screen. With his pursed lips, his expression had a haughtiness belying how pleased he was [1].” Today, I won’t be angry at you for the meantime. I’ll leave being angry for tomorrow.”

([1] The author uses 傲娇 [ao jiao] here which means tsundere – basically acting cold and arrogant on the outside but is warm and lovable inside.)

“Don’t bother me.”

“Don’t you have to prepare for your graduation interview?”

“It’s already good.”


The corners of An Ziyan’s mouth curled up. He was smiling, but it was not the kind of smile which made Mai Ding feel happy or touched. “Have I not punished you for too long? Who taught you to be so disrespectful to your husband?”

“Have you, have you ever respected me?”

“How many times do I have to say it? We’re not people who are on the same level.”

“See, you use these words to trample on me every time!”

“What was originally written in the apology letter? Do you need me to help you remember?” An Ziyan lifted Mai Ding’s collar with his fingers and rubbed it. Tyrant! Dictator! Mai Ding cursed An Ziyan to his heart’s content; nevertheless, he had a flattering smile on his face. “Let’s not talk about the bygones. We should look ahead of us. Oh, it’s nearly graduation. I hope that we can have a successful graduation ceremony.”

He did not want to write any humiliating apology letter again, so he stiffly changed the topic. However, as soon as he spoke, he instantly regretted it. He should not have made a wish! It was basically jumping from one fire pit to another. His wishes were distorted every time. His birthday and wedding both resulted into something which scared the piss out of him.

“I take back my wish.” He said quickly.

“What are you talking to yourself about?”

“By all means, please don’t prepare a surprise for graduation. I’m begging you.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.”

“I just have an ominous premonition.” Mai Ding scrutinized An Ziyan, attempting to search for signs from his face. He probably would not be so senseless and childish as to want to play tricks to torment him. No, An Ziyan was senseless and childish!

Should he believe in the man he loves or not?

While Mai Ding was still engaged in a fierce struggle in his thoughts, An Ziyan’s phone rang. Mai Ding looked at the phone in front of him and was shocked. The caller ID was Uncle Fu.

He handed the phone to An Ziyan and pretended to read the book next to him but perked his ears up.

The legendary Uncle Fu—Mai Ding had already heard of him a few times. The first time he heard about this person was when An Ziyan was teaching him to drive, but Mai Ding had crashed the car instead. An Ziyan called Uncle Zhong to help him handle the situation. After that, he also heard about him a few times, but it had been so long since then and Mai Ding still had never seen what Uncle Fu looked like. He only heard An Ziyan mention in passing that Uncle Fu managed the An family’s internal affairs, mainly on behalf of Grandfather.

Unless it was a special circumstance, he would not appear.



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  1. Nicy

    Hey, thanks for the translation. I‘m so happy the Story about An Zian + Mei Ding get continues. When will there be further translations of the 166 chapters? Can’t wait toread on. Greetings from Germany


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