BMHS : Chapter 44.1 – I want to make you happy. If you’re happy, I’m happy, too.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

All of Yan Sui’s idle thoughts drifted away. His heart and blood could only be stirred by the one person right before his eyes. Meng Ting was right. It would be such a waste using this time to think about others. He should concentrate.

From Meng Ting’s supple hair, Yan Sui’s hand slid down to his nape. When Meng Ting’s clothes were pulled apart, Yan Sui’s kisses slid down and light traces followed, as if they were imprinted. They like each other’s imprints.

Meng Ting’s body was strikingly sensitive, awfully young and inexperienced. He did not conceal his own reactions. He whimpered and acted coquettishly like a kitten. When he called out Yan Sui’s name, the man’s heart began to itch.

“Yan Sui, Yan Sui…”

Meng Ting, himself, did not know what it clearly was that he wanted Yan Sui to do by calling out for his name. He merely wanted to call for him, one word at a time, as if he wanted to have this name be engraved in his soul. He thought that it must be because Yan Sui’s name was too pleasant to hear, and so he did so.

“Hmn, I…”

Yan Sui responded to Meng Ting’s calls. His eyes were slightly red; nevertheless, he was bearing with it. As a matter of fact, it was not the first time for them to be so intimate. He should not be so impatient. But akin to those past few nights, his self-control was once again facing a collapse on this particular night.

The muscles of Yan Sui’s arms and chest were slightly stiff. He paused a little and tried to get his senses back. He did not want to do things which he would regret.

However, at this time, Meng Ting embraced him once again. He could sense that Yan Sui’s patience was getting more and more arduous. He kissed Yan Sui on the lips. Not only was he shy, but he was also resolute when he spoke out his innermost feelings.

“Don’t hold back. I like it, too.”

Every time Yan Sui was not thoroughly enjoying himself, how could Meng Ting not be aware of it? He was happy with Yan Sui’s thoughtfulness, but Meng Ting also wanted him to have his own way tonight. Just as Yan Sui did not want him to get hurt, he wanted to see Yan Sui be happy, so that he would be happy as well.

Having heard what he said, Yan Sui’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down and a bit more sweat oozed out of his forehead. When his gaze met with Meng Ting’s, the rationality which he originally brought back instantly collapsed.

The patience of foreplay still went on, and after determining that Meng Ting was ready, Yan Sui did not restrain himself anymore nor could he be restrained any longer.

The moans and light gasps interweaved, composing a melodious tune. Even the lamplight within the room became faint and lurid.

The two-meter-wide bed was messed up by the two and the battlefield, wherein they strived for a decisive victory, continued from the room to the bathroom. In short, it was a night of sleeplessness and ecstasy. After fighting lustily in one battle after another, the man, who had been firmly holding back, finally erupted. He was quite formidable.

Meng Ting spared no effort to cooperate, but his standpoint was different. He was so good physically, but he only ended up begging for mercy.

Although it was not as serious as when he fell unconscious in the past, he could not move at all after the tossing and turning. He was picked up by Yan Sui from the bathtub and carried back to the room. His cheeks and even his body were all flushed. He looked like he was in a trance, still trapped in the overly exciting aftertaste of what they did and could not get to free himself.

Yan Sui was rarely satisfied with only one round. This time, he was more considerate. He took Meng Ting to the sofa and then called the customer service. The attendant sent a clean quilt cover. Yan Sui did not ask them to come in. He did it himself and tidied the bed up. Once done, he came over and carefully carried Meng Ting back in his arms.

After that, he examined Meng Ting’s body. This time, he became even more proficient in providing treatment than he had ever done several times before.

He laid down on the bed once again and gently embraced the boy. He could not restrain his inner joy and satisfaction; he kissed Meng Ting on his forehead.

When Meng Ting laid on the sofa earlier, he just kept his eyes closed to regain his strength. Now that they were on the bed, he moved a little and drew closer to Yan Sui. His eyelashes gently fluttered, but he still could not open his eyes. After some time, he whispered, “Good night.”

“Good night.” Yan Sui answered and rubbed his chin against Meng Ting’s hair, then he also closed his eyes.

Both men had played crazily late into the night. Meng Ting realized that he had slept until nine o’clock. He was in a daze as he opened his eyes. Yan Sui’s voice came through, “You have a fever, so we’re not going out today. Let’s have breakfast first. If you still feel sleepy, you can just go back to sleep. I’ll stay with you.”

When Yan Sui woke up at around eight o’clock, he discovered that Meng Ting had a low-grade fever. After making two phone calls, the attendant sent them some medications. Seeing that Meng Ting was in a deep sleep, he did not have the will to wake the boy up, so he just stayed with Meng Ting in bed.

Of course, those medications were for external use only since Meng Ting could not take in an oral antipyretic. Because of this, Yan Sui blamed himself.

Meng Ting closed his eyes, then he opened them completely after a little while. He reached out from the quilt, touched his cheeks and forehead first, then went on to find Yan Sui’s hand. hand. After grabbing Yan Sui’s hand, he spoke, “I’ll be fine. It’ll be alright after I take a good rest…”

There was a little hoarseness in his voice that could not be overlooked. The slower he spoke, the more that his face became red, not because of fever, but because he recalled a few overly intense scenes. His gaze met with Yan Sui’s, then he blinked, and stretched his other hand out.

“I want to go to the bathroom.”

Before he could even lift to open the quilt, Yan Sui acted first and picked Meng Ting up. When Yan Sui swept his eyes and saw some hickeys on the side of Meng Ting’s neck, his eyes uncontrollably darkened a little. After Meng Ting emptied his bladder, Yan Sui went on washing his face and rinsing his mouth. There was completely no room for Meng Ting to do it all by himself since Yan Sui helped him with all of these.

Yan Sui kissed Meng Ting on his blushing cheek, then he brought the boy back to the only sofa in the room.

“You can’t take meds, but the doctor still needs to examine you, and only then will I feel relieved. I’ll invite him in.”

A private doctor had waited for half an hour in the living room outside the room. Yan Sui was afraid of Meng Ting’s rejection. Of course, he wanted to tell Meng Ting first before he would invite the doctor to come in.

Meng Ting nodded, then he held the glass, and continued to drink the water. He overused his voice last night and now, he had not recovered yet. The voice he produced was so strange and it could make people’s imagination run wild very easily.

A foreign doctor came in. He measured Meng Ting’s temperature first, then he placed his stethoscope on Meng Ting’s chest and listened to it several times. After that, he made him open his mouth widely. After examining Meng Ting carefully, he began to talk with Yan Sui using F Country’s language.

Overall, he said that there was nothing wrong with Meng Ting’s body. If he takes the medicine, he would get better soon. However, if he could not take the medicine, he should take enough rest for the next two days to get better.

While he was explaining this, he unconsciously swept his gaze to Meng Ting. He pulled Meng Ting’s collar open and those marks were exposed. He was nearsighted to the greatest extent, but he must have seen these as well. He did not have to think about it. He already knew how fierce the battle was between the two men last night. Immediately after that, he was blocked by Yan Sui.

“Cough, cough,” He coughed twice and explained some precautions. Ultimately, he was reminded by Yan Sui to pay attention to his sense of propriety and only then did he leave.

Meng Ting looked up and turned to Yan Sui, then he naturally stretched his hands out. After that, he was hugged by Yan Sui.

In fact, he did not have to be hugged to this point, but he felt that Yan Sui wanted to hug him. He was truly a bit unwell. Both were willing to, so there was nothing to worry about.

After he finished feeding Meng Ting the plain rice congee and giving him a drink, Yan Sui carried him back to the bed in their room.

Yan Sui ruffled Meng Ting’s hair. “I wasn’t good last night.”

Having heard what he said, Meng Ting looked surprised. He looked down, then he grabbed Yan Sui’s hand, and played with it. The hoarseness in his voice became better when he woke up, but it had not completely faded away yet. “Do you regret it? I…I tempted you. If you regret it, doesn’t that mean you’re saying you’re not good?”

Meng Ting did not know if he used this ‘tempted’ word right or not, but in the big picture, he must not state that it was erroneous. Yan Sui restrained himself last night and it was Meng Ting who refused to let him endure, which later on led the two of them to lose their control. If Yan Sui says that he was not good, then he would not be good as well.

Having heard what he said, Yan Sui heaved a light sigh of relief. He did not sit on the stool next to the bed; instead, he got up and sat down on the bed, then he leaned over and hugged Meng Ting. He slightly looked to his side and kissed Meng Ting’s earlobe. Afterward, he opened his mouth and responded, “I don’t regret it.”

Last night was still a beautiful and unforgettable night for him. Two men who had such an affinity for one another, their bodies and minds were united as one and their souls trembled following its wake. How could he regret such a circumstance?

However, he should be distressed now; distressed because Meng Ting, who should have not been sick, was sick because of this.

“Then that’s good.” Meng Ting heaved a sigh of relief. He embraced Yan Sui back and caressed his back.

“I want to make you happy. If you’re happy, I’m happy, too.”

The reason was so simple, but also simple enough to make people feel moved.

Meng Ting pondered over it again, then he added, “Don’t blame yourself. Don’t be upset, okay?”

“Okay,” Yan Sui responded, then lifted his body slightly, and kissed Meng Ting on his lips. His face was full of smiles, the kind of smile that was warmed up by Meng Ting.



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      I am so happy to be given this chance as an invinsible entity to witness all this fluff and sweetness!!! lots of love from me you sweet sugary pair!

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  1. Aww.. did Yan Sui bathed him with cold water or they truly went overboard? I had the image of a healthy youth for Meng Ting but he contracted low fever from this. Could it be due to his nutrition quality growing up? So his immunity system a bit messed up?
    But the aftercare and that threat towards the doctor for not attending to propriety. This two are very territorial ❤.


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