TUMBT : Chapter II – 32

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie, Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

When the first crow of the cock sounded early in the morning, Mu Xueshi opened his big and round eyes. As habituated, he turned to look at the Third Prince. Rarely did the Third Prince sleep until this time. The handsome face which was facing toward Mu Xueshi looked relaxed and his brows were smoothed out.

Mu Xueshi completely forgot about what happened yesterday after he got drunk. He only remembered that before he got drunk, the Third Prince helped him apply the medicated patch and he said that he was going to accept the imperial concubine.

After recalling that the Third Prince was going to accept the imperial concubine, Mu Xueshi’s good mood early in the morning was shrouded in haze. He sighed heavily and got up to get out of the bed. Since Mu Xueshi slept in the inner side of the bed, in order to not disturb the Third Prince, he had to take a stride over the Third Prince’s body.

As a result, when Mu Xueshi lifted his leg up, he felt a stabbing pain in his private parts. That unexpected pain made Mu Xueshi let out a horrible shriek as he fell on top of the Third Prince’s body, jerking the Third Prince awake.

The Third Prince slowly opened his eyes. He motionlessly looked at Mu Xueshi and Mu Xueshi quietly stared at him as well. Originally, Mu Xueshi wanted to either apologize or beg for mercy, but seeing that the Third Prince did not look like he was angry, he reached out and stroked the Third Prince’s forehead while saying, “You‘re dreaming. Go back to sleep.”

The Third Prince wanted to laugh inwardly. Mu Xueshi always spoke whimsically, but he looked very cute. The just-awakened Mu Xueshi’s underclothes loosely hang on his shoulders, his eyes were already perfectly round, and those big eyes with overflowing radiance were full of smiles.

The Third Prince wanted to sit up with Mu Xueshi, but who would have thought that Mu Xueshi would forcefully push the Third Prince down with his slender arms, before bumping his head on the Third Prince’s chest quite a few times.

“Speak, are you a man who pays more attention to a lover than friends?”

Mu Xueshi pointed at the Third Prince’s nose, forcing an answer.

At first, the Third Prince did not understand what Mu Xueshi meant. His eyes revealed a bit of uncertainty. After slowly pondering over the meaning of the words sex and friends, he understood what Mu Xueshi meant.

“Yes!” The Third Prince replied bluntly.

Mu Xueshi solemnly misunderstood what the Third Prince meant. Mu Xueshi’s “sè” and the Third Prince’s “sè” simply did not hold the same meaning. Hearing that answer, Mu Xueshi hit one of the posts of the embroidered mahogany bed several times. He said with resentment, “I knew you’d be like this…”

[Barb’s funny note: 色 or “sè” can refer to both ‘lover’ and ‘sex.’ Here, Mu Xueshi meant the first, but the Third Prince thought it was the latter.]

The Third Prince did not understand why Mu Xueshi got angry. Mu Xueshi, however, had already separated himself from the Third Prince. The Third Prince also got out of the bed to assist in changing his clothes. Mu Xueshi blocked the Third Prince’s hands and said, “You don’t need to do this. You won’t be able to do this for me for my whole life anyway. I have to be self-reliant.”

When the Third Prince truly withdrew his hands, Mu Xueshi could not help but feel abandoned. Looking at the Third Prince’s eyes, there was a hint of sorrow.

Who would have thought that after a moment, the Third Prince would suddenly say, “Precisely, I want to help you get dressed all your life.”

Those words made Mu Xueshi’s heart thump all of a sudden. After quite a long time, when Mu Xueshi finally woke up from his daze, the Third Prince had already began to assist him in changing into his clothes. Mu Xueshi asked to probe, “Then what about sleeping with your concubine? Don’t tell me you’re going to get up early and come over to help me get dressed?”

The Third Prince answered with an expressionless face, “I won’t embrace nor sleep with anyone other than you.”

“Don’t…don’t be so stupid. I can sleep by myself. And…and…you can also look for someone else to change my clothes…having you say these words is enough. I know you treat me well…”

When Mu Xueshi said these words, he blinked and the corners of his eyes became moist. From childhood until he grew older, let alone such assurance, even if it was a verbal agreement, the others were not willing to keep their promises with him. Sorrow and affection—these two feelings intertwined in his heart.

Mu Xueshi was very reluctant to accompany the Third Prince in the future if the one in his life was not him. Indeed, the Heavens fail to meet the aspiration of the people. Perhaps it was his own greed which made himself fall into such a trap.

By the time Mu Xueshi had finished talking, the Third Prince had already finished helping Mu Xueshi put on his clothes. He took Mu Xueshi and walked over to the bronze mirror to comb his hair. Although the Third Prince was a high-ranked prince, he often worked on decking himself out because he did not like getting touched by others too much.

Mu Xueshi was amazed when he saw himself in the bronze mirror. He rarely paid attention to this face, primarily because of the face itself; but now, this notion of his slowly became blurry. He no longer cared about what the original owner of his body looked like. Even so, Mu Xueshi still could not help but gasp in admiration because of this face.

“How handsome! Don’t you think so?” Mu Xueshi looked up to ask the Third Prince.

A smile emerged in the corners of the Third Prince’s eyes. When Mu Xueshi caught sight of the Third Prince’s smile, he suddenly felt a lot more cheerful. He looked once again at his own visage that was capable of bringing a nation to ruins. Sooner or later, he felt a bit effeminate, so he said to the Third Prince, “Comb my hair and make it look a bit manlier. I don’t like how effeminate it looks like right now, okay?”

The Third Prince nodded with a gentle smile. He combed Mu Xueshi’s hair and made a little bun on top of his head. At first, he wanted to let a few locks of hair fall down on Mu Xueshi’s shoulders, but Mu Xueshi made a disgruntled noise and did not let him do so. So the Third Prince had no choice but to coil up Mu Xueshi’s hair into a tight bun, although originally it was let down to his waist.



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