DB&ML : Chapter 6.2

Author: Dong Mi

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

After Pinjun was done with the advertisement shooting, he simply notified everyone and rushed out. However, Yan Fei appeared at the same time and asked him if he and Pinky wanted to go to the celebration feast together.

“Sorry, Director. I still have something to do at home. I have to go back immediately.” Because of his impatience, Pinjun’s tone seemed like he was in a rush. Yan Fei could not help but be dumbfounded all of a sudden. Awkwardness spread between the two.

“Then, how about you, Pinky?”

“I like to eat barbecue the most!”

Pinky knew that Pinjun was impatient to give the key back to his little prince, so while pushing him away, she responded to Yan Fei. After Pinjun left, she also did not forget to explain that his brother had an important matter which he had to deal with, hoping Yan Fei would not mind.

Pinjun ran across the campus and desperately rushed home with his scooter, in fear that Haiqing was waiting outside for too long. The advertisement was shot longer than expected and the details confirmation and retakes were more cumbersome than Pinjun had expected. Therefore, when he had a hard time rushing to get home but did not see Haiqing, he was full of qualms.

Could it be that he waited for too long, so he went somewhere else to pass the time?

Pinjun wandered around from one end of the alley to the other several times. After confirming that he did not see the man, he took the key, opened the door and entered. The empty room was awfully quiet. There was still an essence of life before he left the house this morning. Pinjun smoothly threw the sandwich bag from the table into the trash can, then sat on the sofa, and gasped.

He was very worried.

Pinjun left in a hurry and continuously pressed forward with his scooter. Because of the speed, his mind was completely set on the road when he was riding it. Now, after he had completely relaxed, his whole body was drenched in cold sweat. His clothes stuck to his body and it felt a bit uncomfortable. His panting was particularly heavy and he was very exhausted. He took his phone out and pressed the shortcut button to dial Haiqing’s number and ask where he was.

Click — the sound of the door knob being turned came through.

Pinjun stood up from the sofa and went on to welcome Haiqing.

“Where have you been?”

“I went to find Xiao K.” While Haiqing was taking his shoes off, he added, “At first, I wanted to go and eat with him. Turns out he was still busy.”

Haiqing’s voice had a tinge of impatience. After careful observation, Pinjun found that Haiqing never looked at him since he came in. “I’m sorry. I was in school…helping the teacher organize some files.” Pinjun thought that Haiqing was unhappy because he did not immediately respond to his difficulties. On top of that, he felt guilty for keeping the shooting of the advertisement a secret to Haiqing, so he instinctively apologized first.

“Have you eaten?” Pinjun reached out and wanted to take the bag and jacket that Haiqing was carrying, but Haiqing ignored him and went to the room.

“Not yet.”

“Then, wanna go out and grab something to eat?” Pinjun anxiously grabbed Haiqing’s arm. “Let’s eat spicy hotpot?”

“I don’t feel like eating.”

“All right! I’m sorry!” Pinjun was really worried this time. Such ironic remarks from Haiqing scared Pinjun. He was afraid, scared that his own blunder would outweigh his painstaking efforts to have a happy relationship, and would consequently lead this relationship to fall apart.

Haiqing did not look at his face and only looked at Pinjun from the corners of his eyes.

“My phone was out of power and I forgot to charge it. That’s why I didn’t call back right away. Don’t be angry!”

A moment ago, his complexion was merely annoyed; the kind of outward moodiness that happens when one meets a small challenge in life and when things were not going smoothly. But now, it was as if Haiqing had found out about some kind of immense and dark inside story. He was filled with weariness and downright anger.

“Why am I angry?” Haiqing smiled and asked him a question in response, “Why do you think I’m angry?”

“Because…I didn’t answer a lot of your calls. Now you also look cold and indifferent!” Pinjun thought his own feelings were not wrong. He was not the only child. He was also the brother of an especially pampered younger sister and he was not weak in detecting other people’s emotions. “You’re angry.”

“I. Am. Not!”

Pinjun’s persistence was no less than Haiqing’s unshakable mouth. The dispute between the two was full of meaningless emotional confrontation just like the dispute between a high school couple. In the end, Haiqing showed signs of fatigue and even fiddled his hair with his fingers. When he blinked and moved his eyes, he exuded a faint grievance all over.

“Then why are you lying?”

“I…what do you mean I’m lying?” Pinjun was flustered. The fact that he was hiding the advertisement shooting from Haiqing made him suddenly freeze in a twinkling of an eye and this reaction did not escape Haiqing’s eyes.

“You’re shooting an ad in school. Why did you lie to me, saying that you’re helping the teacher to organize some files?” Haiqing squinted as he looked at him.

“How did you know?”

“After I arrived to school, the on-site employees told me.”

“You went to school…then why did you lie to me and said that you went to look for Xiao K?” The nervousness he had when he came back earlier and did not see Haiqing resurfaced and he sounded a bit worried when he was asking him; nevertheless, Haiqing considered such reaction as finding fault in him.

“It’s you who lied first. It’s you who deceived me first. Why are you questioning me?” Haiqing was like a hedgehog, going all out in defending its life.

“I didn’t have time to make it clear. It’s true that I went to school! It’s just that…” Pinjun realized that even if he repeated a hundred times, he could not simply tell Haiqing about the “ad shooting.” When he decided to take on the shooting from the very beginning, he had already decided to hide the truth from Haiqing.

“Just that you were shooting an ad and not organizing files?” He finished Pinjun’s sentence.

Seeing that Pinjun’s mouth was slightly open and could not say anything, he knew it in himself that he hit the nail on the head.

“I only went to find you to get the keys. Moreover, I’m not forbidding you to go and get a job outside of your class time. Why did you…”

Haiqing had not finished what he was saying when he suddenly felt listless.

Everything that happened today was like a farce. Haiqing felt his body was scalding hot and his lips were shaking with his hands. He was aware that he was very agitated, but he did not understand what the actual reason was. At the moment, he only wanted to restrain the divergence of his emotions.

“Okay, anyway…anyway, I’m not angry.”

“You’re lying.”

“I guess you don’t believe in me.” Haiqing took his bag, then entered his studio, and closed the door. He felt so tired and unhappy. He thought that if he continued to confront Pinjun, he would become less and less like himself.

Pinjun followed him until outside of the studio, hesitating whether he should knock on the door or not. In the end, he chose to let Haiqing be alone and sat back on the sofa again to contemplate.



3 thoughts on “DB&ML : Chapter 6.2

  1. Table122000

    Thanks so much to the DB &ML team for all your hard work translating this novel! I really enjoyed reading this chapter. Pinjun should have just been honest with Haiqing from the beginning. The conflicts are starting for their relatiionship. Things should get interesting now. Looking forward to the next chapter!


    1. I watched the series some time ago and was really happy to have found your translation of the original novel it is based on. I very much enjoy your translation work and hope you will continue and soon upload the next chapter! Thanks a lot for your hard work!


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