BMHS : Chapter 44.2 – I want to make you happy. If you’re happy, I’m happy, too.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Renkun27

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

The kiss was light and gentle just like Yan Sui’s hand that was caressing Meng Ting’s hair. The comfort brought about by this made him sleepy. After that, he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep once again.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Meng Ting woke up. When Yan Sui checked his temperature once again, he no longer had fever and the boy also looked very energetic. However, regardless if he went to the living room or to the bathroom, he was still carried by Yan Sui.

The two men were glued to each other as if they could not be separated at any time.

Meng Ting really slept for quite a long time. When he woke up this time, no matter how Yan Sui coaxed him, he still could not fall asleep. Yan Sui took Meng Ting’s clothes off once more and after confirming that it would not really affect him while walking, only then was he willing to take Meng Ting out for a walk to places near the hotel.

When both men came out of the elevator, they saw a blonde man in a suit head on. He had about the same height as Yan Sui. The moment he saw Yan Sui, he immediately smiled. His eyes were especially attractive.

The guests passing by wanted to take a photo of him, but they were immediately stopped by the staff.

“Yan, I was about to come and look for you.” He said. When he looked at Meng Ting, the smile on his face became a little bigger. “Meng Xi?”

“It’s Meng Ting.” Yan Sui corrected him, then he introduced Meng Ting to him. “This is Ash, my friend just like Gu Lang.”

“Hello.” Meng Ting still used Xia Country’s language to say hello. Since Ash and Yan Sui knew each other, he could understand what Meng Ting said.

“Hello, Meng Meng.” He still could not say the “Ting” sound, so he directly reduplicated Meng Ting’s surname to replace his given name. However, he still had a Westerner’s accent; thus, this “Meng Meng” sounded like “Méng Méng [1].”

([1] Ash pronounced Meng Meng like the first two characters in 萌萌哒 or “méngméngdā” which is the internet slang for adorable/cute.)

“Where are you going?” After saying hello, Ash immediately switched back to F Country’s language. It even looked like he heaved a sigh of relief. Xia Country’s language was obviously not easy for him.

“I want to show Meng Ting around.” He spoke then turned to look at Meng Ting. Ash immediately stopped them. It seemed like he wanted to talk about something.

He took his overcoat off and threw it aside to his assistant while he was talking.

“It’s still quite early for dinner. I’ll keep you company, guys, while you take a walk. I’m familiar with the vicinity. I’ll take you where you guys can have some fun.”

Yan Sui looked at him, then he turned and said something to Meng Ting. After that, he nodded in response.

Seeing that Yan Sui had nodded, the smile on his face continued to magnify. “Let’s go. This way.” He looked like he was more excited to have some fun than Yan Sui and Meng Ting.

He waited for them to come out of the hotel. He did not need to ask Yan Sui. He recruited himself.

“I don’t want to get married. My Dad and Mom are so annoying.” It turned out that he came so early to the hotel, not because of Yan Sui and Meng Ting, but because he was going to meet a lady in the restaurant. “She’s so annoying. I already told her that I don’t like her, but she asked my Mom to ask me to go and meet her.”

“Yan, Meng Meng, let me follow you guys, yeah.”

He flaunted his pitiful look. They could no longer see his elite look when they first met him, not even in the least bit. He was just a big boy who was acting shamelessly.

Yan Sui swept a glance at him. Meng Ting, who was being pulled, had not figured out what to say yet. He continued to walk over, which could be considered giving his tacit consent for Ash to follow them.

“If they will force me, I’ll follow you guys to go to Xia Country.”

He was not completely angry when he muttered these few words. He was really swayed by this thought. That woman who was still waiting for him in the hotel—her family background matched his. She was hard to deal with. He could not get rid of her in a short time and he did not want to compromise either. He did not want to marry someone who he did not like.

“If you want to come, just come with us. You don’t have to say it.” Yan Sui knew about his situation. He was not in F Country a few days ago. It seemed like he went away to hide from her. However, if he did not want to return to F Country, he would be immediately pestered again.

“This way, this way!” He laughed and immediately made a ruckus, “There’s something amusing in the pedestrian street over there and the flea market here is interesting. It’s the liveliest time at the moment.”

Yan Sui stopped walking for a moment, then he pulled Meng Ting and followed after Ash.

The flea market was located behind a winding alley. They walked around for twenty minutes before they arrived at the place. This was the route that Ash was familiar with.

Before they even arrived, they could hear the roaring bustle, the hawking of street sellers, the singing and music of street performers, and the cheering of the people. It was as if the people in the whole city had crowded here. There was also a lot of tourists like them. In short, it was a very interesting place.

Yan Sui turned to look at Meng Ting and saw that there was no discomfort on his face. After seeing this, he pulled him and continued to walk over.

Ash could almost compete with Zhen Han in terms of his chattiness. He endlessly spoke in a mixture of various languages. Sometimes, Meng Ting could still understand a sentence or two, but it affected his mood and piqued his curiosity.

As a matter of fact, it felt quite amusing to touch and look around throughout the journey.

“What are they doing over there?”

A circle of onlookers blocked the road. The road that was not originally very wide became even narrower.

Yan Sui and Ash were not short, but in this country, there were dozens and dozens of foreigners who were two meters tall. Ash acted as a pioneer and squeezed in the crowd to take a look at it first. It took quite a while before he was able to squeeze out.

“A passerby is having a showdown with a street dancer, so cool [2]!”

([2] So cool was originally written in English.)

Yan Sui and Meng Ting still have not decided whether they also wanted to take a look at it or not when the people behind them started to force their way in. Because of this, they could only seize this opportunity to move forward as well.

Yan Sui shielded Meng Ting and because of this, Meng Ting was not harmed by the overcrowding. In the end, they were able to squeeze into the front and witness the lively and brilliant showdown.

No doubt, Meng Ting could not dance, so he did not appreciate it that much, but following in the wake of the applause was not a problem for him. He did not smile that much, but the way he clapped his hands looked very sincere.

Unexpectedly, that passerby dancer had a red rose in his hand. While he was dancing, he suddenly approached Meng Ting. Before Meng Ting could even react, he stuffed the rose in Meng Ting’s hand and kissed the back of his hand. After that, the passerby dancer reflexively went back to dancing.

The way he acted was completely beyond Meng Ting’s expectations, but the people around him, including Ash, did not know how to react. Yan Sui glared at the rose in Meng Ting’s hand and wanted to let him throw it, but he chose not to speak.

Meng Ting unconsciously sniffed the rose. It was a very fresh and unblemished rose. He turned gently and looked at that man who was still busy dancing. He thought he would wait and give it back to the man later.

The atmosphere became livelier because of the sudden flower offering. The passerby dancer swept a gaze at Meng Ting from time to time, then he looked at Yan Sui’s warning gaze. He smiled and gave a bow. This had concluded the dance showdown.

As for the outcome of the showdown, each person had their own opinion. There was no need to say it, and there was no need to force it.

However, when the crowd dispersed, some headed north and some went south. For a moment, the overcrowding became even more terrible.

“Hey, what‘s your name?”

Before Meng Ting could even turn around, the man, who had just finished dancing and was drenched in sweat, walked over to him. Meng Ting looked at him and threw the rose back. “I don’t want your rose.”

After Meng Ting finished speaking, he turned around and saw the back of a man whom he suspected to be Yan Sui and was being pushed away by the crowd. He quickly chased after him.

The dancer picked up the rose on the ground and he looked quite dejected. He wiped his sweat away and smiled helplessly. Falling in love at first sight was not at all easy, but Meng Ting already had a husband.

He waited for the crowd to move a little more smoothly before he would leave, but before he could even take a few steps, he was blocked by a man.

“Did you see the boy whom you gave the rose before?”

Ash looked quite anxious as he grabbed the young dancer’s hand. On his side, Yan Sui’s face was totally dark.

He wanted to push some people away in front of him for Meng Ting, but when he turned around, he could no longer see, not even the shadow of the boy behind him.

Yan Sui tried to look for him throughout the way, but in the end, he saw Ash who was waiting for them outside and there was no such thing as Meng Ting’s figure within his line of sight. Both men immediately turned around to come back and look for him. Seeing the dancer, they did not let go of the opportunity to ask him.

He was still holding the rose that Meng Ting returned to him earlier. Of course, he could not say that he never saw Meng Ting.

He looked at Yan Sui with brows slightly wrinkled. “He returned my flower, then rushed to find you. What, did he lose the boy?”

He sounded very uneasy when he asked this question, but Yan Sui was even more worried about Meng Ting right now and he did not have the mood to bother about him. He looked at Ash. “Go south and I’ll go north. Give me a call whenever necessary.”

“Right, give him a call!” Ash patted his thigh as if he remembered something.

However, Yan Shui shook his head, “He didn’t bring his phone. It’s being charged in the hotel.”

Yan Sui never expected that he would run into a situation wherein he would lose Meng Ting if he takes him out; otherwise, he would have asked Meng Ting to bring his phone with him.

At this moment, it was not the time to ascertain where the responsibility lies. He nodded at Ash, then continued to look for Meng Ting.

The man who Meng Ting followed walked quickly. Meng Ting got caught up in the crowd before he was able to keep up with the man. When he reached the corner of the street, he subconsciously took a few steps back. The man turned around and shot a glance at Meng Ting to warn him, then he continued to walk.

“That’s not Yan Sui…” Meng Ting said, then he suddenly turned, and looked around. The situation of the crowded street still had not improved. Except for a few people of Xia, who looked particularly conspicuous in his eyes, there was no sign of Yan Sui’s figure.

He turned around and looked once again at that back, which he clearly felt was familiar, as it was about to disappear. Without hesitation, he followed it again.

Only this time, he did not make it obvious that he was following him; rather, he carefully followed him from behind.

However, that man’s level of alertness was beyond Meng Ting’s expectation. He suddenly turned around and looked Meng Ting in the eye. As expected, he was discovered.

He was leaning on the wall of the alley while awaiting for Meng Ting to approach. He dared to do this because he determined that there was no one else around Meng Ting and that he was enough to get rid of Meng Ting, so that he could leave at ease. Furthermore, Meng Ting clearly did not have any ill intentions.

“Why are you following me?”

“I mistook you for someone else.” Meng Ting did not go very close to him. Not only did he think that the man in front of him looked quite like Yan Sui from behind, they even resembled each other by a fraction of seven to eight. It was very likely that this man was the one who Yan Sui and Aunt Manjia had been looking for decades.

“My name is Meng Ting. I got married to Yan Sui this July. Yan Sui of Haicheng, do you know him?”

The man measured Meng Ting with his eyes. From relaxed, he looked like he was on guard, then his expression eased up once again. He had a beard stubble on his face, yet he still looked handsome and refined. His fingers moved and it seemed like he was somewhat not used to not having a cigarette in his hand.

“I don’t know him.”

He looked at Meng Ting and he did not know what to think of. His brows wrinkled, but it was not the impatient type. “Don’t follow me again.”

Meng Ting looked at him, then slowly nodded. “Okay.”

Meng Ting’s obedience was somewhat beyond his expectation. He looked at him once again, then continued to walk into the alley.

Meng Ting continued to stand in the alley for a while before he returned to look for Yan Sui. He was such an adult. He did not think that it was a serious matter that he got lost, but Yan Sui and Ash were already going crazy.

Both men planned to report his disappearance to the police before the sky gets darker and darker.



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