BMHS : Chapter 45.2 – I will want you. I will always want you.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Clapkingle

Proofreader: KainGuru

Meng Ting’s feet moved a bit and stretched out from under the quilt, then he embraced Yan Sui with all of his limbs. He did not know what kind of words he should say to comfort Yan Sui and could only use hugging to convey his intentions.

“Do you want to have people go search for him?”

It was only an hour or two since he met Yan Yu. Even if Yan Yu leaves F Country, he would not be able to move that quickly. If Yan Sui tries searching for him, he could definitely find him.

However, Yan Sui shook his head. “I can’t find him.”

Yan Yu had disappeared for almost twenty-eight years. During that span of more than two decades, he had not been idle. Otherwise, Yan Manjia would not have been unable to find the man even after turning everything over in F Country. Perhaps, he never left F Country or Yan Manjia and Yan Zhenbo’s monitoring efforts were useless on him.

If he wanted to come to F Country, he would come. All along, he was free to come and go as he wished. The men in their family were not idlers; Yan Sui’s grandfather constantly told him this. Perhaps, this was true for Yan Yu as well.

Also, if Yan Sui wanted to see him, searching for him was not the only available means. There were still other ways such as figuring out why he frequently appeared in F Country, figuring out He Yue’s current situation, and letting the truth of the events from those years ago come to light…

When that time comes, Yan Sui would not need to look for him. Yan Yu would appear by himself.

This was also his feeling. Compared to breaking off his relations with He Wan, this feeling was even more intense.

Meng Ting was silent for a moment, then he did not continue with this topic anymore which was somewhat heavy for Yan Sui. “He didn’t let me follow him, so I didn’t follow him. I went back to find you but I couldn’t, then I looked at the time and realized it was already late.”

“A little girl told me that if I was going to apologize, having a gift will make it easier to receive forgiveness, so I helped the boss of a perfume shop and as compensation, he gave me money, which I used to buy the flowers.”

He wanted to make amends by giving that bouquet of flowers to Yan Sui, but Yan Sui dragged him back, and did not care very much about that bouquet. At this moment, it was still left on the floor in the living room.

Meng Ting was not without money. On the contrary, whether it was the dividend given by Yan Sui from his shares or those that were given by the Mengs, it was enough for him to buy the whole shop, whether he wanted the perfume shop or the flower shop.

However, Meng Ting felt that it would be different. It was only by using the money that he earned by himself to buy flowers for Yan Sui that he could show greater sincerity.

“You don’t seem to like it?” Meng Ting asked dejectedly. Not requiring a reply from Yan Sui, he raised his own spirits, “In the future, I’ll give you a better one.”

Although he chose that bouquet carefully himself, the flower selection in the flower shop was still limited, so even if he chose better, it was still not good enough. It made sense if Yan Sui did not like it.

Yan Sui slipped his hand behind Meng Ting’s neck and pulled him close so that they were looking into each other’s eyes, then he slightly moved closer and kissed Meng Ting’s lips. “I like it.”

Just then, Yan Sui could only see Meng Ting. He simply did not have the time to care about the flowers in Meng Ting’s hands. Furthermore, he did not know that Meng Ting especially chose these to make amends to him. He even thought that those flowers were given to him by someone else again.

Meng Ting held the hand on his neck, then pulled it down slightly, and the two men’s foreheads were pressed against one another. After a while, Meng Ting smiled. He rubbed the tip of his nose on Yan Sui’s and asked with a low voice, “That’s good. Are you still angry?” This was his first time seeing Yan Sui get angry and on top of that, Yan Sui was angry at him.

“Are you scared?” Yan Sui was still holding the boy quite firmly. It only made Meng Ting move around in the crook of his arm. For the time-being, wanting to leave this embrace was very unlikely.

Meng Ting thought about it and shook his head softly, but then nodded.

“I’m afraid that you’ll keep being angry with me and won’t talk to me in the future.” He was also afraid that because of this, Yan Sui would not want him anymore.

Although Meng Ting did not say what he was most afraid of, Yan Sui could see right through him. Yan Sui sighed gently, turned his face, and stuck it to Meng Ting’s cheek, then solemnly said in his ear, “I won’t. I will want you. I will always want you.”

“I’ll keep your words in mind, Yan Sui. I’ll remember them forever.” Meng Ting said. Then he put forth his strength in his limbs, and hugged Yan Sui even more tightly.

“Good.” A smile finally emerged on Yan Sui’s face, then he gently patted Meng Ting’s back. He suspected that he had indeed overreacted before, but even if he recalled it again now, that feeling of fear and self-blame was still so intense that it could not be ignored.

Meng Ting was important to him, very important. Yan Sui once again confirmed this point.

After some time had passed, Meng Ting untimely whispered, “I’m hungry.”

After Yan Sui led the boy away, Ash kept hesitating as to whether he should break into the suite or not. He was afraid that Yan Sui would use the same method to deal with Meng Ting that he used with them, but this was his wife. How could he be treated the same as them, his buddies who were thick-skinned and hard-bodied.

He paced around outside the suite, then the door was opened.

Yan Sui led the boy out. His breathing was completely stable and Meng Ting appeared to be entirely unscathed as well. At last, Ash’s heart was able to somewhat settle down again.

He spread out his arms, wanting to give Meng Ting a hug. However, just as he spread them, he was met with Yan Sui’s cold gaze and so immediately withdrew his hands.

“Where did you go, Meng Meng? Yan Sui and I were going crazy.”

Meng Ting looked at him then looked at Yan Sui. After that, he apologized earnestly, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

“No, no, no, it’s my fault…”

As they spoke, they headed to the restaurant. In the end, they still had not come to a conclusion as to who was more at fault.

The dinner was very sumptuous. After Ash returned his mind to his stomach, he became lively once again. Yan Sui did not give any responses and Meng Ting would nod his head once in a while, which did not affect him talking as he recounted everything from beginning to end. The price of this was that he was mercilessly stuffed a bellyful of dog food from Yan Sui and Meng Ting.

Even considering people who looked after their sons, there was no one as meticulous as Yan Sui. Anything that Yan Sui could do for him, Meng Ting would not need to move at all. Thus, Ash finally realized that he had been worried earlier for nothing. How could Yan Sui possibly lay a hand on Meng Ting?

After dinner, Ash did not carry on with his suggestion for the river tour. All three of them had a scare today to some degree. Yan Sui appeared to have recovered now, yet the extent of his recovery was still uncertain.

“The chauffeur’s waiting for orders at all times. If you want to go anywhere, just give me a call. I won’t bother you now.”

Ash also had matters of his own that troubled him. He could not hide with Yan Sui and Meng Ting here, so he naturally had to find another place to go to.

They separated at the elevator in front of the restaurant. Yan Sui turned to look at Meng Ting. “Do you still want to go out for a walk?”

Meng Ting took measure of Yan Sui, then shook his head after a moment of hesitation. Only after such a long time had passed did he finally start to feel a bit of fear. It was the fear that if he gets lost, he might never see Yan Sui again. Therefore, for the time-being, he did not want to go out.

“Okay, let’s go back to the room.”

Yan Sui touched Meng Ting’s cheek gently, then took him to the elevator.

It was still early after they showered. Meng Ting rested next to the window looking at the myriad of lights twinkling in the city. His expression and mind both felt very tranquil. When Yan Sui came out of the bathroom, he went to the window right away and took him into his arms. Following that, more sparkling waves seemed to have appeared in Meng Ting’s tranquility.

The two men embraced each other quietly. Only after a while did Meng Ting turn to look at Yan Sui. “Shall we go home tomorrow?”

Although F Country was really fun and he also liked Rose Manor, he was aware that this place was not their home. Their home was at the place where they got married, in Xia Country, in Haicheng.

“Let’s go home,” said Yan Sui as he turned to kiss Meng Ting’s cheek. Leading with both of his hands, he turned Meng Ting around so that they were looking at each other, then they slowly came closer. It was a kiss that was gentle and carried some distinctive flavor of the night which lasted for a long time and made them forget about themselves.

Their lips separated. Before Meng Ting completely opened his eyes, he was kissed by Yan Sui again. This time, the kiss was not only gentle. It also had a bit of irrepressible desire. The two men kissed while walking over to the sofa. They were even unwilling to find time to go back to their room.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.” Yan Sui whispered in Meng Ting’s ear, then he sucked his earlobe that had already been blushing since earlier. Meng Ting made a noise like a kitten and his cheeks became even rosier.

“Yan Sui…aren’t we going back to our room?”

“Not going back.” Yan Sui answered Meng Ting’s question with certainty. He gently turned him over and lowered his head to bite his Adam’s apple. As his tongue scraped across, half of Meng Ting’s body weakened. His eyes widened slightly. A sense of desire, that he was familiar with yet not completely used to, surged intensely.

His subconscious reaction was to lift his legs and hook them around Yan Sui’s waist, but it did not feel right. Just as he wanted to withdraw them, Yan Sui pressed on his legs to keep them from moving away. “Just like this, don’t move.”

“Okay, okay…” Meng Ting answered and slightly narrowed his eyes. In his hazy line of sight was Yan Sui’s passionate and yet restrained appearance. It was just like the expression he had at dusk when he kissed his whole body, only Meng Ting was not in the mood to look at it then. But now, it was in front of his eyes.

The same feeling he had last night of wanting to make him happy was emerging again. Meng Ting’s hand moved away from the sofa’s pillow and climbed onto Yan Sui’s chest. He leaned forward slightly. Copying the way and the strength of how Yan Sui kissed him, Meng Ting earnestly started kissing him.

Yan Sui wanted to remind him, but he was unable to speak aloud the words he had for asking Meng Ting not to move. He supported the boy to prevent the two of them from falling onto the floor. He continued moving his hands while he endured the way Meng Ting was setting him afire with a complete lack of restraint.

Meng Ting already lost his strength halfway through kissing. After grabbing Yan Sui’s hand and licking his fingertips, his kiss could be counted as completed. However, Yan Sui’s reaction became fiercer than before by a fraction of two.

Last night’s excessive activity made Meng Ting sick. No matter how much he wanted it at the moment, Yan Sui still kept a bit of rationality. However, regarding this kind of thing, Meng Ting was a self-taught little devil with the complete intention of sucking him dry. If Yan Sui was able to continue to endure this, he would have been a man in vain [1].

([1] 枉为男人 [wang wei nan ren] was the phrase used here. ‘Being a man in vain’ had the connotation of wasting, being a man or being undeserved to be called a man. Similar to when people say “he wouldn’t be a man if he could endure this.”)

He first had Meng Ting help him resolve it once by hand, before going into the main topic, but it was precisely this which had made both of them feel like they were going crazy.

“Is it still not… good? I think it should be good…”

Meng Ting laid his stomach on the back of the sofa. His toes curled up slightly and his whole body appeared faintly pink. His hands, feet, and whole body went soft. He had been stimulated to come several times already. However, Yan Sui who was behind him, did not have any trace of wanting to stop and rest.

“Ah, hng…”

It was with great difficulty that he managed to speak a full sentence. It then immediately changed into slight strange soft moans.

“Don’t hold it in. I like your voice.”

Yan Sui moved close to his ear to say this. He gently held him with his arms, supporting Meng Ting’s body which was tilting over again.

“Yan Sui…” Meng Ting turned his head and called out. Seeing the redness increase in his eyes, he continued to call, “Yan Sui, Yan Sui…”

It was a soft call which carried a bit of huskiness and was also brimming with an unconscious tenderness. It completely stimulated the man to the greatest extent.

Yan Sui turned his head to kiss Meng Ting’s lips and finally released, then this session of love activities, which had consumed time and energy for too long, finally came to an end.



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