BMHS : Chapter 46.1 – He seemed to be feeling stranger and stranger that he could not control this strangeness.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Clapkingle

Proofreader: KainGuru

Yan Sui embraced Meng Ting for a while, then he started kissing the boy again. He kissed away the beads of tears which unconsciously exuded from the corners of Meng Ting’s eyes, then he continued to kiss downwards. It was gentle and carried a soothing flavor, as well as some affection that Yan Sui could not express.

In fact, Meng Ting did not reject this kind of kiss at all. He leaned on the sofa and let Yan Sui continue what he was doing.

This kind of tenderness went on until Meng Ting recovered from experiencing the utmost joy of his body. Only then did Yan Sui stop.

Meng Ting’s eyes gradually regained focus. Some of the rosy clouds that had just left his cheeks quietly crawled back. He fixed his gaze on Yan Sui, as if he wanted to determine something from his face.

Yan Sui was quite used to this kind of undisguised gaze from Meng Ting. He turned to kiss him on his lips. After that, he straightened his body, pulled the clothes over beside him, then wrapped it around the boy, and walked to the room.

The window was open and the evening breeze had gradually gotten colder. Since he had played roughly with the boy, they should not stay in this evening breeze for too long.

Yan Sui was becoming more and more proficient with bathing him, applying medicine for him, and coaxing him to sleep.

When Meng Ting closed his eyes in a daze, he whispered a question, “Are you happy?”

Yan Sui looked at Meng Ting. The tips of his brows were slightly raised up. He leaned over and gave Meng Ting a kiss on the forehead. “I’m happy.”

His body and mind united with the person that he likes, how could he not be happy? Especially because Meng Ting was intentionally indulgent and intentionally wanted to make Yan Sui happy. Because of those thoughtful intentions, Yan Sui felt a warm coziness which had lasted even up until now. He was absolutely certain with his answer.

“Hmn,” Meng Ting answered softly, then his features became even gentler than before. Using an even softer voice, he said, “I’m happy, too.”

Yan Sui did not further respond to Meng Ting with any words, but he unconsciously held the boy even tighter.

Perhaps, the statement like “sorrow is born from extreme joy” was not at all unreasonable. In such time of happiness, Yan Sui suddenly thought, if he had not been able to meet Meng Ting in this life, what would become of him?

Perhaps, he would have continued being cold and desolate in his life, just as it was in his former years, and he would not feel that it was not good.

However, now that he had met Meng Ting, he was afraid that it would be difficult to bear those kinds of days again.

Yan Sui’s consciousness slowly sank into chaos, but there were a few things which had been planted deep in his heart tonight. These rapidly took root, sprouted, and brightly blossomed.

Yan Sui woke up several times during the night and he only went back to sleep after confirming that Meng Ting did not have a fever.

The sunlight filtered through the gauze curtain and cast tilted rays which gradually rose into the bedroom. They woke up later than yesterday. Just like this, the biological clock that Meng Ting had maintained for several decades was dragged along by Yan Sui and knocked into confusion.

He opened his eyes in a daze, but he first felt Yan Sui gently massaging his left leg. He paused for a moment, then gave his right leg to him as well. “It’s sore…”

As soon as these words came out of his mouth, he closed it right away. His voice was even stranger than yesterday.

However, it was actually only Meng Ting himself who thought it was strange. His voice carried with it an indolent tone of someone who had just woken up and had a slow unhurried cadence. It was actually extremely seductive. It was not strange but was pleasant to hear and capable of arousing a ticklish feeling in one’s heart.

Yan Sui placed Meng Ting’s right leg over his lap, then he also started rubbing it. Meng Ting slowly sat up, then he slightly leaned on Yan Sui, and kissed his cheek. It served as a reward for Yan Sui who had spared no effort laboriously rubbing his leg.

Yan Sui continued to rub Meng Ting’s leg, then he also turned his other cheek forward, and the corners of Meng Ting’s mouth hooked into a smile. He leaned over once again to give him a kiss and then many more kisses.

This morning was the same as the former days; as sweet as honey, but also extremely ordinary.

After breakfast, they went by car to nearby scenic spots and walked around. Their plane was booked at four o’clock, so they could not go to scenic spots that were too far away.

After eating lunch, the two of them returned to the hotel and continued their cloying couple intimacy. When it was almost time, they left for the airport.

Ash and Yan Mingya rushed over to see them off. The four people had not spoken long at the airport before Yan Sui led Meng Ting to board the plane.

Yan Sui intentionally did not tell Yan Zhenbo about Yan Yu’s appearance in F Country. He did not even make a phone call asking his men to investigate him. It was as if he did not know that Meng Ting met him by chance.

This trip to F Country only lasted about seven days, but many things had happened, or it could be said that it made them discover too many things. Meng Ting’s past history, traces of Yu Meixuan, the truth about her child who had not died, and as well as the confirmation that Yan Yu was alive.

When the plane arrived at Haicheng, it was eleven o’clock at night in F Country, but it was six o’clock in the morning in Haicheng. Zhao Bing and Wang Feng came to pick them up from the airport. As soon as Meng Ting took a seat in the car, he leaned on Yan Sui’s chest and fell asleep in his arms.

Yan Sui wanted to accompany Meng Ting in his sleep, but he had a pile of things in hand. After he confirmed that Meng Ting was in a deep sleep, Yan Sui got up and went to the study. Wang Feng brought quite a lot of documents for Yan Sui to read and there were quite a lot of matters which he needed to explain to him.

The computer was set on video conferences. Big and small meetings went on continuously for approximately three hours. When the conferences came to an end, both men continued dealing with the documents in the pile. Yan Sui suddenly looked at the time. “Let’s have lunch first. We’ll resume at two o’clock.”

“Okay.” Wang Feng nodded and took a look at his wristwatch. He could not help but look at it longer for a few more times. It was only half past eleven.

Why did he feel like his boss was suddenly a lot more humanized after coming back from visiting F Country? Before, when they had a lot of matters to deal with, there would be occasions when they would have their meal at one or two o’clock.

If they were at the Yans’ residence, the meal would generally be delivered by Uncle Wang and Nanny Wang to the study, and they would keep on discussing things while absentmindedly eating a few mouthfuls of food. They would then continue on for two and a half hours. This allowed them to deal with many things.

After Yan Sui finished speaking, he put his pen aside, got up, and left the study along with Wang Feng. Wang Feng went downstairs and waited for lunch first. Yan Sui exchanged some words with the servants who passed by the front of the door, then he returned back to his room. Naturally, he went to look for Meng Ting.

Meng Ting slept continuously and only woke up when it was almost nine o’clock. His mind went blank for a while before remembering that they had returned home. He went downstairs to eat breakfast. Seeing that Yan Sui was in the study with Wang Feng, he did not go and distract them. He carried Furball in one hand and led Rhubarb with his other hand. He took a walk around the lawn with them, then brought them back to the room.

Rhubarb snored at his feet while Furball slept as it nestled in his thighs. Meng Ting concentrated on looking at the computer and slowly moved the mouse around. The screen was full of English words. It was an English document with an especially large amount of jargon.

The experiment which he had almost completed in his previous life still required several crucial procedures. At the time, he had not been able to complete it. Now, not only did he want to continue it, but he also had even more ideas. He wanted to give the best one to Yan Sui as a gift.

“What are you looking at?” Yan Sui had already been in the room for a while, but Meng Ting was so engrossed on what he was doing that he did not notice him coming in. Therefore, Yan Sui could only establish his presence by himself.

When he heard him speak, Meng Ting expressed slight hesitation before looking at Yan Sui. The light in his eyes swayed slightly, as if he summoned all the courage he could possess to say these words, “Yan Sui, I want to return to study and take the exam to get into a university.”

He wanted to have his own laboratory, accomplish the things which he did not complete in his previous life, and give Yan Sui his best work.

After hearing this, Yan Sui did not show any astonishment and he did not even pause. He stroked Meng Ting’s cheek gently and just answered, “Okay.”

He did not ask the reason, nor did he pursue the past. He only wanted to satisfy all of Meng Ting’s requests, let alone this request which was not really anything demanding.

Meng Ting looked at Yan Sui’s gaze which had dropped slightly, then pulled Yan Sui by his collar, and raised his chin slightly. His lips bumped onto Yan Sui, then he kissed the man again out of his own accord. It was not because he felt grateful, but because he only wanted to kiss him, that was all.

Yan Sui gently responded to Meng Ting’s kiss. When Meng Ting was about to withdraw, he changed from being passive to being active and lengthened the kiss. He held the breathless boy in his arms and was unable to conceal the smile that appeared in the corners of his eyes and the tips of his brows.

“We’ll only have each other between us. Our future’s very long. No matter what you want to do, I’ll support you.” These were the words that Yan Sui told Meng Ting and this was also his promise, the promise that he would do his best to fulfill.

Meng Ting rubbed against Yan Sui’s neck when he heard what he said. His cherry colored lips moved slightly, then he replied, “Okay.”

Apart from this, he did not know how else he could respond. He thought that he would not regret this decision.

Wang Feng waited downstairs for half an hour before Yan Sui led Meng Ting down.

After lunch, Yan Sui accompanied Meng Ting first and took a walk for over half an hour, then he returned back to the room and stayed there for an hour. When he went to the study, it was approximately two o’clock as he told Wang Feng before.

Wang Feng finally realized that this way of arranging time was not Yan Sui suddenly becoming humanized; rather, it was that his heart had been gifted to another person, so his time was also gifted away. It was Yan Sui voluntarily letting Meng Ting take up his time.



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