BMHS : Chapter 46.2 – He seemed to be feeling stranger and stranger that he could not control this strangeness.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Clapkingle

Proofreader: KainGuru

Before Yan Sui went into the study, he actually looked for Uncle Xiao to have him arrange for Meng Ting to go back to school and to find teachers for the summer vacation to make up for the missed lessons.

It was only just now that Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang suddenly realized that the patriarch’s wife was only a high school senior.

In the evening, when they were having dinner, Meng Ting received a full set of books, which Uncle Xiao had people go buy. Included with these were examination papers and review materials from Haicheng’s famous senior high school. All of these completely filled two boxes and Yan Sui had people carry them into his study.

Meng Ting looked at it anxiously and Nanny Wang lovingly passed over two more chicken drumsticks for him. She was already mulling over how to build up the health of their patriarch’s wife who would be working hard in his studies.

Yan Sui also placed an eggplant, which Meng Ting liked, into his bowl. “Eat first.”

Meng Ting nodded and withdrew his gaze, then he concentrated on eating.

After their daily walk, he was brought into the study by Yan Sui. Meng Ting wrote on the examination papers while Yan Sui continued dealing with his documents.

Yan Sui swept his gaze toward Meng Ting from time to time. Seeing the tip of his pen continuously moving and his concentrated look, Yan Sui unconsciously got lost in his thoughts while looking at him several times. From the moment Meng Ting focused on picking up the flowers in Rose Manor, Yan Sui discovered that the conscientious Meng Ting was even more eye-catching than the usual Meng Ting.

He was like a diamond, which was suddenly unearthed under the sun, sparkling and shining, enchanting and dazzling. This was the real Meng Ting and Yan Sui was only lucky that he had obtained such diamond before the dust was wiped off of it.

Meng Ting finished Science first, then Mathematics, English, and Chinese, but did not write the long essay. From six o’clock to ten o’clock, he did not move his gaze away from the table in front of him for four whole hours.

And for once, Yan Sui had finally experienced the feeling of being completely neglected.

Meng Ting put his pen down, turned his head, and met Yan Sui’s gaze which was concentrated on him. After which, he could not help but laugh and say, “I’ve finished writing everything besides the essay.”

It had been a long while since Meng Ting’s rebirth, but this whole time, he had not been so serious about something like he was today.

Yan Sui waved his hand at him. Meng Ting then grabbed his examination paper and walked over to him. Before he could even place the examination papers down on the table in front of Yan Sui, he was taken to sit on the spot which Yan Sui had specially allotted for him by slightly moving to the side.

Meng Ting snuggled in Yan Sui’s arms, then he watched as Yan Sui picked up a pen and started correcting his examination papers.

Yan Sui corrected it quite rapidly. In less than twenty minutes, he finished correcting four examination papers. A faint smile appeared on his face, then he rubbed Meng Ting’s hair, and praised him, “The test results were pretty good.”

Meng Ting’s partiality for some subjects over others was a bit serious. Some of his answers for Science and Mathematics were not comprehensive enough, but they were basically all correct, which was definitely uncommon. His English was not bad, his composition was no good, and he got a few of the individual questions wrong in reading comprehension. As for Chinese, he got the lowest score among the subjects. Just by counting in the basic marks of the composition made it somewhat difficult for him to pass.

However, this was already beyond Yan Sui’s expectations. This was not merely because of the results of Meng Ting’s college entrance examination, but also because Meng Ting’s confined high school was different from the ordinary high school. That place was specially designed for troubled teenagers. The purpose of the teachers was not to improve their grades, but to correct their moral conduct, internet addiction, violent tendencies, and so on.

There was no one in that place who would still care about grades. Daily life for the students involved figuring out how to avoid punishment and daily life for the teachers involved figuring out how to control these students who, in their eyes, were rebellious and beyond help. Meng Ting had to learn in that kind of environment. Yan Sui did not know how he accomplished it.

The twinkle in Meng Ting’s eyes brightened and had some inexplicable reservedness toward this sudden exaggeration. He rubbed Yan Sui’s hand then turned his head and leaned onto the table to look at the examination papers, which Yan Sui had earnestly corrected. After looking over it once, he turned and smiled at Yan Sui.

His Yan Sui was not only better than him at fighting, he was better than him at studying as well.

“How did you usually learn?”

Yan Sui held Meng Ting’s waist, placed his chin on his shoulder, and gently asked him. A bit of heartache uncontrollably overflowed from his eyes.

“Just reading books and writing on the test papers. When the others weren’t willing to write on their own test papers, I’d collect them and write on these. Then, I’d slowly get it.”

This ‘slow’ process was actually not short at all and it was not easy either. However, he could not put those hardships into words. Meng Ting was actually glad that he was starting over again at this point in time. If it was earlier or later, he would not be willing. Having endured those three years once…not in the least bit did he want to experience that all over again.

If he was reborn a bit earlier, maybe he would not want to live.

The gloom in Meng Ting’s eyes flickered in specks, then finally dissipated with no traces left. He pushed those examination papers a bit further away, then he turned around and hugged Yan Sui. What should he do? He had someone who loved him and someone who doted on him, and he surprisingly still felt sad.

He seemed to be feeling stranger and stranger that he could not control this strangeness.

Yan Sui paused for a bit before he caressed Meng Ting’s nape. “Are you tired?”

“Hmn,” Meng Ting answered softly, then he raised his arms to hold Yan Sui’s neck. He leaned on the side of Yan Sui’s neck and mumbled, “Carry me back to the room.”

After hearing what he said, Yan Sui looked to his side to kiss Meng Ting’s hair. Without replying, he directly lifted the boy, got up, and went back to their room. As before, Yan Sui helped Meng Ting with bathing, washing and everything else. When he himself came out of the bathroom, Meng Ting’s mood seemed to have returned to normal.

He hugged his knees while leaning on the pillow. Realizing that Yan Sui was back, he immediately pulled the quilt open.

After Yan Sui got onto the bed, Meng Ting laid down and shifted into his arms.

Yan Sui kissed Meng Ting on his lips. “Good night.”

“Good night.” Meng Ting kissed Yan Sui back, then he closed his eyes.

Yan Sui gazed at the boy for a long time before closing his eyes as well. However, after quite a long time, he was unable to fall asleep. Something was clearly amiss with Meng Ting’s mood when they were in the study just now, but he was unable to find the real root cause of it and did not have the heart to directly ask Meng Ting.

When he woke up the next day, Meng Ting had completely returned to normal. After he ate breakfast, Yan Sui accompanied him to see the teachers who came teach him for his missed lessons. After reading Meng Ting’s examination papers, only the Chinese and English teachers stayed behind.

In terms of Science and Mathematics [1], those teachers had nothing to teach Meng Ting. There was still room for improvement in Chinese and English, but Meng Ting’s understanding of these two subjects basically had already reached the limits of what he was currently capable of.

([1] Looks like the author missed writing Mathematics as well so we added it. The next phrase said “those teachers.” So we’re assuming it’s referring to the Science and Math teacher based on the context.)

Several teachers predicted that Meng Ting’s score in the next year’s exam would not be much different from the current one.

Actually, making up the missed lessons was not necessary. Even the English and Chinese teachers only took turns to come on alternate days. Neither of them would come on weekends. Like other teachers, they reckoned leaving homework for Meng Ting or completing examination papers would be fine.

He took two hours of classes every day and was guaranteed to complete two sets of examination papers every week. The rest of the time, he had the same freedom as before to walk the dog, play with the cat, or use graph paper to calculate the questions that he needed to solve. From the time they came back from their honeymoon until July had passed, this was how Meng Ting had spent his days.

Yan Sui was busy for the first three days but was not that busy after that. He left the house at eight o’clock every day and returned home punctually at half past five. The English and Chinese teachers did not come at the weekends, so Yan Sui would take Meng Ting to the company. Sometimes, if he finished work early, he would even take him to the streets for a walk and buy him some delicious treats.

Today was the same. Yan Sui passed on the matters he had in hand to his subordinates, then he left the company ahead of time with Meng Ting.

“Where are we going?” Meng Ting pulled Yan Sui’s hand and swayed it, then he slightly turned his gaze sideways to look at the man. His flirtatious expressions were boundless, but he was unaware of it.

“Let’s go and buy something nice to eat for you first,” Yan Sui whispered as he drew the boy a bit closer. From an onlooker’s point of view, it looked like he was saying some particularly touching sweet nothings to Meng Ting. In short, every time he took Meng Ting to the company, people inside and outside would have to witness their ‘show’ many times.

Meng Ting’s eyes brightened when he heard what Yan Sui said and immediately nodded. “Last time’s roasted chestnuts with sugar were really delicious. Let’s buy that again.”

“Okay.” While Yan Sui spoke, he was protecting Meng Ting’s head in advance before having him take a seat in the car. Only after that did he himself get into the car.

However, they had just bought the roasted chestnuts with sugar and had not yet decided on the next course of their journey when Yan Sui received a phone call.

“Okay, we’ll come over.”

Meng Ting moved his lips, then he looked at Yan Sui. He was still very aware that he thought Yan Sui’s ‘we’ was Yan Sui and himself.

“My grandmother got sick a while ago. The beginning of her recovery from this serious illness coincides with her birthday and she wants us to come over.”

When Yan Sui said these words, his tone was quite calm. He rubbed Meng Ting’s hair then led the boy, walking him over to the car. “Let’s take a look at her then come back.”

Over the years, Yan Sui had not been to his grandparents’ birthday celebrations. It was not only He Wan who was refused and kept outside the door. He was also the same. Even the gifts, which he had sent, had been returned. He already did what he had to do. As for the other side’s reaction, it was not within Yan Sui’s consideration.

After he received this call, Yan Sui really felt quite surprised.



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  1. It’s no time to get nostalgic, boys!! Live happily and enjoy each other’s company!

    What are the grandparents scheming now?

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