BMHS : Chapter 47.1

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Clapkingle

Proofreader: KainGuru

Afterwards, Yan Sui was awfully quiet in the car. He was wondering what caused the He family’s Old Madame to want him to come over.

In any case, it should not be the case that after an episode of illness, she managed to come around and was willing to forgive He Wan, then along with that, accept him as well?

A sarcastic expression flashed in Yan Sui’s eyes, and before he could even think much of anything else, his mouth was stuffed with a peeled sugar roasted chestnut.

“It’s sweet and sticky. Very delicious.”

As Meng Ting spoke, he once again immersed himself in continuing to peel the chestnuts. He was very slow with his movements and he had a very focused look on his face. It was as if it was only like this that he could peel the chestnuts successfully. As a matter of fact, this was actually the case. His everyday physical operational skills were indeed very lacking; even peeling chestnuts was not an exception.

Yan Sui chewed it. What Meng Ting said was not wrong. It was indeed very sweet and very sticky, just like Meng Ting, himself, whom he had tasted before.

He took the paper bag of sugar roasted chestnuts from Meng Ting’s embrace. Using the speed that was three or four times quicker than Meng Ting’s, he peeled a chestnut then also fed it to Meng Ting.

“I’ll peel it.” Yan Sui saw that Meng Ting stopped and was chewing his food. He lowered his head slightly and kissed the sweet-tasting lips while saying this.

Meng Ting could not help but cast a glance toward the front seat from the corner of his eyes. Unfortunately, Yan Sui leaned too close to him and he could not cast a glance at anyone else but him.

“Then I’ll finish peeling this off.” He said as he slightly moved forward and kissed Yan Sui on the lips in the same manner. When he looked up, amorous feelings overflowed from his picturesque features which instantly mesmerized the other person’s eyes.

Yan Sui was good at restraint and it was only because of this that he could endure the urge to press down the boy and kiss him.

Meng Ting finished peeling the chestnut in his hands and as before, fed it to Yan Sui. After that, he got another one and continued to peel it slowly and seriously. At the same time, he was also fed a lot by Yan Sui.

The big bag of sugar roasted chestnuts went down by half. Yan Sui took a look out of the window, then rolled up the opening of the bag, and placed it into the cabinet in the car. “Keep it and eat it at night.”

“Okay.” Meng Ting answered. He was already satisfied. He was only able to eat this many at once because Yan Sui peeled it for him; otherwise, it would take a long time by himself before he could even eat one. This was especially a good feeling. It was even better because Yan Sui peeled them for him.

Yan Sui took out wet wipes from the cabinet and wiped his own hands. After that, he grabbed Meng Ting’s hands to wipe them clean, then he raised Meng Ting’s chin, and wiped his lips.

Meng Ting blinked as he watched. He had already gotten used to the meticulous way Yan Sui took care of him. At the same time, he also memorized these caring actions in his heart. He likes Yan Sui. He liked him more and more each day.

Zhao Bing, who was in the front seat driving the car, had also adapted to Yan Sui and Meng Ting’s unrestrained public show of affection. Actually, it could not be called a ‘show’ because as long as these two stayed together, even without talking, the atmosphere was always warm and sweet. This was quite naturally revealed and it was already envied by many people.

The car stopped in front of the Hes’ old residence. Yan Sui got out from the car first, then led Meng Ting out. A man wearing a suit and leather shoes walked out from the iron gate. He was called He Zhen. He was two years younger than He Yue and two years older than He Wan. He was forty-five years old this year. Although he was halfway through his forties, he looked quite young.

He looked at Yan Sui and a smile appeared on his face. There was not a single trace of him regarding Yan Sui as an outsider. “Come in, Yan Sui. Is this Ting Ting?”

“Second Uncle.” Yan Sui called him. He then turned his head and whispered a few words to Meng Ting.

Meng Ting also followed him and called, “Second Uncle.”

After hearing what was said, He Zhen’s expression slightly froze. It seemed that there was hesitation regarding the ‘Second,’ but he could not retort with anything. Even during the years when He Yue was lost, he was still the second young master of the house and this was something that never changed. These years were also the same.

“My mother wants to see you. Follow me.”

Yan Sui nodded and led Meng Ting along to keep pace with him. The relationship between the two families had been cold all these years. Yan Sui and He Zhen had different positions in the family hierarchy and there were not many interactions between the two as well. Naturally, there were not really any related topics that they could talk about.

Today was the sixty-seventh birthday of the He family’s old madame and there was quite a lot of people who went back and forth, sending gifts and joining in the banquet. As they walked by, naturally, there were people who recognized Yan Sui and Meng Ting. After saying their greetings, a lot of them turned their heads and muttered privately.

He Zhen did not take Yan Sui and Meng Ting to the banquet hall for the guests; instead, they detoured the hall and went to a small courtyard behind the master’s residence. This was where the old madame and old master had been living in these years. They actually had the same habit as Old Master Meng who had particular requirements for tranquility.

They went into a teahouse. After He Zhen asked the servants to serve the tea for Yan Sui and Meng Ting, he left first, then soon after that, he helped Old Madame He to come in.

She was a sixty-seven-year-old woman. Naturally, one could not ask for her to continue to maintain the youthful beauty she had when she was young. The ruthlessness of time makes exceptions for no one, yet there were still some things that could not be erased by time.

Old Madame Su of the Sus was elegant, but Old Madame He was truly gentle. She used ‘Wan’ [1] for the name of her daughter and it was also the hope they had for He Wan. However, He Wan’s conduct and deeds so far had completely deviated from this ‘Wan,’ and to say that it was irony would not be too much.

([1] “婉” = Wan = graceful)

She looked at Yan Sui and in an instant, tears swirled in her eyes. He Zhen consoled her as she sat down and they could even see that her hands were trembling non stop.

“Mom, you just recovered from your illness. Don’t be so worked up.”

He Zhen said as he glanced at Yan Sui and Meng Ting. “Hasn’t Yan Sui come to see you?”

He said this as if it was Yan Sui who refused to have contact with them for all these years, when in truth, it was the complete opposite.

Old Madame He slowly took a few breaths and it was only through this that she had gradually calmed down. She waved her hand. “Go out first. I’ll…talk with Yan Sui for a while.”

The look on He Zhen’s face slightly froze and it also carried with it a bit of hesitation, then he lifted his feet to walk out of the teahouse.

“Grandmother.” Yan Sui addressed her. He could even address He Wan as mother so naturally, he was unhindered with these people. These terms of address did not mean anything. It was not only him who knew this. He Wan and the old lady before his eyes should be clear about it in their minds as well.

“Grandmother.” Meng Ting also followed after him to address her. His gaze did not roam much to look at the inside of the room. He looked at Old Madame He when he addressed her. Once he finished addressing her, he lowered his eyes to look at his and Yan Sui’s intertwined hands.

He could sense that Yan Sui did not look forward to meeting the old lady who was right before them.

“Hey,” Old Madame He responded and her mood slightly fluctuated again. She swept her gaze all around, then looked at the servant inside the teahouse. “Close the windows and go out, too.”

“Yes.” The servant answered and did as requested.

What did Old Madame He want to say? He Zhen was not allowed to listen. The servant was not allowed to listen. She was even afraid that people would eavesdrop.

“Why did you want to see me?”

Yan Sui was the first to open his mouth when the servant closed the door. Before he met Meng Ting, Yan Sui was becoming more and more indifferent. The only two elderly seniors he gave exception to had already passed away. Yan Sui did not think that there was any need for him to perform any filial piety or any show of mutual forgiveness. It was like this before and now, it was still like this.

He thought the person before his eyes also would not want it either. Although she was worked up and sad, it was not because of him. He could see this with a single glance. Pretense was always different from genuine revelation.

Maybe his ability to make discerning judgements was related to the fact that he was becoming more and more indifferent. Up until now, Meng Ting was the only exception.

It really could not be said that Old Madame He had a smooth life. She got married at the age of nineteen and gave birth at the age of twenty. However, her child was only one year old when she lost him. The pain of losing her son followed her for more than twenty years, and it was with great difficulty that she was able to recognize her son and have him back. Then, her son and daughter fell in love with the same person at the same time.

One was her son for whom she had guilt in her heart; the other one was her daughter whom she had pampered from a young age. It was not right for her to help either one of them. The development was outside of her expectations. Her son died while the daughter gave birth out of wedlock. The mother and son were separated by death while the mother and daughter severed all of their ties…

Originally, she thought that her tragedy would last until she completely died, but not long ago, she discovered a turn for the better.

“Yan Sui, your eldest uncle maybe…no, it’s not maybe. He‘s still alive.”

She said as the tears that had not yet fallen and held in her eyes finally rolled down. Yan Sui and Meng Ting were seated opposite her; otherwise, she would want to grab his hands to let him understand her inexpressible excitement.

The dead man was still alive. What a huge consolation this was for people who had grown white hair.

However, no emotions appeared on Yan Sui’s face. There was neither surprise nor understanding, as if he did not the least bit know about He Yue and his relationship with his biological father, Yan Yu.

“How did you find out about it?” Yan Sui asked this question calmly as before. He was not the least bit affected by Old Madame He’s mood.

“He came back. Not long ago, he came back to offer incense for his adoptive parents.”

Old Madame He was really sick before and she also underwent an internal emotional toil for many long years. Quite a lot of people thought that perhaps, her deadline was coming. Even she, herself, thought that as well.

When her sickness got slightly better, she asked her chauffeur to take her to have a look everywhere. Prompted by a sudden impulse, she went to He Yue’s foster parents’ house, but she could not enter without a key. Then, she made a detour and went to their graves. This was when she heard as the guard who led her mentioned that a few days ago, there was someone who came to see them as well.

“It’s a man with bad legs and there was a person who carried him to get here.” This, therefore, left a deep impression on the guard in-charge.

The moment Old Madame He heard it clearly, she immediately lost consciousness for more than half an hour. Once she woke up, her mental condition had changed.

She then carefully asked the guard. Although what he said was still a bit vague, in her subconscious, she was already certain that the one with bad legs was He Yue. Her eldest son, He Yue, who was once lost, recognized back, and then once again left and ‘died.’

“Yan Sui, I’m begging you, please help me look for him. Please help me make sure of it.” Old Madame He held her tears and looked at Yan Sui pleadingly, then her line of sight shifted to Meng Ting. “Ting Ting, please have Yan Sui help me. I’m begging you.”

“But…why Yan Sui?

That was right. Why Yan Sui? Old Madame He has a husband and family and the Hes were not lacking either. Why was she keeping it from everyone and asking Yan Sui to investigate it? What were her misgivings? Or was it that she thought that his Yan Sui did not know anything and wanted to take advantage of him like this?

Meng Ting directly asked what he thought was the most astonishing thing. He once said that he did not have any sense of sympathy and it seemed to be true after all. An elderly person, who was of such age, was crying and begging pitifully, yet he did not answer and even asked her why it had to be them.

However, Meng Ting thought that he should ask. Even if Yan Sui did not ask, he still needed to ask.

Previously, Yan Sui did not know about the relationship between He Yue and Yan Yu, but Old Madame He had known it all along. Yan Sui’s awkward situation had not changed whatsoever. If he was about to investigate, that meant that he had to face He Yue, face Yan Yu, then firstly face their hate and anger.

These things for Yan Sui never made sense, but apparently, it had to be him who should bear the wrath.

Old Madame He remained silent for a moment, but she was determined that Yan Sui was willing to help her. “I’ve never begged you before. Yan Sui, please help me investigate it. Please help Grandma bring him back. I’m his mother and this is his home.”

“There are many people who have never begged Yan Sui…” Meng Ting muttered. They sat closely. He lowered the volume of his voice, but it was still enough for Old Madame He and Yan Sui to hear him. Old Madame He had Yan Sui took Meng Ting along when he came over, but this had definitely deviated completely from the desired result that she expected.

Although Meng Ting was a new ‘son-in-law’ joining his husband’s household, he was neither hot nor cold toward He Wan, and in the same way, he did not feel that it was necessary to please Old Madame He. He was married with Yan Sui; naturally, he would be good to Yan Sui. These people were not good to Yan Sui at all and not in the least bit did he feel that it was necessary to have them like him.

Yan Sui tightened his hand as he held on Meng Ting’s hand. Meng Ting glanced at Yan Sui and did not say anything else.



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