BMHS : Chapter 47.2

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

“The Yans don’t owe the Hes. Maybe He Wan owes someone, but I don’t.” The look on Yan Sui’s face stayed the same, as if he did not have any change in countenance. Old Madame He felt pitiful, whereas Yan Sui and Meng Ting, who was on his side, never had the care of fate.

They were all alone when they went through the darkest time of their lives, until they met each other. And so, he loved Meng Ting dearly and Meng Ting loved him dearly as well.

“What made you think that I can get him back?” The irony in Yan Sui’s eyes was no longer concealed and his voice was low again. “If it were me, I wouldn’t want to return.”

Old Madame He thought that her inaction at that time was all right to be fair with everyone, but it was her inaction that indulged He Wan. “You should’ve dragged He Wan to get an abortion back then and not let her give birth to me.”

When Yan Sui mentioned He Wan’s name, he used the same tone as when he called her ‘Mother.’ It felt a bit amiss. She could detect his loneliness and complete indifference toward his own mother.

He was now mocking his grandmother’s decision back then, thinking that she should have taken his mother to get an abortion. Since he was born, he had denied his own existence.

“I’m alive. It’s proof that you all have betrayed He Yue, so he won’t come home.”

What’s the point of her as He Yue’s mother? This was his home. What’s the use of it? Betrayal is betrayal and a mistake is a mistake. Everything had happened and the ‘mistake’ had grown up to become an adult and got married. It was already too late if she wanted to make up for it now.

Yan Sui was so sharp and so heartless. This was clearly beyond Old Madame He’s expectations. She looked at him in a daze, as if she wanted to figure out something from the expression in Yan Sui’s eyes.

However, there was nothing. She could not see anything no matter what.

Yan Sui’s temperament was unlike He Wan’s, unlike Yan Yu’s, and even much like her two old friends…but it was also useless to analyze whom he resembled. This was the Yan Sui whom she had to face now—calm, rational, and almost ruthless.

“You didn’t call on He Zhen…oh, it appears that you’re not too muddled.” Yan Sui did not say much hereon. The Yans did not educate their children well and the Hes did the same. As for He Yue, they were not the ones who educated him. He Zhen and He Wan were clearly failures.

The pleading look on Old Madame He’s face gradually faded and the symptoms of her excitement, which she felt earlier until she nearly lost her consciousness, also vanished. She glanced over with a hint of gloom.

“You must live on, so that you’d know…what the end would be,” Yan Sui said as he led Meng Ting to stand up. He nodded gently to Old Madame He, pulled Meng Ting by his waist, and went out of the teahouse. They did not bother to go to the living room. They went out of the iron gate, then went directly to their car and left.

“Yan Sui, there was someone else in the room just now. I could smell the scent of cigarette.”

Although there was tea fragrance covering it up, Meng Ting could still smell the scent of smoke, which he did not like.

“That must be Grandfather.” There was no surprise in Yan Sui’s eyes and the wondering look in his eyes disappeared. He turned to the side and took Meng Ting into his arms. Meng Ting’s intention to defend him made his heart feel very warm. Although he was in the place that he liked the least, he still felt warm.

Meng Ting did not know what to say. He hugged Yan Sui back and caressed his back.

“Grandmother knows it, but Grandfather may not know it.” Yan Sui’s last sentence was a warning to her. He was not a bargaining chip in He Wan’s hands and he would not be hers.

If he did not go and look for Yan Yu, then it was natural that he would not go and look for He Yue as well. The Hes already lost their son a long time ago and the people in the Yans’ family, who really wanted them to come back, had already passed away. Apparently, for Yan Sui, it was already enough for him to be assured that they were alive and well.

“A bad leg…”

Yan Yu was robust, so the one with the bad leg was He Yue. Yan Yu’s frequent appearance in F Country must be related to this matter.

The sky was completely dark when they returned to the Yans’ residence. After Yan Sui and Meng Ting had dinner and took a walk, they went to the study as usual. Yan Sui read his documents while Meng Ting worked on his exam papers. However, Meng Ting was obviously somewhat absent-minded tonight.

He worked on his exam papers for a little while, then he took a look at Yan Sui. After he finished working on his exam papers with great difficulty, he took out the roasted chestnuts with brown sugar and began to peel them. He peeled around twenty chestnuts and placed them beside Yan Sui.

“Eat these.”

Yan Sui looked at the exceptionally cleanly peeled chestnuts on the plate, which was placed on the table, then he looked at Meng Ting’s fingers, which had become sticky from peeling the chestnuts.

Meng Ting thought that Yan Sui was looking at his hands because he wanted to be fed by him. He immediately picked a chestnut up and reached out for his mouth. In Meng Ting’s opinion, when he was not in a good mood, eating tasty treats would make him feel better. He was not sure if Yan Sui would be like that, but he wished his mood could get better.

Yan Sui lowered his head and bit it. Each time he finished eating a chestnut, Meng Ting would immediately feed him again. Only after Yan Sui had eaten all of the peeled chestnuts did Meng Ting feel pleased and nodded.

Meng Ting turned to his side seemingly wanting to peel the remaining chestnuts, thus making Yan Sui seize his waist.

“Let’s rest a little bit earlier today and eat the remaining chestnuts tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting answered, yet he inwardly sighed. His Yan Sui already ate chestnuts and was still not in a good mood. His mood was so bad that he wanted to sleep to recover. Meng Ting pondered once again and added, “I’ll accompany you.”

Yan Sui really liked Meng Ting’s earnestness; especially when he used it on him.

Once they returned to their room, Yan Sui immediately took Meng Ting to the bathroom. Meng Ting looked at his own hands and he also thought that he had to go to the bathroom first.

“You’re awesome. You can peel the chestnuts without staining your fingernails. I can’t do it.” Meng Ting looked at his own dirty fingernails. He looked amazed and ashamed. However, he was quite happy that he could use his own hands to peel chestnuts for Yan Sui to eat.

Yan Sui pulled a towel out and used it to wipe Meng Ting’s hands dry, then he took a step forward and embraced the boy. “It doesn’t matter. The chestnuts you peel are sweeter than mine.”

Meng Ting looked at Yan Sui. He looked slightly unconvinced. It appears he did not intentionally pick the ones that were especially fragrant, because those that did not smell especially fragrant also tasted sweet and sticky.

Yan Sui grasped Meng Ting by the nape and kissed him. He protected the back of Meng Ting’s head and pressed the boy against the wall of the bathroom and continued to kiss him.

Meng Ting took a moment to respond to Yan Sui’s kiss. He was now someone who no longer needed to adjust his breathing and panting after kissing for a moment, most probably because he was being trained well.

The deeper the kiss was between the two, the lesser the clothing they had on.

The light in the bathroom was bright enough for Yan Sui to see the boy in front of him clearly—the slightly curly hair, the picturesque features, the redness on the cheeks, and the rosy lips kissed by him.

Not just his face good-looking. Meng Ting was constantly running in the morning, and he recently learned swimming and fencing. He had long limbs, well-proportioned muscles, and his skin was already fair. With better nourishment these days, it felt smooth as jade when touched. His Meng Ting was still growing and would only become more and more good-looking.

“Are you tired? How about if…you let me do it?”

Meng Ting lifted his long eyelashes and his dark brown eyes bloomed like a gem. Yan Sui’s heart suddenly skipped another beat. He took the chance to draw near. His voice was a little bit hoarse because he was restraining himself again. He moved closer to Meng Ting’s ear and whispered with a voice like stringed music, which stirred the lake in the heart of the boy who heard it.

“Whether I’m tired or not, you really don’t know?”

Meng Ting’s heart jumped because of Yan Sui’s voice and because of his quick speed in getting close to him. His mind, which was not very clear, became a little bit chaotic immediately afterwards.

Yan Sui did not have the time to wait for him to understand what he said clearly. He kissed Meng Ting on his earlobe and took the boy under the shower nozzle. The sound of water, which was gradually rising, was accompanied by Meng Ting’s crooning, Yan Sui’s shallow gasping for breath, and the irrepressible sound of physical collision.

In almost a month’s time, Meng Ting’s body gradually adapted to Yan Sui. The fit of their bodies and the closeness of their souls were probably the most harmonious things in a married couple’s life.

The water falling on Meng Ting’s disheveled hair was not too heavy, but it sprayed in his eyes. He leaned against the wall with one hand, and grabbed Yan Sui’s hand, which was touching his lower abdomen. His body only exuded a little redness, but it still became even more sensitive.

Whether it was the falling water or Yan Sui’s lips which were still on his back, it all felt very distinct, let alone a certain part, which was even more sensitive.

“Yan Sui…I got it…” He knew that Yan Sui would not get tired so easily.

However, it seemed that it was already too late for him to realize the implication of these words at this moment. Both of his legs were floating and he seemed to be unable to stand.

“Then let go of your hand first,” Meng Ting said as he tried to pull Yan Sui’s hand, which was doing something naughty in front of him. However, he did not pull it away. He did not even dare to put forth his strength.

“Be good. It’ll be fine in a moment.”

Yan Sui bit the tender flesh of Meng Ting’s nape, leaving shallow teeth marks, then he licked it gently.

However, the words of men are not very credible, especially for men who do this kind of thing. Yan Sui’s “in a moment” and what Meng Ting thought were obviously not the same.

After a long time, Yan Sui embraced Meng Ting with both hands, and the two reached the peak of happiness at the same time.

However, the night was still young and Yan Sui, who came back to the room early, was still not satisfied. He took Meng Ting to the bathtub, where they made love again. After that, he conveniently gave the both of them a bath; thus, saving his time, instead of taking the boy back and forth. This also saved their time for taking a bath on their own.

Meng Ting laid down on the bed naked and pulled the quilt all the way up to his neck, then he looked at Yan Sui who was still busy applying medicine for him, massaging his legs, and kissing him.

“Isn’t it that I’m a bit useless…” Obviously, his physical strength was also pretty good, but in the end, it was Yan Sui who had to get busy for him before and after.

Yan Sui looked at Meng Ting when he heard this. He continued to massage his legs, then he lowered his head to Meng Ting’s leg and kissed it.

“You’re useful.”

Their standpoints were basically different and whether Meng Ting was useful or not was out of the question. However, Yan Sui could ensure that Meng Ting was useful. He was so ‘useful’ that Meng Ting could make Yan Sui unable to stop himself.

Yan Sui voluntarily wrapped a bath towel around himself and the exposed parts of his body also had marks left by Meng Ting. Meng Ting looked at those parts, then he blushed again, but he was not as shy as before. He felt that Yan Sui was so good-looking. He was so good-looking that he made Meng Ting blush.

“You’re so good-looking.”

Not only did he think about it, but he also told Yan Sui about it directly.

Yan Sui tucked Meng Ting’s legs back into the quilt. He felt that his desire, which had been soothed a moment ago, had the tendency to be aroused once again.

“I like you. I like you more every day.”

Meng Ting raised his legs, then he went to wrap them around Yan Sui’s body, and then he also lifted the blanket. He looked at Yan Sui and said anxiously, “Hurry up and lie down with me.”

Yan Sui’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down. “Okay.”



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