TUMBT : Chapter II – 33

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: synecdoche-acookie, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

While the Third Prince was in the middle of coiling Mu Xueshi’s hair into a bun, Mu Xueshi sat there feeling bored and felt that there had always been a pain under his buttocks. He felt uneasy. I don’t have hemorrhoids, right? Mu Xueshi felt embarrassed when he thought of this.

In order to prevent himself from paying too much attention to the discomfort below, he carelessly thought of a topic to talk with the Third Prince. As a result, Mu Xueshi blurted out, “Do you like the me before or the me now?”

The Third Prince did not say a word, as if he did not hear it. On the contrary, Mu Xueshi felt at ease. Third Prince said nothing. He already guessed that the Third Prince would not say anything.

“Then, if I look very ugly, would you still fulfill your promise to live together with me?”

The Third Prince answered indifferently, “The Imperial City of Yunxi doesn’t like ugly people.”

Mu Xueshi sobbed immediately when he heard this and his face was full of sadness.

The Third Prince pinched Mu Xueshi’s cheek with one hand and asked, “Why so displeased?”

This was the first time that the Third Prince had taken the initiative to care about Mu Xueshi, but Mu Xueshi could not express his mood. He could only look at himself in the bronze mirror and ask unwillingly, “But I looked very ugly before and I haven’t seen you give me the cold-shoulder?!”

The Third Prince was not going to tell Mu Xueshi why he covered his face with a mask. He felt it was pretty good to hide it from Mu Xueshi like this. If Mu Xueshi could remember it in the future, he would understand the original intention of the Third Prince.

“Sigh…” Mu Xueshi sighed, comforting himself. Anyway, when he returns to the modern times in the days to come, he would no longer see the stinky Third Prince. No matter how others laugh at him, he would not care.

After finishing the grooming, Mu Xueshi took another look at the beautiful image in the mirror for a good while. Feeling refreshed, he was about to go through the entrance, but he was helplessly pulled back by the Third Prince and was pushed down on the stool.

When Mu Xueshi’s buttocks touched the stool, there was another burst of pain. He forcibly endured it, afraid that the Third Prince would ask him something that he did not want to bring up.

The Third Prince picked up a layer of flimsy mask and applied it on Mu Xueshi’s face. Mu Xueshi did not struggle and sat there obediently. The Third Prince would cover his face with a mask-like thing every morning, but it was not exactly a mask, because after each application, Mu Xueshi could not feel it that much.

Mu Xueshi looked at his face in the bronze mirror after being taken cared of by the Third Prince. He felt that there was something wrong with the Third Prince’s aesthetics. He grabbed the Third Prince’s hand, which was caressing his cheek, and very cautiously said, “It doesn’t look good now.”

How could the Third Prince not know that he was not exceptionally beautiful now? Mu Xueshi’s reminder had no effect on the Third Prince. However, in fear that Mu Xueshi would tell others about it, he threatened Mu Xueshi, “It will cause trouble if your face is exposed.”

Mu Xueshi suddenly remembered his previous identity, and indeed, it was not a good thing to reveal his face before he was cleared of his grievances. However, even if his face was hidden, they would still know that it was him—Mu Xueshi. If that was the case, what was the point of covering his face?

Mu Xueshi originally wanted to ask the Third Prince, but seeing his solemn expression, Mu Xueshi knew that this matter was not a joke. He also thought that the Third Prince certainly had his reasons in doing this, so he stopped asking more questions.

When Mu Xueshi went out, Su Ruhan had already started practicing with his sword in the empty courtyard. The sharp swordsmanship and strong figure made Su Ruhan’s sword dance more like a performance.

Looking at Su Ruhan’s swordplay, the Third Prince inwardly wondered how strong Su Ruhan’s martial arts were. At first, the Third Prince, himself, had witnessed him giving up his martial arts, but Su Ruhan recovered at such a fast speed. Although the Third Prince had already expected it, he did not dare to be certain. Looking at Su Ruhan’s swordplay now, he inwardly regarded it as exceptional.

Mu Xueshi had no time to admire Su Ruhan’s sword dance. The more sturdy Su Ruhan’s figure was and the more flexible his movements were, the more painful the expression on Mu Xueshi’s face was. If he was asked to practice some stretching exercises today, he reckoned that he would be hurt to death. If he was to ask to be excused by that moment, he would not know what reason to give, so he might as well request it from the beginning.

“Ouch! My stomach hurts. I have to go to the outhouse…” After saying that, Mu Xueshi turned to sneak off.

Mu Xueshi had only walked a few steps when Su Ruhan leapt in front of him and looked at him with a stern face. Mu Xueshi looked at Su Ruhan’s expression, then glanced back to the indifferent expression of the Third Prince, who was standing not far away. Crestfallen, he walked back.

As a result, Su Ruhan seemed to be in opposition to Mu Xueshi. He specially prepared a sword for Mu Xueshi and taught him some simple swordsmanship. However, the movements were all large spaced. Mu Xueshi gritted his teeth every time he pulled his legs apart.

Su Ruhan noticed Mu Xueshi’s peculiarity at a glance. Because of this, the expression in his eyes became a bit complex and some of his teachings became even more stern afterward. As long as Mu Xueshi lazes a bit or makes a small error, Su Ruhan would hit Mu Xueshi with the hilt of his sword, specifically his buttocks. In the end, Mu Xueshi cried out and the color was drained from his face.

Finally, the Third Prince stood up and said to Su Ruhan, “Xueshi will go with me to the tutor’s residence.”

Su Ruhan cupped his fist before his chest and retreated. Without a word, he vanished into thin air. The Third Prince noticed Su Ruhan’s taunting eyes before he disappeared. He knew why he was sneered at. Prior to this, he said that he would never interfere in Mu Xueshi’s martial arts training, but now he intervened in it.

The Third Prince had a firm mind at first, but when he saw the painful look on Mu Xueshi’s face, he felt a throbbing pain in his heart. In the end, he was unable to endure it, so he came over to stop them.

The Third Prince looked at Mu Xueshi’s pained and deathly pale face. With an expressionless face, he took out a silk handkerchief from inside his sleeve and helped Mu Xueshi wipe the sweat from his forehead. He brought his own horse again and wanted to order someone to fetch him a soft cushion. Who would have thought that Eunuch Tai’An had already done it.

The Third Prince did not respond. He knew that Mu Xueshi’s cries must have been heard by everyone in the courtyard last night. Now that he had not killed everyone, it was considered good.

Mu Xueshi blushed with shame and he noticed the soft cushion on the horse’s back. He almost wanted to find a hole and crawl in it. He suddenly thought that the others knew that his lower body was uncomfortable because his performance was too obvious. If he was seen by the Third Prince, how could he face him.

Mu Xueshi immediately panicked but did not dare to cry out. He decided that as soon as he gets back, he must go to the imperial physician in the small courtyard and ask him to examine this problem. It would be best to heal himself without the Third Prince’s knowledge.



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