BMHS : Chapter 48.1 – Love is you. You’re my love. All my love is you.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

When Yan Sui laid in the quilt, Meng Ting calmly rested his head on Yan Sui’s neck and rested his left leg on Yan Sui’s thigh.

Meng Teng really liked this kind of body contact. Once in a while, when Yan Sui wore trousers to sleep, Meng Ting would unconsciously rub and rub and rub his feet. This caused his trouser legs to eventually inch higher and higher; even more so for his clothes.

Yan Sui similarly did not reject such contacts. After he discovered Meng Ting’s preference, he consciously let the both of them sleep naked.

The warm boy he held in his arms and the feeling of stability were fascinating. He felt like this and he thought Meng Ting felt the same.

After a good night’s sleep, the two embraced each other until daybreak. Meng Ting recovered quickly and on the next day, he ran as usual. Yan Sui accompanied him and Rhubarb also followed them from behind.

An hour later, the two came back, went upstairs to take a bath, and changed their clothes. When they went downstairs, Nanny Wang brought servants to prepare the table as soon as possible. Both Chinese and Western dishes were served and the servings were even quite sufficient. Meng Ting alone could eat and fill himself to the point of bursting and it would be unlikely for them to have insufficient food to eat.

Meng Ting poured Yan Sui a glass of milk and placed it on his right-hand side. After that, he said, “You work very hard every day. You should drink milk, too.”

While Yan Sui was not a picky eater, it doesnt hold true when it comes to dairy products. Before he was eighteen years old, he drank two glasses of milk every day without leaving a single drop. However, after confirming that his height was almost to the limit, he stopped drinking.

Meng Ting heard Nanny Wang reminisce about this once and so he kept it in his mind.

Although his Yan Sui does not need to grow taller, milk’s nutritional value is still quite high. Yan Sui worked so hard every day. He certainly must eat well and only then could he perform well. Of course, if Yan Sui treats milk as Meng Ting treats western medicine, Meng Ting would never force him.

Yan Sui picked the glass of milk up and not the least bit of delight nor dismay was written on his face. After that, he took a sip, then drank it all.

Meng Ting looked at Yan Sui as he took the table napkin to wipe his mouth. He moved closer to Yan Sui’s ear and whispered, “You’re obedient.”

Yan Sui immediately revealed a hint of a smile in his eyes. Yan Sui held Meng Ting’s hand before Meng Ting could even withdraw it from his mouth and pecked it.

Meng Ting slowly withdrew his hand, then immersed himself in eating. After a while, his cheeks gradually turned red. This suddenly-long-suddenly-short response [1] was so cute.

([1] The author originally wrote 反射弧 which means reflex arc in biology. I think the author is pertaining to Meng Ting’s reaction to what Yan Sui did and it’s not really pertaining to the actual reflex arc which is a neural structure that performs reflex activities in the body.)

Yan Sui put his bowl down. He somewhat had the urge to take the boy with him to the company every morning. Right now, Meng Ting still stayed at home and would go back to school one month later. Maybe he should go to this school to snatch the boy away.

While Meng Ting was eating the half-bowl of porridge, the sound of high heels stepping on the marble floor came in the direction of the drawing room’s door. Yan Sui sat still and did not stand up. Meng Ting glanced at Yan Sui, who still immersed himself in eating his porridge. He did not even look at the door.

Yan Manjia moved to the Yans’ seaside villa the next day after they left the country for their honeymoon. She would come back for dinner every Saturday night. Otherwise, it was unlikely for her to come over. Even if she comes over, she would notify Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang in advance. Zhen Han returned to his pet clinic ahead of her and besides, he would not wear high-heeled shoes.

In that case, to come over on a Monday, wearing high-heeled shoes—the only one who would tread on the floor with an imposing manner was none other than Yan Sui’s mother—He Wan.

Meng Ting could guess who came here in such a short time, let alone Yan Sui. Not only did he know it was He Wan, he also knew why she came and why she was angry.

He Wan was wearing a light cyan cheong sam and was carrying a white handbag. Her hair was tied up and her makeup was exquisite and decent, which clearly manifested the “gentle” temperament she desired. However, none of this gentle facade was left when she threw her handbag to the large bowl of porridge on the dining table.

This was probably how women of prominent families would behave, but countryside girls would not do such a thing because they could not bear to waste food.

“Yan Sui, you’re a really good person. You took him to go to my mother and angered her until she got sick!”

He Wan was trembling with anger. She pointed her thick forefinger at Yan Sui. She had little strength; otherwise, she would have probably hit the person with her handbag. Of course, she did not dare to hit Yan Sui. Since it was coming over from that direction, she obviously wanted to hit Meng Ting.

Meng Ting looked at the porridge, which was mostly covered by the handbag, with the bottom layer of the bowl untouched. He was too angry for the pork porridge, which he did not even have the time to ladle out.

“Mom!” Meng Ting grabbed Yan Sui’s hand, then he raised his eyes to look at He Wan. His complexion and gaze were all cold.

“I’m not your mother!” Every time He Wan heard Meng Ting call her mother, she had to hold her pent-up anger back and should not show her anger no matter what.

“Oh, if you say so. It’s great not to have to call you mother,” Meng Ting voiced out the big truth in his heart, but he also deliberately wanted to get angry at He Wan. “When you came home last time, you won’t talk about leftovers and now you‘re ruining food. Did Grandma and Grandpa teach you? If not, then it’s because you yourself didn’t learn from good examples.”

Meng Ting could not figure out why He Wan had such a bad habit of spoiling food. She held the identity of an elder in the family after all. Meng Ting was panting with rage, though he already said enough to make his point. He held the bowl of porridge up together with the handbag, then placed them altogether on the ground.


He shouted and Rhubarb, who was lying on the sofa, came over immediately after it heard him.

“Eat this. Let’s not waste food.”

Rhubarb was very obedient. After it licked three to five times with its long tongue, the porridge in the bowl and even the porridge grains on the handbag, were all gone.

This added to He Wan’s fury, making her tremble with anger. She almost pointed at the wrong place when she pointed at Yan Sui.

“You’ve let him make me this angry?”

Yan Sui held Meng Ting’s hand again, then he looked back at He Wan indifferently. “Did Meng Ting say anything wrong?”

Without waiting for He Wan’s answer, Yan Sui answered it himself, “He’s right.”

Apart from her somewhat better birth, she was arrogant, conceited, and ill-bred. Where in the least bit was her upbringing? Where in the least bit was her act which conformed to the doings of a mother?

“As for…Grandmother,” These words turned around in Yan Sui’s throat with a hint of playfulness and sarcasm. “Did you see with your own two eyes that she was ill? Or did Second Uncle tell you…”

“You didn’t go to the hospital first and didn’t go to the Hes to inquire about her condition, but then you came here to interrogate us…you don’t seem to care about Grandma, too.” Meng Ting glanced at He Wan, then at Yan Sui who was talking. He felt that He Wan was getting even angrier, but he did not feel worried or sad.

If He Wan really cares about her mother’s health, since the very beginning, shouldn’t she not forget to go to the hospital and accompany her? Instead, He Wan chose to rush all the way here to look for trouble with them. It was really strange. Moreover, before they left yesterday, Old Madame He obviously looked fine. Even if she was ill, it had nothing to do with them.

Yan Sui looked at Meng Ting. He raised his other hand, rubbed Meng Ting’s hair, and said, “You’re right.”

Meng Ting’s eyes shone and his anger slightly faded away. He rubbed Yan Sui’s hand and said softly, “Just be good and don’t get angry.”

“I won’t,” Yan Sui answered and his voice was a little softer as well. His hand moved down from Meng Ting’s hair and stroked his cheek once again. ”Don’t get angry, too.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting nodded and slightly raised his chin. However, he did not look at He Wan anymore. He would not get angry if he did not look at her.

He Wan almost felt dizzy because of the guts that they have shown right before her eyes. She grabbed the things at hand, as if she wanted to launch another attack, but Yan Sui’s voice came over once again.

“Send Miss He out. She won’t be allowed to enter the old residence without my permission!”

“Wh… what!?” He Wan suddenly raised her voice. She just thought she was hearing things.

“What did you call me? A moment ago…you called me what?”

The first time Yan Sui started calling her mother, it felt, kind of, neither familiar nor distant. However, over the past twenty years, they were indifferent to each other. Yan Sui would call her “Mom” when he spoke to her. If he wanted to warn her, he would directly call her “Mother.” Miss He…what kind of address was this!?

“I’m the wife whom your father married. I have my wedding room here. Are you forbidding me from going to the old residence?”

The color of He Wan’s face turned blue and white simultaneously. Her expression changed radically and her delicate makeup got a little distorted. She had aged and her former appearance was almost impossible to keep.

“Married…are you talking about the marriage between you and a memorial tablet?”

If He Wan did not make a fuss before his eyes, he might have continued to put up with her for some time, but she insisted on having it this way…he did not want to wait for her to do something to Meng Ting and regret it later for not making a decision earlier.

Today was a bit sudden, but Yan Sui did not think it was inappropriate. This was just the right time.

“I never heard that dead people could get married, so…you and my father had a…ghost marriage?”

“Bang!” He Wan immediately smashed the lamp stand, which she was holding on to, to the floor. She took three steps back and her face was so ghastly that it made people feel that she was pitiful. However, whether it was Yan Sui or Meng Ting, both still asked the servants to take her away out of the drawing room. Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang, who personally guarded the door, also did not have any urge to have pity on her.

She had broken a family apart. She made a pair of lovers into a dead affectionate couple. He Wan, He Wan…there was no need to feel sorry for her.

“You, you…”

“I know everything.”

Yan Sui did not want to deny it. He did not know everything about the past in detail, but it did not mean that he did not know anything, especially after he had investigated on it. He just did not talk about it. “It was you who told me from the very beginning.”

The two elders of the Yans and even Yan Manjia all consciously desired not to let themselves vent their anger on him, so it was natural that they would not tell him about those matters. However, He Wan was not like them. Although that one night did not terrify him anymore, he still had a deep impression of it.

When he was asleep, He Wan went into his room. A pair of cold hands lingered on his face and neck. She thought about strangling him.

“Why do you look so alike? Why do you look so alike? I hate it. I really hate it…”

At the time, Yan Sui was only seven years old. He did not understand it, but it was the time when he wanted to understand everything. His biological mother had intended to kill him. What a great shock it was for a child who was still yearning for love from his father and mother.

From then on, he began to be cautious of his family members’ expressions, including his grandparents, Yan Manjia, and He Wan.

Meng Ting suddenly took a deep breath. He immediately stood up and went to Yan Sui’s side. He wrapped both of his hands over Yan Sui’s shoulders. He subconsciously wanted to protect Yan Sui with this kind of gesture and his anger was now indescribable.

“Yan Sui, don’t call her mother. She doesn’t deserve it.”

If she thought of laying her hands on her seven-year-old son, how could He Wan deserve to be called a mother?

He also had a bad experience in his childhood, but he was born stupid and there was not much that he could feel. On the other hand, Yan Sui was not. Both of his EQ and IQ were higher than those of his peers; thus, making him way more sensitive and feel malice from the outside world even more. Moreover, that person was his biological mother.

Yan Sui grasped Meng Ting’s hands, which were wrapped around his shoulders, and gently nodded. “Okay.”

He Wan instinctively wanted to shake her head and deny it, but there was no way for her to do it. When she looked at that face, which was becoming more and more similar to Yan Yu’s, she recalled the dullness and loneliness of being married to a memorial tablet for so many years, so she could not help but want to hate and destroy everything she could destroy.

“Show her the door!” Yan Sui turned around and his voice became slightly louder. Uncle Xiao came in with two servants and took He Wan, who stood up distracted and in a daze, to walk her out of the drawing room.

“Yan Sui, Yan Sui! You can’t do this to me. You can’t! I still have shares of the family…”

Her voice could not be heard that much because she was completely pulled out of iron gate of the Yans’ residence.

Yan Sui looked up and gazed at Meng Ting with a slight worry in his gaze, then he stood up, and hugged the boy.

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