HIHEZL : Chapter 65. The President With Not A Single Hair Out of Place

Author: Angelina

Translator: Clapkingle

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

The days went on as before. It could not get any more ordinary. Everyone had already forgotten the matter that had happened a few days ago. They had even completely forgotten that the student council was going to come for inspection. Ying Xiujie carried beer inside and placed it on the table.

“You’re even bringing booze in school. How much more depraved are you planning to become?”

“Can men who don’t drink beer even be called men? What? Afraid that after getting drunk, Zhi Li will see your disgraceful state?”

Ke Bu laughed coldly. “I’m known as the One-thousand-drink Little Hero by people around the world.”

Zhi Li lifted his eyelids up and repeated what Ke Bu said, “One-thousand-drink Little Hero?”

“Scared you, haven’t I? Your Excellency Zhi Li.”

“Oh, I’m so scared to death, One-thousand-drink Little Hero.”

The music from Zhang Luo’s laptop drifted in the school building through the audio speakers. “Little Hero, I recommend you to stay a bit more reserved. Besides, would Zhi Li agree to let you drink booze?”

Ke Bu waved his finger. “We have freedom in our love. What’s more, I’m not a woman. I won’t bother him about this kind of thing. I’m not going for the tender route where I’m gonna tell him to drink a bit less when we have booze and say bullshit like it’s not good for your health. He won’t bother me, right, Zhi Li?”

“Right. Since you‘re the One-thousand-drink Little Hero.”

‘How many times do you need to repeat it before you’re satisfied?”

Chu Haoyu held a nurse outfit in front of Zhou Xinhe. He looked vulgar. “Come, little lady, it wasn’t easy for Uncle to buy this online. Change into it and let Uncle have a look.”

“I definitely won’t. If you keep hassling me, I’ll cry out for help.”

“Go ahead and cry. You can shout ‘til your throat’s worn out. No one will hear you.”

“Are you acting like we’re just air?” Ke Bu tossed his book over and Chu Haoyu dodged it. Chu Haoyu pressed against Zhou Xinhe, who was holding onto her clothes over her chest. “Let go of me.”

“I won’t let go of you. What can you do about it?”

Loud noises of yelling came from outside. After that, a group of people appeared outside the door. They were completely shocked at the unbearable scene happening in this school building. “What are you doing? This is too outrageous!!”

“What did we do?” The people inside all had faces filled with bafflement. “Who are you guys?”

“It was them! I’ve spent a long time trying to find them. Last time in the dining hall, they publicly provoked the student council.” A person amongst them excitedly said, as he was pointing at Ke Bu and the rest of them.

“Anything you want to say, leave it for later. We‘re from the student council. Today, we’re here for the routine inspection. Didn’t we have a notification put up? The president will come in person to inspect. If he sees the way things are now, don’t think that you guys will have an easy time in this school. Who brought alcohol in here?”

“Student council?” Ke Bu remembered the inspection event. “Those are just decorations. We haven’t been drinking.”

The people from the student council, who were dressed in neat clothing, came in and took measure of the school building. Creasing their brows and continually shaking their heads, they scribbled in a notebook that they carried. “What are the main activities of your club?”

“Planting flowers, getting rid of weeds, and maintaining world peace.”

“Think you’re being really funny? Do you guys think this is really funny? You first years, what do you take the school for?” The leading male student had freckles on his righteous face, which also exuded an imposing authority. Do all the members of the student council have this tone of voice? Ke Bu loathed this high-and-mighty attitude of putting on airs and bullying others. Zhang Luo turned off the music. “Senior, we haven’t really done anything. We’re only making use of break time to relax a bit. We haven’t disturbed or obstructed others.”

“Since we‘re in charge of managing you, this won’t do. If you wish to relax, go outside of school. Don’t take up a great place. We’re confiscating this school building. Move out all these things while the president hasn’t arrived yet. A lot of upperclassmen clubs already wanted this place a long time ago. You first years, I don’t know what method you used to get this school building. Hand the keys over immediately and get lost,” Mr. Dignified expressed himself with intensity.

“What if we won’t get lost?” Su Youyan pushed her glasses and spoke coldly from the sofa.

“You are…” A boy behind Mr. Dignified whispered a few sentences to him. Mr. Dignified looked distracted for a moment. “Why is the headmaster’s daughter hanging around with these people in this kind of place?”

“Because I’m one of these people in this kind of place.”

“Don’t, don’t think that you‘ll receive special treatment. We, the student council, only do things by the book.”

“I don’t want special treatment. I’m not here with the identity of the headmaster’s daughter. I’m here with the identity of Su Youyan.”

“If that‘s the case, then forgive our lack of manners.” Mr. Dignified deliberately avoided Su Youyan, not wanting to negotiate with her directly. “Who‘s responsible for your club?”

Chu Haoyu pushed Ke Bu to the front. “It’s him. He‘s our team leader.”

“You only remember how to address me with this title on a time like this,” Ke Bu said in whispers.

“You‘d do the same thing as I did. Whenever it’s time to sell me out, you don’t spare any energy either.”

“That’s true.”

“It’s you, isn’t it?” Mr. Dignified gazed at Zhi Li, who was by the window and had not spoken a word this whole time. Zhi Li’s head was tilted down, scribbling with his pen on the drawing paper. Whether Zhi Li likes a certain place could be determined by the number of times he drew there. Ke Bu also had his own little secret. He remembered the number of times Zhi Li had drawn here. 197 times. Even though this behavior was quite senseless, Ke Bu nevertheless remembered it.

Ying Xiujie positioned himself in front of Zhi Li, shielding him. “Our leader will only speak with your boss. If you want us to get lost, sorry, we don’t know how to. We’re up for it if you wanna fight though.”

“Fight? The student council is different from lowlifes like you. We‘re civilized people. Also, you want to speak with the student council? Why don’t you take a look at whether you first years have the qualifications to do that? Sitting in the position of the president requires being one of the most outstanding, the elite amongst the elite, the outstanding amongst the outstanding. Regardless of which area, there are no faults to be found in the president.” Mr. Dignified’s way of speaking revealed his reverence toward the president; this person probably watched too many films. He turned his head and instructed those behind him, “Don’t talk nonsense with them anymore. Throw everything out.” As the student council members started moving, they were blocked by the few people. “Don’t be unreasonable.”

“Has this world ever been reasonable? The student council makes the rules. We’re warning you, don’t flaunt false bravado.”

“Flaunt false bravado? We’ve always looked down on rules.”

“Why are you guys making such a racket?” An icy-cold voice came from behind. The student council members hurriedly stepped aside and stood there humbly as a tall and thin boy appeared. Ke Bu sized him up. There was not a single hair out of place—be it his hair, black-framed glasses, clothes or attitude. The sense of there being not a single hair out of place was so strong on this boy, that it gave others a feeling of oppression. Ke Bu quickly concluded that this kind of person definitely had mysophobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“President, these people seized this school building by using the false front of a club. They‘re using this place for illegal gathering and debaucherous activities.”

People in this world were always like this, looking at people from only one side and on a superficial level. Those that they believed to be bad and those that other people believed to be bad were determined to definitely be bad. Ke Bu loathed this. He felt disgusted. It was because of this behavior that homosexuality had undergone continuous discrimination. Who another person liked and what gender another person liked was none of these people’s goddamn business. They only imposed their own filthy ideas onto other people.

“What’s the big deal with using one school building? If you can’t bear to look at it, then don’t look at it. You’re making a mountain out of a molehill. What’s so amazing about the student council? What’s so amazing about the president? What’s so amazing about having been here longer than us by one or two years? Is the school yours? Will it respond to you if you call it?” Ke Bu was angry.

“How dare you speak like this to the president.”

“I’ll speak like this if I want to. Are you gonna beat me up?”

The president lifted his hand to stop Mr. Dignified, looked at Ke Bu, and then revealed a calculating smile. “It seems as though we won’t be able to come to an agreement. It‘ll be best for you to give us the key while my mood‘s still not too bad. Is it possible that you think the student council will be so powerless that we can’t even take back a key? I can’t guarantee what will happen, I can’t guarantee that you’ll even be able to stay in this school.” The president was smiling but his words were ice-cold. His manner was non threatening; rather, it seemed like he was stating facts. He appeared to be calm, composed, practically not seeing them as having any importance at all. This was a kind of arrogance that only high and mighty people had.

“You want the key?” Zhi Li’s voice emerged, but they could only see Ying Xiujie when they looked toward the voice. Ying Xiujie moved away and Zhi Li closed his sketchbook, then he twirled the key around his finger. When the president saw Zhi Li, his face distinctly turned pale and it was almost like the words slipped out of his mouth, “Demon…” But then it seemed like he realized something and did not continue speaking. His expression was quickly concealed and the gaze behind his black-framed glasses was that of someone who successfully captured his prey. He walked over and stood in front of Zhi Li, lowering his head to look at Zhi Li, who was sitting on a chair. “I didn’t expect that things would be even more interesting than I imagined. It seems that I didn’t come over for nothing. Do you want to make a bet? Who will have this key in the end?”

“Then give it a try.”

The president reached his hand over and a male student from the student council flipped over to a page in the thick notebook he was holding, then handed it over. The president looked at it swiftly and looked toward Ke Bu with an expression that Ke Bu loathed. “Why don’t we raise the stakes? If you lose, then this person belongs to me.” The president was pointing toward Ke Bu. Ke Bu clenched his teeth. “What kind of joke is this? I’m not a possession.”

Zhi Li’s face did not give away anything. “No.”

The president revealed a triumphant smile. “Scared? Are you not confident so you won’t dare to make a bet on him?” Having heard this, Ke Bu was so angry that his teeth started to itch. Using him to vilify Zhi Li was the most unbearable thing for Ke Bu. “We’ll make a bet then. Zhi Li definitely won’t lose.”

“As the person himself had agreed, you shouldn’t have anything else left to say. The student council won’t participate in such a coarse thing as fighting, so let’s select a healthy sport. What about basketball? There are no rules or division of genders. A point is scored as long as the ball makes it through the net.”

“Whatever you want.”

The president did not mind receiving a cold response. He lifted the sketchbook up in front of Zhi Li, then flipped through it, laughing icily, “You call this drawing?” He snatched the pen on the table and rapidly drew on the paper—a beautiful drawing quickly emerged. He threw it arrogantly in front of Zhi Li. “Go learn more. First years, we’ll notify you of the specific time at a later time. See you later.” The president led the people out. Su Youyan stood next to Zhi Li. “Do you know him?”

Zhi Li thought about it for a second. “I don’t remember.”

Su Youyan sat down on the sofa once again, while the other people nestled in the corner to discuss and strategize. Ke Bu could see that Zhi Li was angry, angry that he had agreed to be a stake in this bet. He carefully sat down opposite Zhi Li. “Don’t worry. You’ll definitely win. You’re Zhi Li.”

“Who told you that I was worried about winning or losing.” Zhi Li tore out the page where the president had drawn on and threw it into the trash bin.”

“Then you…” He was really angry.

Zhi Li looked at Ke Bu. “Ke Bu.”

“Wha—what is it?” He was extremely scared of Zhi Li saying his name like this.

“You‘re not permitted to be used as a betting stake.”

Ke Bu felt some part of his body stinging as if it was seized tightly. He suddenly pounced and threw himself into Zhi Li’s arms.

“Go away.”

“I won’t go away.”

“Don’t think that this will make me forgive you.”

“I do think that this will make you forgive me, Hubby.”

“Are you trying to make me sick?”

Chu Haoyu broke the atmosphere. Hey, take a look at the circumstances right now, is this really the time to be sweet and romantic?”



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