Jubo : Text 053. Sharing Champagne

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: SyKim5, chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

At nine o’clock, Wang Cheng appeared outside the main entrance of the Red Sun Bar. It was surrounded by many young people dressed in gorgeous clothes who were coming in and out of the establishment. The women were beautifully dressed up and there were some men who wore very fashionable clothes, but most of them were in suits. The Red Sun was an upscale bar after all.

When Wang Cheng was attending school, the Red Sun had not opened yet. He only happened to hear Cheng Cheng mention it a few days ago.

Cheng Cheng was a graduate of Shanhai University. In June, he and several roommates of his in the dormitory went to the Red Sun to have some fun. Only halfway through having some fun did they find out that it was an upscale bar. The expenses inside were basically not affordable for a few fresh graduates like them. In the end, it was Cheng Cheng who took out several thousands of yuan from his bank card to pay the bill before they become too ridiculous.

The bar’s waiters had been informed to directly show Wang Cheng in when they saw him, but they did not go through the main entrance.

The Red Sun was decorated with a variety of styles. The bar hall had a Classical European style. This style had magnificent ornaments and elaborate colors, showing a noble and elegant atmosphere everywhere. With just a glance, it could be seen that it was carefully decorated.

The greatest feature of the Red Sun was their private rooms.

The interior of the private rooms was like a small bar. Different rooms had different decorative styles. The private room that Shen Yuan booked had a Southeast-Asian style. The materials for the ceiling, floor, table, chair, and sofa were all natural. The whole room was mainly brown.

In addition to a few of Shen Yuan’s employees, there were other people in the private room. They were dispersed in several parts of the room. Some were drinking, some were playing cards, and some were playing billiards. They occasionally laughed and talked with each other in whispers. The room was not as noisy as the outside.

When he saw Wang Cheng, Shen Yuan warmly called out to him to have him take a seat next to Chu Yifeng. He introduced him to his business partner—a man who was about thirty years old with a serious face. His pair of black eyes in the dim light seemed to be superficially cold. He was called Jiang Xuan. Upon hearing Shen Yuan say that Wang Cheng was an employee of Huaying Real Estate, a single trace of astonishment flashed through Jiang Xuan’s face, but it was not obvious.

“Wang Cheng, do you drink champagne?” Shen Yuan picked up a bottle of Louis XIII and poured it in a large glass. A bottle of this kind of champagne was worth a few tens of thousands. There were four or five bottles on their wine table.

“Of course I drink champagne. Why come to a bar if I won’t drink.” Wang Cheng forthrightly held the glass which he had filled. He just arrived, but was more carefree than anyone else, as if he had been friends with Shen Yuan for many years. This made Jiang Xuan, who knew the truth, look at him in surprise.

There were not many people like him and Shen Yuan’s status was different, so there were many people who surrounded him, wanting to curry favor with him. It was annoying to see more.


Jiang Xuan glanced at Chu Yifeng who was taciturn. It would probably be better if Wang Cheng curries favor with him than with Shen Yuan, but this man was indifferent toward everything, as if nothing could evoke his interest. Just now, someone brought a few of the most popular and beautiful women in the bar over and none of those beautiful women could make him look at them.

“If you get drunk, I won’t attend to you,” Chu Yifeng said.

Jiang Xuan looked at Chu Yifeng. Apparently, it was hard for him to imagine that Chu Yifeng would say this sentence. From the moment he had entered the room, until now, he barely said a few sentences. However, when Wang Cheng arrived, he easily got Chu Yifeng’s attention.

“Boss, even if you’re already drunk, I may not be drunk yet.” Wang Cheng did not take it seriously nor did he exaggerate it. He was very confident with his own alcohol tolerance. The old monk was a wine-drinking and meat-eating monk. He had a cellar that was dedicated to storing liquor. The oldest liquor was fifty years old. He was told that it was stored in there when the old monk was in his fifties, but it was drank up by the old monk later.

Wang Cheng did not like drinking at first. Later on, he started drinking under the old monk’s influence. Now, it had been at least seven or eight years. Although, he had not drank for more than a year, he still had a high tolerance for alcohol. In his memory, there was only one time when he got drunk. Afterwards, the old monk refused to let him accompany him when he was drinking because the old monk said that his temperament was not quite good when he was drunk.

“How can you be so confident? Leon [1] probably never told you that he’s got a high tolerance for alcohol as well. I’ve never won against him.” Shen Yuan smiled as he held out his thumb.

([1] Chu Yifeng’s English name.)

“Just because you didn’t win, doesn’t mean I can’t win.” Wang Cheng looked at Chu Yifeng provocatively.

“Wang Cheng already said all these words. Aren’t you gonna take the challenge?” Shen Yuan looked toward Chu Yifeng, who was sitting with his legs crossed, as if he did not want to pay attention to them.

Chu Yifeng‘s gaze swept over their faces and in the end, his gaze stopped at Wang Cheng’s face. He put forth his chin to Shen Yuan and said, “Fill it up.”

“That’s right!” Shen Yuan immediately picked up the bottle of Louis XIII and filled up Chu Yifeng’s glass full, then pushed it to him.

Wang Cheng picked up the champagne glass and drank it in one go. Only a few drops of champagne flowed down to his neck.

As expected, his high tolerance for alcohol was not all bluff. Everyone immediately looked at Chu Yifeng.

Chu Yifeng also emptied the whole glass of champagne and not a single drop of it was left. (Proofreader’s notes: Wow, theyre drinking that expensive wine as if it was a cheap alcoholic drink😅😅😅)



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