BMHS : Chapter 48.2 – Love is you. You’re my love. All my love is you.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

“Anyway, it’s just a little earlier than what was originally planned.”

“Okay,” Meng Ting answered and patted Yan Sui’s back. “I’ll ask my teachers for leave today, then I’ll take the exam papers with me to the company. I want to accompany you.”

He could feel that Yan Sui’s mood did not change a lot. He had given up on He Wan a long time ago, so he no longer had any signs of joy or anger. In today’s scene, he was temporarily aroused, but it was not enough to affect his mood.

Yan Sui did not need anyone’s concern nor did he need their pity. Meng Ting did not want to pity Yan Sui as well. He only wanted to accompany him.

“I want to accompany you all the time,” Meng Ting said as he slightly raised his chin, then he firmly hugged and vigorously kissed Yan Sui.

Yan Sui slightly took a step back and responded to Meng Ting’s attack, then they slowly retreated to the sofa.

Yan Sui sat down and Meng Ting stopped for a moment, then he pounced on him again. He crawled on Yan Sui with half of his body and rubbed his hands gently on Yan Sui’s chest. Meng Ting gently stuck his tongue out, then he kissed him hard and sucked his lips hard, as if he wanted to suck out all of Yan Sui’s sadness and misfortune.

It was not hard to sense such intention. Yan Sui was trapped with his back against the sofa as he indulged in Meng Ting’s sudden enthusiasm. The unconscious coldness of his eyebrows gradually dissipated and turned into tenderness because of Meng Ting. He held the boy in his embrace as if he was holding a rare treasure.

No, it was not a mere ‘as if’—Meng Ting was truly his treasure—his darling.

The kiss lasted for quite some time, so much that it had aroused each other’s urges. The two men’s foreheads pressed against one another. Their breaths slightly calmed down, along with the urge to get kissed, which was becoming more and more frequent.

“Yan Sui, I love you. I definitely love you.”

Meng Ting still had his eyes closed, yet he still spoke quite earnestly. His forehead was slightly brushed and the tip of his nose rubbed against Yan Sui’s, then he smiled and said, “We must always love each other.”

This realization did not only come to light just now; it had always been there, but at this moment, it suddenly became clear and so he immediately wanted to let Yan Sui know.

After he finished speaking, his eyes fluttered open and his gaze fell into Yan Sui’s infinitely tender gaze.

The corners of Meng Ting’s eyebrows gradually curved, then he raised his face. Starting from Yan Sui’s forehead, with smacking sounds, he kissed him going down. In a certain way, it was not enough to be kissed by him. After that, he was kissed again by Yan Sui’s lips, which unexpectedly collided with his.

The lingering kiss made any person’s heart feel terribly sweet. He seemed to have sunken in a mass of cotton. It was light and heavy. It made him feel uneasy, yet he seem to not be uneasy. Yan Sui whispered, “Say it again. I want to hear it.”

Meng Ting inched closer to Yan Sui’s ears, then he spoke earnestly and sweetly, “I love you, I love you, I love you…”

Since the first time Meng Ting met him, he liked Yan Sui and thought that he was nice. Now, after they have known each other for more than a month, he fell in love with Yan Sui. He did not know when it was; he just fell in love with Yan Sui.

“You’re right. When I fall in love with you, I’d know what love is.”

Meng Ting sat on Yan Sui’s lap. He wanted to hold the man in his embrace as if he was holding a great treasure. He could see nothing but Yan Sui in his sight.

“What‘s love?” Yan Sui asked softly. Meng Ting’s confession came so suddenly that it made him happy, yet he could not help but feel worried whether what Meng Ting had thought was right or not.

However, Meng Ting answered this question without any hesitation or irresoluteness. From the moment he determined that he fell in love with Yan Sui, he was certain with his answer.

“Love is you. You’re my love. All my love is you.”

Meng Ting did not know whether Yan Sui could understand what he meant; thus, he grabbed his hand and pressed it on his chest. “I want to give you everything that I could give to you. I want you to be happy and everything in your life to be good.”

If one day he had to make a more favorable choice between himself and Yan Sui, he would definitely choose Yan Sui. He wanted Yan Sui to be in good health. He unconditionally just wanted Yan Sui to be well.

Yan Sui’s heartbeat became unsteady because of Meng Ting. He moved forward slightly, then he kissed the part that affected his heartbeat just now, and embraced him again. For a long time, he could not say anything.

Meng Ting’s confession caught him off guard, but it was also indistinguishably full of pleasant surprises. In love with each other…they were in love with each other.

After Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang sent He Wan out, they went on their own ways to instruct the servants in the residence. Around twenty minutes later, they got back to the drawing room once again, only to find that the room was full of pink bubbles. Meng Ting shamelessly sat on Yan Sui’s lap. Even when they came back, he was still unwilling to come down.

He buried his head on Yan Sui’s neck out of embarrassment from seeing them, but he still clinged on Yan Sui and did not want to let go.

Yan Sui smiled. He raised his hand and asked Uncle Xiao and Nanny Wang to tidy up and leave soon. He was like Meng Ting. He did not want them to disturb his intimacy with Meng Ting.

However, after eight o’clock, they also need to go out.

After he was able to express his feelings to Yan Sui and was accepted, Meng Ting was in a very good mood and became more spontaneous and clingy to Yan Sui.

He was glued to Yan Sui while they sat on the car, with his feet slightly raised up on Yan Sui’s legs. If they could not see them in the front seats, he would probably be as close as they were in the drawing room; that kind of closeness with Yan Sui wherein they were in each other’s arms.

“By the time we arrive in the company, I won’t bother you.”

Meng Ting also thought that he was too clingy, but he still did not want to restrain himself for the time-being.

“You’re not a bother. I’d be happy to.” Yan Sui raised his hand and caressed Meng Ting’s delicate face. After that, he pinched his earlobe again and laid Meng Ting’s head on his shoulder. While in this position, he took out his phone and called Wang Feng.

“Send someone to keep an eye on He Wan and see who she’s looking for in this period of time.”

The five percent of their clan’s shares was the only bargaining chip in He Wan’s hands and the only one that others could exploit. He wanted to solve those annoying matters, so that he could spend more time with Meng Ting.

However, since Yan Sui got married, he had been spending a lot of time with Meng Ting. He had to leave work every day in advance. In the evening, there were some banquets that could be postponed and some that he could not. If it was appropriate, he would take Meng Ting along with him. If it was not appropriate, he would go and just show up, then go back right away.

On the twenty-ninth of August, the day before Meng Ting enrolled, Yan Sui took him to Gu Lang’s house. It was Gu Lang’s birthday.

“See how unlucky I am. In the past, I used to celebrate my birthday at this kind of time when we usually need to rush with our homework…”

Knowing that Meng Ting was going to school tomorrow, Gu Lang immediately recalled the tragic ten years from elementary school to high school. He said these words as he glanced at Yan Sui. Yan Sui himself, who was seated beside Meng Ting, must be the one who came up with this program.

“Yan Sui did it for your own good.” It was definitely a wrong decision for Gu Lang to tell Meng Ting this about Yan Sui. If Meng Ting was now considered to be the second person to defend Yan Sui the most, then who would dare to speak of the first? Let alone Gu Lang was complaining jokingly, he naturally knew that Yan Sui did it for their own good.

“Little Sister-in-law‘s really good,” Gu Lang could not help but heave a sigh. Yan Sui looked at him and so, Gu Lang decided to drop the topic. “I specially had people prepare delicious foods, so make yourself at home, Little Sister-in-law.”

“Hmn,” Meng Ting finally smiled at Gu Lang when he heard this. “I wish you a happy birthday. This is the gift that Yan Sui and I have prepared for you.”

“Oh, thank you.” Gu Lang took it with both of his hands and a smile bloomed on his face.

Making Yan Sui, a man who was busy with a myriad of affairs daily, personally pick a gift for him, was really not easy. Yan Sui was able to do this only because he was touched by Meng Ting’s grace.

The guests in Gu Lang’s birthday were his friends and some were his peers from other aristocratic families in Haicheng.

After nearly two months, Meng Ting was able to meet Meng Qi, Meng Xiao, and the others again at Gu Lang’s party.

However, he just glanced over once and did not pay much attention to them anymore. After he found out that he was not a child of the Mengs, in his heart, the fetters between him and them were also gone. From now on, the Mengs were the Mengs and he was himself.

In Meng Ting’s eyes, they were no different, but whether it was Meng Qi or Meng Xiao, they both felt the great changes in Meng Ting when they met him again after being separated for two months.

During the time that he did not go back to the Mengs’ residence, his gloom completely vanished, it seemed he had grown taller, his face was rosy, and he looked very healthy and handsome. He seemed to be glowing that he made it hard for people to look away from him the moment they glanced at him.

In the past, Meng Qi felt that in terms of appearance, Su Siyu was slightly better than Meng Ting. After all, Su Siyu really knew how to showcase his strong points. However, that was not the case anymore after he saw Meng Ting again today. Meng Ting’s bearing had improved. His appearance was beautiful, but Yan Sui was the one who developed his nobility.

Good-looking was good-looking, but no one would dare to cast greedy eyes in front of them.

Meng Ting had become different. He was getting better and better.

Meng Qi looked upon, and slightly raised his eyebrows. One thing he could be sure of was that Yan Sui was really good to Meng Ting. Even in the bustling hall, he did not let go of Meng Ting’s hand and looked after him. Furthermore, he did not refrain himself in front of the others; therefore, everyone could see that they were deeply in love with each other in just a glance.

“Little Fox…” Meng Xiao sneered softly. The better Meng Ting’s life was, the more he felt that he had lost a lot. In other words, he still thought that he should be the one married into the Yan family and not Meng Ting, who came back suddenly.

Of course, no matter how intense Meng Xiao felt, he could barely hold it back. On the other hand, Su Siyu really needed to spend even more effort to control it than him. After all, Meng Xiao was only jealous, while he was remorseful and angry.

Yan Sui was his—“was his”—he was once his! He wanted to kill that person. He wanted to kill Meng Ting!

“I’m sorry. My mother decided it all by herself and invited a bunch of rotten people for me.” Gu Lang moved closer to Yan Sui and Meng Ting and whispered. If it was up to him, he would absolutely not invite the Mengs and Su Siyu, who clearly made Meng Ting unhappy.

“It doesn’t matter. You should go and greet the others.” Yan Sui nodded and expressed his understanding.

Gu Lang was a junior in their family. When he was a child, things were still okay. Even if they invite others, they would assign a place for Gu Lang’s friends for him so he could have some fun. As he grew up, birthday parties like this had changed into an event for various families to meet up. Basically, as long as it was not a really hostile family, they would be invited to come. Naturally, he would have to mingle with the people who came.

Up until now, Meng Ting did not like this kind of banquet as well. Although there were a lot of delicious foods in the banquet, the situation in every banquets were all the same. He could feel a lot of greedy eyes on Yan Sui. There were also several gazes that were particularly intense. It made him want to hide Yan Sui.

“Yan Sui, say you love me. I want to hear it.”

Meng Ting suddenly moved closer to Yan Sui’s ear and said these words. His eyes were particularly persistent. Of course, he also knew that Yan Sui would agreed.

I love you. Ever since they said these words openly that day, they said it everyday. Whenever Meng Ting wanted to hear it, he would tell Yan Sui, asking him to say it. The same was true for Yan Sui, but he mostly chose to let Meng Ting say it at night.

“I love you.” Yan Sui said as he gently took the boy into his arms. He looked into his eyes and said it very determinedly.

“Hmn,” Meng Ting nodded and those uncontrollable insecurities dispersed a little. “I love you, too.”

It was not Yan Sui’s fault at all if he attracted people. It goes without saying that Yan Sui was handsome and deserved to be liked by many people; therefore, he could not blame Yan Sui, yet he still felt uneasy. It would not be a problem as long as he was sure that Yan Sui loves him.

Yan Sui lowered his eyes and held back the impulse to kiss Meng Ting. In the end, he just rubbed Meng Ting’s cheek.

However, this in fact did not make any difference. He repetitively took the boy in his arms and repetitively caressed his face. There were other married couples and lovers who attended the banquet today, but none were as bold as they were.



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